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Brack Daddy

High PS First Order

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I'm trying to build a PS 11 competitive First Order list to enjoy the Kylo and the Silencer with. I'm bringing along my buddy Quickdraw, but in a different style build than I normally fly with my FO PS 8/9 aces. I'm interested if the community has any feedback regarding this build:

Kylo's Conflict (99)

Kylo Ren/Silencer @ PS 11 (43)
Veteran Instincts
Threat Tracker

Quickdraw/TIE SF @ PS 11 (39)
Veteran Instincts
Accuracy Corrector
Harpoon Missiles
Advanced Optics
Spec Ops Training
Guidance Chips

Epsilon Ace/TIE FO @ PS 12/4 (17)

I do feel the fear of not having Lightweight Frame on QD, but I'm opting out for Advanced Optics & Guidance Chips so I can bank that focus for the round I (hopefully Alpha) strike hard with my Target Locked Harpoon Missiles. I also miss having Expertise on QD for those combined front/back shots.



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I'd ditch the missiles to get LWF on QD and the title on Kylo; sure, you lose one alpha strike, but you get much more effective long game ships.

With the remaining points you could get tech on QD or Epsilon.

I like the idea to get to PS11, though keep in mind, sometimes lower PS is fine in exchange for more action effectiveness.

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