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Boba Rick

Community Consensus Nickname Needed on the Sheathipede

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I’m personally going to use “Sheathipede” as often as I can.

”I’ve dialed a 2 bank for my Sheathipede.  Can you please move my Sheathipede? The Sheathipede will take a focus action.  

The Sheathipede will declare Kylo as his target. Kylo shows the darkside to my Sheathipede.”


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16 minutes ago, gamblertuba said:

I second the bug.  Can start calling Y-wings hogs and Arc's mules.


12 minutes ago, Storgar said:

I agree, the bug, sounds like best of the bunch.


10 minutes ago, Bullox said:

Yeah, Bug. Or maybe Shuttlebug.


5 minutes ago, DXCrazytrain said:


Then we need a pilot named "Herbie."


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