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Anyone started painting the Thresher yet?

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Mine is currently a hot mess, it'll get better.

Just wondering what you folk have come up with (yes, so I can steal, borrow or plunder ideas) :lol:


My thought so far is that is the Uthuk are way easy to paint, the Thresher - it's just time to make some decisions.

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So, the general design theory for all of my Uthuk is thus...

Organic protrusions and armor plates = bone

Teeth, claws, weapons and ground spines = Ynfernael demonic enamel/chitin/what-have-you, but whatever it is, it's harder than bone and built to tear flesh and they summon so many demons it's started to grow out of the ground. I figure the "human" Uthuk harvest these claws/spines from demons (or summon them from below) for their weaponry.



@Polda Dude... how did you manage to clip off that tongue? I could swear I saw it whole in your priming pictures.

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Mine turned into this:

That is chaotic red for flesh, skeleton bone for armor and "hard points" as well as "sticky bits"

True red for tongues (4 of them...sheesh), and highlights.

a touch of jungle green for the eyes.

It was almost an experiment in how to bring out different colors using just the main 3.

True red on Chaotic red is the basis for most of the army.

True red alone is VERY red - tongues!

true red on bone is pinkish.

chaotic red on bone is "dried blood".


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2 hours ago, Polda said:

@Tvayumat it was there (no primer on the cut) then it wasn't. And I never dropped it either! 

Well, he has a battle scar now.

Must have been a casting error, maybe some pvc cured faster than the rest? Only explanation I can think of for a clean break fault like that.

You can probably get a replacement model if you email ffg.

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On 12/13/2017 at 11:04 AM, Polda said:

I am currently working on mine. Going with a mineral/crystalline growths on all the bony parts. Added horns. 


just f***ing wow. I love that look.

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