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Star Wars: Kings of Nar Shaddaa (OOC)

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On 11/22/2018 at 1:44 PM, Rabobankrider said:

@AdvocatXD, I'm going to make it more narative here and say you have a near miss on the route. Is anyone else going with Shura?

I'll go. Guess I'll have to take another vehicle?

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Ok @SithArissa, you're able to crack the door controls to open it up, and with the advantage I'd say that the guards who are outside are a little bit off their post, giving you a chance to sneak away or make a dash for it. If you want to narrate you opening the door and your next move I'll get the next bit for you sorted. :)

@satkaz, you're up for collecting the medical supplies.

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