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Star Wars: Kings of Nar Shaddaa (OOC)

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Whip it good w/ destiny flip
Results 2eP+2eD3 successes, 3 threat, 1 Triumph [2eP=S/S, Tr] [2eD=Th/Th, Th]


  • Maneuver to draw neuronic whip
  • Attack! Base dmg 6
  • 2nd maneuver Distracting Behavior (take 2 Strain)
  • @Rabobankrider Do you resolve the 3 Threat first, or do I need to resolve the Triumph (with your approval) first? 
  • (I'm thinking I will narrate either the threat or triumph as being the distraction, unless something distinct is required).

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4 minutes ago, Shlambate said:

Well would te distraction apply to any attack they make or Just if they don't attack you?

Depending on which Usshkr won't let you take the damage. He's your protecter and doesn't need you getting unwanted attention! @Edgehawk

It's 1 Threat added to any checks (not a Setback); doesn't matter what the checks are, or who they are directed at.

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