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Spill the beans: How do we defeat the Rieekan Aces 2+3 meta?

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11 hours ago, TallGiraffe said:

We can't expect FFG to nerf everything in this sort of list otherwise we would end up with at least a full page of erratas for Rebels. (I personally think the GH works before defense tokens spent would be enough to make the list easier to fight. I also think sloane is a bit too strong too, but I want to see how wave 7 shakes things up.)


Just to echo others, quality activations help and neutralizing enemy activations help. 

Stick to your strengths and try to control your engagements on your terms as best as you can. 

If there was a way to reliably kill the squadrons the 2-3 list would fold.  I too think that the mentioned pre-defense token GH effect would solve this, or at least give other lists a chance. 

In fact that is how I played GH for a long time until I started seeing people at tournaments use it the way it currently works.  My initial interpretation of GH was, "ok, it reduced damage by 1, but there is no way that works after a brace cause that would just be stupid good..." 

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