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Star Wars: Kings of Nar Shaddaa (OOC)

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I think I took it into account in the remaining thugs left. 

  1. @Vergence
  2. @Edgehawk
  3. @AdvocatXD
  4. Tucker, 4 soak, 0/13 wounds, adversary 1
  5. @satkaz
  6. @Shlambate
  7. @BeingofMortis
  8. Truck Guard Squad 1, soak 4, 3/25 wounds, 1/5 men
  9. Truck Guard Squad 2, soak 4, 11/25 wounds, 3/5 men

Back to the top of the initiative if you guys are planning to hunt them down. 

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So, we have Het on watch, and the ones that can carry stuff are Usshkr, Leto, Shura, Jace, and Giz, unless Giz wants to be in the driver's seat and keep the truck ready to go the moment everything's in.

If Re'peek, Jex, and HU-1K are still here as NPCs, we could have them lift stuff too.

So, without Giz, it should be enough people to get the long case and 2 small ones in one go.

Let's have Jace and Leto carry the big one, while Usshkr and Shura get the smaller ones?

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