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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 51-60)

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51. Concerning the effective range of a Parasite Doll, would say the victim have to be on the same planet? It only says "kilometers distant fromt he event" which...well you can be infinite kilometers from an event.
———— > Distance examples like these generally mean just a couple of that distance. So 1-2 kilometers or so. 
52. Concerning the backlash of a Parasite Doll being destroyed. What situations would be more appropriate for 1d5 R damage versus the power being used upon you? Simply a situation where the power does more damage? Or something else in your opinion?
———— > If I was GMing it, I’d go with whichever is more interesting at the time. Go with the one that makes the adventure more fun for the players. 
53. What kind of arcana (Minor or Major) do Greater Malefic Codexes contain?
———— > There aren’t any set arcana/rituals; the GM should pick ones that feel appropriate for the NPC in question. For PCs, GM and player should discuss this together to arrive at ones that will offer some character progression without breaking any upcoming campaign plans. Random selection though could also work :)
54. What would you say the availability of a Pentagrammic Ward is? Just to get an idea of how rare they are?
———— > Extremely Rare at the least. 
55. What happens if a daemon ends their turn on a warded area? Not across it, but on it, let's say it's just a very big ward.
———— > I’d say they get repulsed back to the edge of the warded area, or bound within (Left Hand Path). Alternatively, they could suffer a Malediction until they leave. 
56. How does putting a Permanent Pentagrammic Ward on to a weapon affect the cost? Or can a permanent ward be added after the weapons creation? Even if after, how much would you say the materials are likely to cost? Or is this one of the services that have no Throne price but are generally a reward by the Ordo Malleus or contact?
————— > You can put a PPW on a weapon after it’s created, yes. Materials needed should be very, very expensive most of the time, and Extremely Rare at the least. Details will vary with the location the PCs are in though. Ordo Malleus Inquisitors could indeed provide either the components or a finished weapon though, yes.  
57. Concerning "The Left Hand Path" if a daemon is mastered through the use of a ward, can it freely leave the ward to do their master's bidding? Or do they have to make checks to leave (and presumably re enter)?
——— — — >  The latter. If the user is smart, they put the ward on something they can move about, and simply pull the ward away from the daemon to allow the daemon to go. 
58. Under Daemon Weapons - How much rarer are non melee weapons than close combat ones? For that matter what would you say are the rarity of daemon weapons?
————— > Depends on the weapon and the daemon really. I’d say the more technologically advanced, the more rare. They should all start at Extremely Rare though at the least. 
59. Under Daemon Weapons - Uncanny Resiliance when it states that any effect with a daemonic manifestation released the weapon's daemon, is this in addition to other manifestations? Or does the singular weapon daemon replace any further manifestations?
————— > If the Perils result mentioned manifestation, the daemon has broken free. As a rule of thumb, the GM should try to fit the bound daemon into the result as much as possible. 
60. On Table 4-4 Greater Entity, how many unique abilities would a daemon weapon get? 4 (the total of warp touched and 3 random?) Or GM discretion?
———— > 4 would be a good benchmark, yes

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