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Initial Opinion....

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I currently own Eldritch Horror (about 3/4 of released content), Mansions of Madness v1 and v2 (95% content) and Arkham Horror LCG (everything released so far), and thought it would be cool to have this book available for myself, and also for people who play these games with me, so they could pick a character, and while I am setting up the game, read a 2-4 page story about their chosen character.  I picked up the Investigators of Arkham Horror from my LFGS last week, and had a chance to sit down and read three of the investigator stories so far.  Here are some initial opinions...

  • The hardbound option is terrific, and the artwork on the cover is sweet.  
  • Artwork throughout the entire book is outstanding, and each investigator gets to shine in their own chapter.
  • In addition to the printed text, one of the stories had the representation text of a letter, which was a little difficult to read, however, it totally contained information that directly related to the story and the investigator.  Great stuff!
  • The stories focus in on a very narrow perspective of the investigators, at least the ones I have read so far.  Honestly, there is only so much you can do withing 2-4 pages, so I understand the limitations.  I was hoping for maybe more of a backstory on one of the investigators, yet, it focused more on their current line of work, with nothing really about their backstory.
  • It would have been nice to have more of the investigators traits, stats, skills, etc.... explored in the book.  I realize that each game has different "settings" for their skills, but they are generally the same.  Being able to read a few pages about a character in the book, and then have more information about them to actually choose a character to play in one of the games would have been welcomed. If nothing else, at least have the story depict an example of their typical strength, and then an example of their typical limitation within the text of the story. 
  • Overall, I am very pleased with this title so far.  Its enjoyable to read through a brief story in 5 or 7 minutes when you dont have enough time to actually play through one of the Arkham games.  I am glad I own this copy, and I am sure others who play these games with me will enjoy reading more content about the investigators they select.

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