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Star Wars: Kings of Nar Shaddaa (OOC)

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1 hour ago, Rabobankrider said:

Well I'd say average streetwise with a boost if you've been in the sector a long time, or if you want flipping a destiny point can point you in the direction of a local doctor who has been sworn off pretty much every medical registry going :P 

"SSshould I be awake for thisss?" 

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For party resources we already have 3x Starhawk/Speeder Bikes with Sidecars and Speeder Truck/A-A5m. This is what I've got so far for minimal gear to pull off the heist. I tried staying 1k or less on each item to display room for improvement. Feel free to toss-in input.

Electronic Lock Breaker 1,000c (heist gear)

Laserhone Huntsman Vibrospear 950c (+3 brawn dmg that sounded Trandoshan)

x5 Heavy Blaster Pistols 700c each (basic range weapons)

3x Armored Clothing 1,000c (for Jex, Shura and Jace)

Riot Armor 950c (cheap armor with HPs for Giz to mod)

9x Disguise Kits 100c (more narrative)

Surveillance Taggers 165c each

3-4x Electrobinoculars 250c each



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