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There are 5 rounds in a game. If there were 7 players, 2 players would never be first player during a game. Plus, there are only 5 shugenja cards and 10 scout cards (2× each player) which these components are enough for only 5 players. These limitations seem easy enough to compensate for but don't know how it would turn out.  Right now my biggest hang up are from a thematic point of view. I think that all 7 clans should be represented during the game, even if some clans would be represented simply as allies of other clans. Example: Why would the Dragon and Crab just abandon their lands while all the other clans battle across the entirety of Rokugan? I realize it's "just a game" but theme is what really draws me to the L5R IP. I'm hoping that the game will expand this for all 7 clans,  or I'll have to figure out how to make this work for myself. I bought it, so now I can do what ever I want with it, so 7 factions it is. 

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