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Boba Rick

Community Consensus Nickname Needed on the Sheathipede

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7 minutes ago, Stay On The Leader said:

Well the expansion is called "Phantom II" so I propose calling it "Phantom II".

PII for short is my vote so its a bit more universal. Else, the "bug". If its longer than those, just keep it Sheathipede and watch how many ways people spell it wrong like the Khirztasfasd Fighter

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6 hours ago, enigmahfc said:

Those don't exist, though. They're just fever dreams and nightmares; they never were and never will be again.

Y'know Filoni was going to have'm in Clone Wars, and he has been known on occasion to recycle content.... Pretty sure there not coming back, though.

6 hours ago, Darth Meanie said:

Small Space Rock, Medium Space Rock, and Large Space Rock.

All can be shortened to Dumb, however.

Accurate assessment as always. (see what i did there?)

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