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Star Wars: Kings of Nar Shaddaa (OOC)

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@Shlambate, I think I'd said you'd be entering at long range of the party, which would put at medium range of the trucks. You won't arrive till your turn in the order though do to the athletics rolls, at that pint you can flatten as many people as you want. :)

Also @Edgehawk they're not quite int he house yet, just at the outside wall about to go in in their next turn (if they get the chance), so you don't need to fall back yet if you don't want to. 

Also don't forget you guys have 3 carbines in a box

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  1. @BeingofMortis
  2. @AdvocatXD
  3. @Edgehawk
  4. Duros Group 2, soak 4, 13/50 wounds, 2/10 men
  5. Duros Group 1, soak 4, 50/50 wounds 10/10 men
  6. @Shlambate
  7. @satkaz

@satkaz or @BeingofMortis, one of you two can still go before the Duros do. After they've gone @Shlambate you will be in the battle in earnest and you initiative slot will become fluid like the rest. 

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Hmm, guessing I'll take the next round to grab an armor piercing missile, using 2 strain to use a stimpack, and then firing with a Destiny Point at Group 2.

Gunnery [Missile Fire] w/DP: 1eP+2eA+2eD 4 successes, 1 threat

Jace is about to pass out with 10/12 strain, then. But one group is gone.


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