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Star Wars: Kings of Nar Shaddaa (OOC)

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  1. @AdvocatXD 3s
  2. @Edgehawk 2s2a
  3. Duros Group 2, soak 4, 50/50 wounds, 10/10 men 2s
  4. Duros Group 1, soak 4, 50/50 wounds 10/10 men 2a
  5. @satkaz 1s2a
  6. -
  7. -

@AdvocatXD, that's fine, the reason it was cool this time is because cool is for combat you know is about to happen while vigilance is for surprise attacks etc. 

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12 minutes ago, Edgehawk said:

@AdvocatXD & @satkaz

Feel free to take the other 2 slots, prior to the Duros entering the fray. 

@Rabobankrider Hetaera is staying in cover, and Dodging any incoming attacks that might come her way (she will act after the Duros).

And if anyone shoots at her Usshkr will beat them within an inch of their lives.

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