How much did you spend today?

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2 Resistance Bomber (they look SO COOL together, it's crazy)

2 Phantom II

3 Alpha-Class Star Wing ( NO WORDS TO DESC THE FEELING)

2 Kimogila (brute pair gonna slug some sucka-fool that they are going to pity)

1 TIE Silencer (initially thought 2, but I can wait until I get acquainted with the ship first).

287 canadian dollars


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Going to drop by my LGS after work:

2 Starwings
2 Phantoms
1 Kimogila

Not sure if I want to get the Silencer tonight.

Trying to be frugal. That, and you know eveyone and their Wookiee is going to be flying that thing.

**inner voice: "Treat Yo' Self!***

OK, I want the upgrades that come in the box. You've convinced me.

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