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I need some ideas for raising the stakes

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Have their biggest enemy crack down on them. I'm thinking Empire while writing this, but any group could do.

(Besides, a few bribes in the right pockets drastically reduces the difference.)

They have friends? Kill 'em.

Family? Execute 'em.

Aquantances? Jail 'em. 

Associates? Detain 'em.

Hideouts? Bomb 'em.

Frequened locations? Raid 'em.

Hit them in their support network. Capture two of their favoritre NPCs, and schedule their executions. Give them just enough time to rescue one.

Make no one want to associate with them, wreck their reputation.

"We will squeeze Lothal, until someone reveals the whereabouts of these traitors."



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I recently had the bad guy of my campaign blow up the last place they were.

Okay, he didn't blow it up, he just carved a city out of the planet and took off with it. The PCs had uncovered an ancient ruin beneath the city made by the aliens the Big Bad is obsessed with. I wanted to a.) give them a glimpse of how powerful this guy is, and b.) remind them that he's the issue they're uniquely equipped to address.

It had the added benefit of getting me unstuck, because now the PCs need to track down someone who's had experience with the bad guy. That's a fertile pursuit for a good few sessions. And then the expert will need to gather more data, which should help stretch out the tension.

All without having to deal with the "are you afraid for your life?" thing. These guys are at almost 1,000 earned XP. They turned the last Inquisitor I threw at them into chum. Their lives aren't really at risk. But the lives of the innocents they've encountered along the way...

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Don't let them rest or heal, make so much happen over a 24 hour period that they max out how many stim packs they can use and they're no longer effective. Throw them in jail and take away all their weapons. Kill their mentor and destroy their home base. I have done all of these things and my characters have been thoroughly stressed... :) #evilGM

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What threats have they been facing? Nameless, faceless, baddie-of-the-week with ever increasing stats; or have they been of narrative significance? Give them a real meaty narrative threat. Use their Obligation against them.

My party recently faced their first Inquisitor. He was alone, and would have easily gone down in a round or two against the whole party. I introduced him after one Force sensitive PC was captured by the Empire and this was a simultaneous escape and rescue. I had played up all his creepy Dark Side powers (Influence and Bind, mostly) so that PC was terrified of him. They didn't think twice about blowing up a crate of detonite, yanking their friend away and blasting their way off planet in the chaos.

Stat block wise, they could have beaten him. In the context of narrative, he was a terrifying force they didn't even attempt to fight.

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