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Mon no Oni

Rules questions (ties). Also, a complaint.

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On 1/6/2018 at 9:53 AM, HirumaShigure said:

 So how did that turn/game turn out for you? Were you able to defend your province or pull some pressure off of you with your extra bluffs?

Oh man, let me tell you a story.

That turn: I was able to defend my own province, the lone province I could legally attack with an army was defended by a Diplomacy token.

That game: This is the tale of bad decisions combined with anything else that could go wrong going wrong. It was a full 5 player game. Being the owner I let everyone else pick first. Crab, Crane, Phoenix and Scorpion. I opted for Lion. Placed tokens and I had the entire Lion territory and a piece of Dragon.

Got pushed out of one dragon province early, and the other I foolishly defended with my Diplomacy token. Should not have done that. Unable to expand past Scorpion, Crane or Phoenix, often stalemating my attacks.

Turn 3 Scorpion push hard on my capital. Unknown to me, his secret objective was to take it. I defend it with 8 strength. (4 army, 2 faceup control tokens, capital defense). He attacked with 9 strength. Phoenix raids other Lion province, leaving me in the corner with one province that has a Diplomacy token. I make the assumption that I am Ronin next turn (that would be a good rules question lol) until I realize that a navy-1 got me a province on the island. That leads me to turn 4 which I already told you about. On turn 4 I did successfully take a Phoenix coastal province with my navy-2, and turn 5 I swapped provinces with the Phoenix player and snagged a Crab province with a Shinobi-2 for four provinces.

Did I mention that I never drew my second Army-4, my Army-5, or Army-6? That part is important.

Anyways, my secret objective was to hold the fewest provinces and I failed at that, as the turtle-Crane got raided HARD his last turn.

Final score: Scorpion - 42, Phoenix - 25, Crane - 24, Crab - 18, Lion - 8.

Despite all the bad luck it was a lot of fun and played very quick as a 5 Player game. Learning more and more with each game.


tl;dr - No. No it did not.

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