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Stat Tracking Google Character Sheet

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Despite Oggdude's Character Generator being a fantastic tool for SWRPG, I wasn't sure if I wanted to fiddle around with it to fit Genesys. Instead, I created a Google Sheet that helps track xp expenditure to help with character generation, including characteristics, career skills vs. non-career skills, and the tiered talents. For instance, anytime you enter a talent into the talent pyramid, the sheet will automatically tally how much xp is required. I'm still fine-tuning and testing it, but feel free to copy the sheet. 

VerdantSF's Genesys Google Character Sheet

As a Google Sheet, it's easy to edit your own copy and really make it your own. There are a few hidden columns that I used to make some of the formulas easier, but you should be able to make additions to the sheet, including custom skills without much hassle.

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