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Raid token rules question

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The rulebook says to “place in a province you don’t control.” But the daimyo screen says to “place in an opponent’s province.”  One implies that you can place into provinces that aren’t controlled by anyone, the other directly states that it must be controlled by an enemy. 

The explanation in the rulebook as to what Raid tokens were meant for seems to favor the conclusion that you can place them into uncontrolled provinces, to “prevent them from falling into enemy hands.”  If you could only place them in enemy-controlled provinces, then it’s already in enemy hands and you’re just taking it away from them.


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The impression I got from reading the rules was as long as you don’t control the province you can place the raid token on it, regardless of whether it is empty or controlled by someone else. Unless you’re using it as a bluff, in which case do whatever you want with it!

It opens up all kinds of strategies as well as the potential for push back. My initial thought is proceed with caution if you intend to scorch another player’s province. ;)

Makes me really want to play the game, and also makes me suspect that the game is a more complete experience at the 3+ Player mark.

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