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The Wilds of Rhovanion!!! This is the new Big Announcement!?

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Don't want to overreact, but on FFG Spain website, Wilds of Rhovanion changed status from "on the boat" to "shipping" (the truck symbol) and some shops stated that the 29th May could be delivered.

Again, no overreactions. At least for me. Better for my mind.

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With release date approaching, I decided to compile all the information we have about players card in this expansion, and add some educated speculation. (Some of this I found through the COTR discord.) The announcement article said that the expansion contains 2 heroes and 39 player cards (3 copies of 13), so it will have more player cards than Khazad-Dûm and The Sands of Harad, fewer player cards than Heirs of Númenor, and the same number as The Voice of Isengard, The Lost Realm, and The Grey Havens. Anything in square brackets below is speculation.

1 Brand son of Bain (fully spoiled)

2 Bard son of Brand (fully spoiled)

[3] Redwater Sentry:


The name is confirmed through the artist's Instagram:

The text is likely: Reduce the [cost to play Armor attachments on] Redwater [Sentry by 1.] Redwater [Sentry gets +1 defense and gains sentinel] while it has [an Armor attachment.]" This is pretty much confirmed by the Spanish card fan:image.png

4 North Realm Lookout (spoiled in fan)

5 Warrior of Dale (fully spoiled)

6 Long Lake Trader (fully spoiled)

[7 Leadership attachment with Armor and Item traits that can attach to Redwater Sentry; almost certainly not limited to Dale characters]

8 King of Dale (fully spoiled)

9 Bow of Yew (fully spoiled)

[10 Lore Item attachment that can attach to Dale allies and likely heroes; very likely not limited to Dale characters]

11 Necklace of Girion (fully spoiled)

12 Traffic from Dale (fully spoiled)

[13] To Arms!:


The text has a good chance of being: "Action: Choose an ally with a player [attachment. Ready that ally.]"

[14 Tactics event]

[15 Lore or Neutral event]

The card numbering suggests that Necklace of Girion is the last attachment, so there should be four events. (It could be three events and a side quest, but that seems less likely since the last deluxe focused on side quests. We could also get an Encounter player card, but we just got one in The Crossings of Poros and we'll be getting one in Roam Across Rhovanion. I expect a Lore event that shuffles a player card into the Encounter deck at some point, but not here.) There are no Lore Dale heroes, and there's no way for a Dale deck to play Lore events without a sphere match (King of Dale can play off-sphere allies, and Bard son of Brand can play off-sphere Item attachments), so we might not get a Lore event in this box.

Card 7 could technically be a neutral ally, but a Leadership Armor attachment makes much more sense, especially since there's no Armor attachment from the core set (for players who get this as their first expansion) that can go on Redwater Sentry. Like Bow of Yew, it might say "Attach to a Dale or Warrior character," and given how prominent the shield is in Redwater Sentry's art, it might be a shield. 

The numbering is Leadership-Spirit-Tactics-Lore in each card type, so card 10 is likely a Lore attachment (it has a slim chance of being Tactics or Neutral). It's probably an Item, so that Bard can play it, and in a preview discussing the deluxe Caleb said the Dale trait "rewards you for playing attachments on your allies." The only attachment in the Core Set that can be played on allies is Self Preservation (which is not an item), and Bow of Yew and the Leadership Armor attachment don't seem like enough attachments for allies if a new player gets this as their first expansion (neither King of Dale nor Necklace of Girion can go on allies). It's likely a cheap, generically useful attachment that could work well on North Realm Lookout.

As a thematic player, I like getting more generic attachments (like Bow of Yew) that can thematically fit into a wide variety of decks. There's also a fair amount of room in the design space to explore attachments on allies, which can make some allies feel more like heroes (such as ally Legolas with Bow of the Galadhrim). If we never get an ally version of Aragorn, then with all these attachments for allies coming up, I hope we get one that I can play on Vigilant Dunadan to boost his willpower by 1: he could represent Aragorn in my thematic campaign (with hobbit heroes for The Black Riders) for A Knife in the Dark and Flight to the Ford, but I want him to have two willpower to be able to defend against the Witch-king and survive Power in their Terror.  I'm also still hoping for Merry and Pippin allies for The Road Darkens, for an Éomer ally (who can be Sword-thained to kill Uglúk) for the Uruk-hai, and for a Grimbold hero (to go with Gandalf and Erkenbrand in a reinforcements deck) for Helm's Deep.

Edited by Estel Edain

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Just now, dalestephenson said:

I love Hauberk of Mail even outside of a Dale deck.  1-cost, +1def and +1 health on sentinel and can go on allies (if they are Dale/warrior).  Only downside is the limit 1. 

Absolutely. I think it's going to be one of the most versatile cards in the box. Beregond will like it, and it will any good sentinel warrior. Plus, it ain't restricted.  Very exciting. 

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Hooray for two-fingered Trolls!

And that Fire Drake!

Contested Mines has the same art as a location from the Long Dark. -_- Contrast to the . . . unique art on Dragon Breath.

And now we know who Haldan is. :)

How do you think the "next stage A/C" wording on the Objective/Locations work?

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1 hour ago, Wandalf the Gizzard said:

How do you think the "next stage A/C" wording on the Objective/Locations work?

If you've been watching the FFI Twitch streams on the digital game, the quest "Lost in Mirkwood" is a branching, multiple paths quest that changes based on the locations you travel to. I'd assume this is similar. Quest side A or C starts a path that traveling to further objective locations continues or modified in some way. Don't know the specifics, but the similarities are too striking to be ignored.

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