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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 41-50)

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41. When taking the Sorcerer Talent, it states you may learn a number of powers. Does this equate to gaining them immediately? Or does it follow as well that the player must learn them individually as stated later, and they just know their maximum allowance?
————— > The latter—they aren’t free. 
42. Does Malediction get reduced by the Daemonic trait, it mentions Toughness Bonus but I'm not sure if that means total Toughness after traits?
———— > No, it isn’t reduced by that. 
43. Do you have to resist the effects of a Malefic Curse repeatedly? Or is one WP test enough to resist the effects for the rest of the time period?
———— > The latter. 
44. If 42 is yes on repeatedly resisting, concerning Overbleed is the increased difficulty for every WP test? Or only say the first WP resist test and then normal for the rest of them?
45. Is Hellish Blast allowed to be combined with the effects of Death's Messenger? They obviously can't be used in the same turn, but it seems like an Aim action situation where you might set up your next attack.
———— > Yes, they can be combined. 
46. Under "Malefic Witches and Warp Tainted Psykers" when the Psyker increases their Psy Rating by 1, does this count as gaining the Psy Rating (X) for the purposes of unlocking new minor/major powers?
Or do they basically lose out on the new minor/major powers for the boon of unlocking access to Arcana?
———— > Latter.
47. What happens if a Psyker is say, Psy Rating 3, and buys Sorcerer. They gain Psy Rating 4 for the purposes of dice, but can they buy the talent Psy Rating 4 to gain access to the minor/major powers they'd automatically get?
Or do they have to wait until they can buy Psy Rating 5?
——— > Former.
48. Under "Malefic Witches and Warp Tainted Psykers" it does not outright say this, but are Minor Arcana powers treated as Minor Psychic Powers for the purposes of acquisition?
———— > Yes.
49. Under "Malefic Witches and Warp Tainted Psykers" does the addon to the Perils of the Warp roll increase further with Master Sorcerer?
———— > Not unless the GM wants it to. 
50. I'm confused on the wording here: When a psyker with the Sorcerer Talent becomes subjected to Perils of the Warp, he must add +20 to the rolled result when determining Psychic
Phenomena, which increases the chance of invoking the Perils of the Warp.
The Psyker is already subject to Perils of the Warp, how would this increase the chances of invoking Perils? OR is it misworded, in that the first metnion of Perils of the warp should be "Psychic Phenomena”?
————— > The latter - if you’re subject to Psychic Phenomena, then add +20 to the roll and increase chance of Perils of the Warp. 

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