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Although not a bug, perhaps a 'design limitation' which could be easily rectified:

As mentioned in this topic, if you transfer a save game to another device and put the files into a folder corresponding to a different 'slot' number, when you load and later save this game, it will write to the original slot number which it had on the original device. It will ignore the slot number that you put it in by folder number.

This can result in data being overwritten and lost in that 'old' slot number. The 'new' slot number you transferred the save data into remains unchanged from its original state. Further details described in the linked thread above.

Perhaps the transfer of save game files is not an 'officially' supported process, but clearly quite a few people have had a need to do this operation to transfer campaign progress to a bigger screen, in the absence of any cloud-based synchronisation features.

My experience was on the latest Android version. I haven't tried to repeat it, I must admit. (After I lost my progress and was trying (fruitlessly) to re-run a few rounds of mission 2 countless times in the hope of 'recovering' back to the point I was at, I lost the will to live! ;) )

I would love to see a cloud-sync added in the future, perhaps linked to our Asmodee/FFG accounts. The save files are only a few bytes after all.

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is there an update on status of heavy cpu load when playing on a mac? has the team even acknowledged it?

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After losing our Mission 2 progress to the issue of "moving save files to another device but using a different folder/slot number" (two posts above), tonight we lost our progress in Mission 2 again, because the app would not advance beyond Round 6.

I have sent a lengthy e-mail to FFG's software support e-mail address to describe the events with screenshots, and sent the save files too, so I hope the reason can be found and fixed.

In summary, after all units activated and the round 'clean up' occurred, no new round started. Meaning: No round title appeared at the top of screen, and all unit portraits remained in their red/blue-shaded 'already-activated' state. Saving and loading the game only triggers a new unit to spawn. After activating that unit manually and clicking 'Finish' on their activation, nothing else happens. Saving and loading again triggers another new unit to spawn, in addition to the last one. And so on...

I'm only posting here to raise awareness in case anybody else encounters a similar problem.

Time for us to start a whole new campaign from scratch, in case of some error in our save files, and try Mission 2 for the third time :blink:

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