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The Grand Falloon

Getting started. Step 2?

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If you want to get into tournaments, there are some nice lists above.  If you just want to go pew pew with your favorite movie ships on your dining room table, get whatever looks cool to you.

If competitive is your plan (and even if its not), I would recommend that whatever you get, you practice maneuvers.  Set up a map with asteroids and two squads and fly your ships through them.  See which maneuvers will get you around the rocks without hitting them or bumping your own ships.  See which ones will put you in a position to block the enemy to deny actions or strand them on a rock.  Practice formation flying.  practice starting way apart but them coming together into a formation 4 turns later.  And Learn to plan a turn or two ahead.  Sometimes you set up a perfect position where you have the enemy surrounded and you roll nothing but blanks when attacking.  Then you realize there is no good way to get a shot on him next turn without hitting rocks or blocking yourself.

No matter how good a list is, a better pilot usually can win if he or she knows how their ships fly best and what their opponents can do best.

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