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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 31-40)

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31. What would be an instruction against a daemon's fundamental nature? Would it be something akin to telling a Bloodletter to "stand down"? Or a Nurgle daemon to cure someone of a disease?
————— > Those sound pretty good, yes. 
32. Are all Price of Failure rolls on table 4-1 modified by +10/DoF? Or is it dependent on the ritual?
————— > I hesitate to say all, as there can always be exceptions, but essentially the former. 
33. On Table 4-2 is there supposed to be a modifier for -20? Perhaps one of the modifiers from -30 got misplaced?
————— > Looks like it’s missing, so maybe use these for –20?
“The Stars are Misplaced”—the timing is poor, and the circumstances do not welcome daemonic intrusion. 
The summoner has already sword allegiance to the daemon’s known enemy or is acting against the daemon’s cause.
34. Same idea on the question in Psykana Obscura, can Sorcerors pick up any other arcana mentioned further in the line? Or only core, and Disciples?
———— > I’d say the former, but GM’s call depending on the campaign. 
35. So, I know that a Psyker can take Psykana Obscura powers as elite advances when they normally gain other powers (at least as I understand the process). How do Sorcerers gain Psykana Obscura powers?
Do they just buy a Minor/Major Arcana and just say it takes the effect of a power? Or do they buy a Minor/Major Arcana and then spend more as if an Elite Advance?
———— > Former. 
36. Alternatively, as a sorcerer can learn everything else, can Imperial Psykers learn Arcana without the Sorcerer Talent as Elite Advances (Similar to Psykana Obscura)? Or is Sorcerer a key factor in learning the more malign techniques?
———— > GM’s call here, but it can certainly be fun to allow the former and see how the rest of the party behaves.
37. Can Sorcerers learn any other arcana listed under the cult entries later in Malleus? Or are they mentioned merely as examples?
———— > Latter. As per page 117, “here are but a few.” GM and players can make up new ones, or work in powers from other books (like from Black Crusade). 
38. When it states that "Individuals with the Sorcery talent have access to the Invocation and Psyniscience skills" does this mean they treat it as basic now? Or do they gain the +0 level of the skill?
———— > Those are skills that normally only psykers can use, so it’s saying sorcerers can also buy them. 
39. Do Sorcerers gain the Corpus Conversion talent (their own version stated in the same line as them having access to Invocation and Psyniscience skills) for free? Or do they have to gain it through an Elite Advance?
———— > Ditto for this talent. 
40. Until introduced in alternate ranks, are all of the Socerery talents treated as Elite Advances?
———— > That sounds good, yes. 

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