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Conspiracy Time

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I've seen many crazy theories floating around the forum and elsewhere, but they often are hidden beneath tons of unrelated and/or serious discussions. So here's the plan. Post your crazy theories, outlandish predictions and convoluted explanations here. Feel free to discuss them at length as well. Note that everything goes. Do not stop yourself because it is far-fetched or because there are more credible theories. This is a thread for fun


I'll make sure to edit the first post to include all of them with a timestamp for ease of reference and to allow you to claim ''Called it'' if you are finally proven right. 


Who Killed Doji Satsume?


Schmoozies (Dec 14, 2017): Nobody, he died of natural causes

Ishu Toni (Dec 14, 2017): Nobody, he is still alive, faked his own death in order to acquire more freedom to investigate a conspiracy he stumbled upon during his tenure as Emerald Champion: The Imperial prince Daisetsu is plotting against his father and brother

Waywardpaladin (Dec 14, 2017) The Emperor himself. Satsume discovered his plot to become immortal through dark magics and was killed to keep this information secret

JolofNar (Dec 15, 2017) A Conspiracy aiming at destabilizing the leadership of the Great Clan. They also played at least indirectly into the death of the Lion and Phoenix Champion, as well as the failed marriage of the Unicorn Champion.

Notorious I.D.E (Dec 15, 2017) Sotorii or Daisetsu. Unexplained why.



What happened with the Water Kami?


Doji Hyokin (Dec 14, 2017) The Mantis manipulated the Kamis to create the tsunamis, forcing the hands of the Crane Clan and pushing the Crab Clan towards them, giving them a chance of becoming a Great Clan.

Shiba Gunichi (Dec 15, 2017) The Heavens are displeased by the Hantei Dynasty. The problem will continue to spread and take many forms, like the declined birthrate of the Dragon Clan.

HirumaShigure (Dec 16, 2017) The Ninth Kami, Ryoshun, is behind the elemental imbalance, displeased about his lack of worship.

Shiba Gunichi (Dec 16, 2017) The Void (aka the Lying Darkness) is slowly corrupting the phoenix, hindering their abilities to call upon the other kamis. 


Who are the sons and daughters of Heavens?

Kinzen (Dec 14, 2017) I don't want to say aliens but... Aliens. Also, elemental magic is the Force and FFG will soon announce a crossover boardgame and a limited comic book series uniting the two universes. This comes from an inside source and is 100% confirmed. 


Shiba Gunichi (Dec 15, 2017) Yoritomo is part of the Kolat



Shiba Gunichi (Dec 15, 2017) It is dangerous, especially when dealing with spirits other than Kamis.


The Shadowlands

Tabris2k (Dec 16, 2017) Doji Fumio is Fu Leng in disguise.

HamHamj2 (Dec 16, 2017) Fu Leng is behind everything bad that is happening in Rokugan.


New Stars

Doji Hyokin (Dec 16, 2017) The stars are right. Cthulhu will rise from the sea, heralding a new LCG crossover between L5R and CoC called Blood and Honor and Inhuman Appendages. 

Tetsuhiko (Dec 18, 2017) The new stars are new children of Heavens, meant to replace the old Hantei Dynasty. They will fall on the earth and create a civil war.


Real World

Shineyorkboy (Dec 16, 2017) Asmodee will be Disney's next acquisition. 

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The Emperor, disappointed in his failure of an older son, has decided that he must become immortal to properly lead the Empire through these trying times. He has turned to dark magics to do so, losing him the favor of Heaven. That Emerald Champion found out and the Emperor killed him.

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The Mantis caused the tsunami that devastated the Crane.  They plan to loot & pillage the coast, waging war with impunity on the Crane cause they're a Minor Clan and aren't bound by the Empire's war edicts.  The Crab suggest they deserve Great Clan status, and the Crane are forced to support the idea as the only way to get them to stop.


Benten Seido remains untouched, because even Yoritomo needs love.

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I already posted this in the "Who killed Satsume thread" but, I'll repost here so I can have official bragging rights when I am vindicated!!!!

Everyone thinks Satsume is dead but he's really alive and staged his death when he found out about the plot against him.  We'll get a hooded-ronin figure (Satsume in disguise) trying to unravel clues and helping point the finger back at.........Daisetsu. was the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on Satsume.

Little D is flying under the radar because he's so young, but, he's got the cunning and the clout to pull it off without being detected.  I think this time we'll get a twist of the old story where we end up with a "False Toturi" instead who ends up being an agent for Daisetsu, kills off Sotorii and fulfills the "When the last Akodo falls so shall the last Hantei" as it will be set up by Daisetsu and complete his fall from grace.  Real Toturi goes into hiding.  Then all that's left will be for the Empire to figure out that an agent of Fu Leng actually sits on the throne.  Scorpion figure it out and try to play the hero by removing Daisetsu to actually save the empire, but, because "they can swim" nobody believes the Scorpion and it looks like a coup which keeps the clans at war while Fu Leng solidifies his power from within, and leaves FFG free to put off the ultimate showdown between the Shadowlands and the Empire until they decide to reveal all this...............

Double Conspiracy FTW!!!

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There is a plot to destabilise leadership in the clans, stopping them unifying. Toturi is going to be tracking it. The same people have killed or instigated the death of 3 clan champions as well as probably having a hand in the marriage of Alternananananasia. 

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Ujimitsu's death has the same root cause as Satsume's.

Yoritomo, not Taka, was the Kolat in their exchange.

The wrath of the Water kami was only beginning with the tsunami, and derives from the fact that Tengoku has forsaken the Hantei Dynasty. The imbalance will continue- and spread- until the Hantei fall.

The Dragon Clan's declining birthrate is a side effect of Tengoku's displeasure- meant to goad them into desperate action.

Meishodo is dangerous- especially when foreign spirits possessed of more human qualities than the more alien elemental kami are the ones imprisoned.

The Ikoma family are stoking tensions between Tsuko and Toturi to improve their own position as "honest brokers" within the Lion.



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Ryoshun is behind all the elemental imbalance. He's pissed that nobody worships him or even remembers him. All he ever wanted to do was be emperor and he has spent a thousand years till the time was right for him to come back and overthrow the Hantei dynasty. 

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12 hours ago, Kinzen said:

The Kami were actually aliens. Shugenja and monks are just specialized cases of Force users; FFG is planning a long-term reveal wherein they're going to merge the L5R and Star Wars settings.

(I'm a freelancer for the game, so you know I have inside intel. You heard it here first!)

Ah, so FFG is going to be the next Disney acquisition. Gotcha.

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1 hour ago, Tabris2k said:

I’m just leaving this here...

The mastermind behind it all?

Fu Leng = Fumio

Coincidence? I think not!


I’m just picturing Daisetsu, in a dark room, seated in an armchair with Fumio in his lap , a-la-Bond villain.

 Or Claw. So we must need a Dragon hero to step forward and be our Inspector Gadget. :P

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