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New to game planning a Waiqar list.

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Hey Everyone. On Monday im picking up my core set and im planning to pick up carrion lancer and death knights and reanimates expansions and i was thinking about some list that i could make with that models. I came with something like this:

Ardus Ix ErebusNumber of Trays: 1 - 37

UpgradeIconSm1.png  The Duskblade - 8

UpgradeIconSm8.png Ancient Technique - 2

Total Cost of Unit and Upgrades=  47

Reanimates Number of Trays: 6 - 35

UpgradeIconSm4.png  Front Line Carrion Lancer - 5

UpgradeIconSm5.png  Terrifying Heraldry - 5

Total Cost of Unit and Upgrades=  45

Reanimate Archers Number of Trays: 2 - 18

Total Cost of Unit and Upgrades=  18

Death Knights Number of Trays: 2 - 24

UpgradeIconSm1.png  Reaping Blade - 4

UpgradeIconSm7.png  Moment of Inspiration - 5

Total Cost of Unit and Upgrades =  33

Carrion Lancer Number of Trays: 2 - 27

UpgradeIconSm3.png  Fire Rune - 7

UpgradeIconSm7.png  Moment of Inspiration - 5

Total Cost of Unit and Upgrades=  39

That gives me still 18 points to spend. How could i improve my list?

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Any chance you can swing another $25 for a command upgrade?

If so, you could put blighted Velixium on the Reanimates and also File Leader. That would allow your Reanimates pretty much guaranteed mortal strikes whether you charge or get charged.

Alternatively, a favorite set up for six tray Reanimates of mine is Support Carrion Lancer, death caller, and simultaneous orders which lets you do a lot of mortal wounds at range.

lots of other ideas, but you have a lot to play around with here. Happy hunting!

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I got carried away because I'm so happy to see a new Waiqar player! I hope what follows makes some kind of sense.

Moment of Inspiration without rerolls is...not impressive. Too many times you roll that white die and get a blank or morale/surge, and you wish you could reroll for more damage. And then it's exhausted. Rank Discipline would be great on the Carrion Lancers to give them rerolls, but the Death Knights are probably fine with it because they have Reaping Blade, so blanks count as mortal strikes.

This means you have 19 points left to spend. Reanimate Archers are a tough sell at a 2x1 without Combat Ingenuity. They are SO disappointing! (Just ask Budgernaut about our last skirmish game.) They might appreciate Rank Discipline, too. The archers still won't reliably put out blight, but they'll have much higher chances. And with the starting units of Waiqar, blight is pretty much the main strategy to winning.

With blight in mind, let's revisit the Carrion Lancers. You have equipped them with Fire Rune, but then you are using that skill instead of the blight skill. I'm not sure that's the best move for 7 points. If you had Simultaneous Orders, you could both Blight and Fire Rune for one skill action, but that comes with the Infantry Command Unit Upgrade packs. So without that, maybe keep it at Rank Discipline and call it good for now. We might come back to it and add Tempered Steel or Master-Crafted Weapons.

Continuing the blight theme, I think a Support Carrion Lancer would be the way to go in your Reanimate unit. You can spit blight on the approach. I would advise against planning to charge. Just expect that they'll charge you first. If you think they're ready to charge, dial in a melee-skill so that if they hit you before you reveal your dial, you can attack, but if they hold off the charge for a later initiative in order to avoid your melee attack, you can still blight them and take away a die before they attack you. Once engaged, the morale modifier + Terrifying Heraldry is awesome. Sure, Uthuk do morale tests better than anybody, but it doesn't mean undead warriors can't scare the heck out of their opponents!

This puts you at 179 points (if I'm calculating correctly). Ideally, you could stick some more models in to make your units bigger, but using just what you have, we'll need to equip some more upgrades if we're going to make it to 200 points. We took Moment of Inspiration off the Carrion Lancers, so maybe we could add that to the Reanimates because Ardus Ix'erebus' Host of Crows ability gives them the training slot, and they have rerolls to take advantage of the extra white die. You could give them Metered March, too, so that they can juuust get into range and then blight, without going too far and getting isolated and killed. EDIT: I totally forgot that you will have Lingering Dead from the Reanimates pack! Put that on right now!!!! /EDIT. Then we could put Tempered Steel on the Reanimates because who doesn't like more damage? And let's give the worms Master-Crafted Weapons since we have the points left over. Finally, we could put Dispatch Runner on either the Reanimates or the Death Knights, depending on which one you think is more likely to engage the enemy. The one that doesn't engage can stand back and let the other one attack in its stead.

Ardus IxErebus x1 [37]
--Artifact: The Duskblade [8]
--Unique: Ancient Technique [2]
----------Total Unit Cost: 47

Reanimates x6 [35]
--Heavy: Support Carrion Lancer [6]
--Heraldry: Terrifying Heraldry [5]
--Music: Metered March [2]
--Training: Lingering Dead [3]
----------Total Unit Cost: 51

Reanimate Archers x2 [18]
--Equipment: Tempered Steel [3]
--Training: Rank Discipline [4]
----------Total Unit Cost: 25

Death Knights x2 [24]
--Artifact: Reaping Blade [4]
--Champion: Dispatch Runner [7]
--Training: Moment of Inspiration [5]
----------Total Unit Cost: 40

Carrion Lancers x2 [27]
--Equipment: Master-Crafted Weapons [4]
--Training: Rank Discipline [4]
----------Total Unit Cost: 35


One last note - I'm all about rerolls, but with Duskblade, it just might be better to give him Ardus' Fury for a free surge. That way he only needs one more surge, either on his dial or dice, to activate Duskblade and reduce the target's defense for the attack. Depends on how lucky you feel rolling dice. I don't think one is necessarily stronger than the other, but with Ardus' Fury you should feel more confident dialing in a Hit modifier, and still having a good chance to activate Duskblade.

Welcome to the Mistlands!

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2 hours ago, TheWiseGuy said:

as one Waiqar player to another, you gotta run the lingering dead. Every time. It is far an above the best upgrade in the game IMO.

Well now I feel foolish! For some reason I got it in my head that he wasn't going to pick up the Reanimates.

Heed this man, @Warlordus: he is wise!

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I just ran this list in a mini tourney.

Reanimate Archers x2 [18] 
--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6] 
Carrion Lancers x4 [46] 
--Equipment: Master-Crafted Weapons [4] 
--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6] 
Ankaur Maro x1 [40] 
--Artifact: Fortunas Dice [6] 
--Unique: Violent Forces [6] 
Death Knights x6 [55] 
--Artifact: Reaping Blade [4] 
--Heraldry: Deathmist Banners [4] 
--Training: Column Tactics [4] 

First round was going good against the Daqan until Flee in Terror was played on my Death Knight's...  If it wasn't for that, I think I would have done some real damage to my opponent.

Second round, Daqan was decimated in place the explosives.  Lost the Carrion Lancers against 2 3x1 heavy crossbowmen and 2 3x2 spearstars.  However, those lancers earned their keep as the other units laid waste to all of the Daqan's forces that were brought against them.  Death Knights didn't lose a man and took out the crossbowmen and a 2x1 rune golem unit.

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