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Help creating a festive one shot!

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My PC's are currently playing as security forces on a refugee planet and I am planning a festive one shot as one of our players can't make it this session. I don't have much time to prepare and plan so I'm hoping y'all can help me out a bit

In order to disrupt Life Day celebrations, Darth Grinch has captured the charitable planetary senator Kris Kringle. Kris Kringle is a very influential and loved member of society - Having one of the most active child homeless charities in the galaxy. Every Life Day, Kris Kringle's charity gifts homeless children with food and presents.

Darth Grinch is joined by three Horrific Officers who lead an army of Krampus monsters and other denizens:

  • Pere Fouettard - A butchering marauder with a soft accent, he lives to carve children into little pieces.
  • Hans Trapp - A master of disguise, him and his minions take upon the persona of cute straw figures to lure children into their domain. 
  • Frau Perchta - A mystical witch who practices dark sacrificial magic where she replaces the organs of children with dank decay.


What I have so far: 

The team are investigating disturbances in the lower levels of a massive city complex when they meet the Ghost of Life Day Future who teleports them to Hoth where Darth Grinch is holding the senator. 

What I would like to happen: 

  • Have 3 challenges which they will have to complete, each will see them defeat an HO (Horrific Officer). 
  • Final encounter with Grinch himself

What sort of challenges would be both thematic and festive to each of the Horrific Officers? I'd like the narrative behind defeating the HO's to be some sort of horcrux? Where Darth Grinch becomes less powerful for each HO that is defeated.

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Make all dialogue rhyme. 

Try and come up with challenges that force the PCs to help each other, possibly at the expense of themselves. Make it necessary for them to suffer a setback so that someone else can advance. Make them give up one of their most prized possessions to someone who needs it more, so that they can move forward.

Make them choose between the children and literally infinite wealth; It's one thing to do some charity, it's quite another to close off a future of power and wealth simply because it' the right thing to do.

Make the children instrumental in the defeat of the HO HO HOs. Make it so that the best way to defeat them is for them consciously give up the spotlight in order to inspire the children. 

Make it so that it is possible to defeat Darth Grinch by redeeming him. Have his morality grow three sizes due to their faith that he will do the right thing.

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