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LFP Cthulhutech (Discord)

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Hello, all.  I would love to start an online game of Cthulhutech using the Genesys system.  I am not sure where to look for players since I wish to use Discord only.  So I thought that I would start here.  If there is a better place for this, please let me know.  The basic idea I have right now is a group made up of civilians and soldiers who will be assigned black ops missions.  Cthulhutech is a futuristic setting based on Cthulhu mythos.  The Mi go tried once to wipe out the human race by creating an "alien" species with a false warrior culture.  This war ended in a stalemate and they joined Earth.  The Mi go have returned to strike, but the forces of other forbidden gods have decided now is the time to act as well.  Magic and technology exist side by side and even together.  Humanoid mecha stalk the battlefield, along with normal forces of war.  I am thinking of running this on Tuesday night est, but I am open to other possible times.  I can not start until the new Year.  Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in playing.

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I'm mostly curious how you're planning on implementing sorcery, powered armor, mecha, Tagers, and Engels, and might share your ideas here. Or if you plan on using any of them at all. 

CthulhuTech is one of those settings that has a lot of great ideas kicking around it, but I have not liked the previous execution by the publisher. I see where Genesys holds a lot of potential, and CTech could make a really fascinating test bed for the system. So while I'm not really interested in playing, I am really curious how you're going to handle it. 


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