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Campaign Hero Backstories

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After reading a post by Stompburger:

-regarding the Main hero's lack of a bio. I was inspired to modify/create my own version of the back stories for each Campaign Hero. In some of these stories I took a bit of what Stompburger wrote and ran with it, using his theme with some characters or drastically changing what he wrote to fit my own idea of the character. 

Each character has at least a full page of back story.

Here is a link to a poll so you can vote on your favorite character stories: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1994312/non-canon-hero-backstories

Let me know what you think!

   Gideon_Argus (Core Box)

-Valiant Commander-

Gideon Argus

"Expect nothing. Anticipate everything."   


Gideon Argus has always known war, having once served as a renowned Onderonian Commander during the Clone Wars; a true hero during the events of the planet's destructive Civil War. Alongside Gideon's childhood friends and fellow Commanding officers, Steela_Gerrera and her brother Saw Gerrera, these allied captains lead a unified military force of separate battalions to end the Seperatist occupation of their homeworld; working to reinstate King Ramsis_Dendup to his proper place on the throne. The military tactics and techniques Gideon employed against the Battle Droids during these days helped to finely sharpen his combat and leadership skills. Eventually after fierce fighting for many months, the soldiers of Onderon were finally able to remove all CIS presence from the planet, thanks in part to the secretive intervention of the Galactic Republic's- Jedi Order. Saw Gerrera and Gideon Argus were regarded as exemplars of their world, testament to the unbreakable fighting spirit of Onderon; a bittersweet victory due to the loss of Steela during the course of the war.

Upon the closing of the Clone Wars and the many years of relative peace thereafter, Onderon's government was eventually re-occupied by another foreign power, the oppressive Galactic Empire; born from the husk of the Galactic Republic. Imperial sanctions during these days led the planet into a severe famine, and Stormtrooper aggression heavily persecuted the citizens of Onderon. Due to these transgressions, Gideon and Saw Gerrera would inevitably reinstate their forces, taking up arms for Onderonian independence. Over time, Rebel High Command took notice of these potential allies, offering supplies, men, and intel to aid in combating the Galactic Empire in exchange for their open support of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Happily accepting the aid of the “Last Sons and Daughters of the Republic”, the leadership of Onderon and the Rebels worked together to reclaim the war-torn planet. Gideon and his new fellow leaders of Rebel High Command, would eventually create the renowned Saber Team of Alliance_Special_Forces during these hectic times. Saw Gerrera on the other hand, began to use more extreme and underhanded tactics to win. Gerrera's new standing army, The Partisans, began to lose sight of the Rebellion's primary goal of re-forging the Galactic Republic anew. Saw Gerrera and his men determined that revenge was a more important ideal to uphold. Using terrorism to fight terrorism, Saw lead his soldiers into darkness. Thus both Saw and Gideon had a falling out; the rift between them never to be mended...           

Over the following years, Saber Team’s continued victories across the galaxy further grew the admiration of Rebel leadership, and the great ire of the Galactic Empire. Gideon's elite squad had become a real target due to their many successes in the field. Yet trouble was afoot; intel would soon come to light regarding the discovery of Imperial Agents and Spies within the Alliance's many organizations. Rebel High Command entered into code red, determining the removal of these saboteurs was to become priority number one. Over the next few months many of these uncaptured Agents would successfully sabotage Alliance field ops across the galaxy, leading to the deaths of many. Soon enough, Gideon began to notice a suspicious trend in his own quadrant, though, Alliance_Intelligence operatives claimed that the infiltrators in this sector were smoked out. With a bad feeling about recent events, Gideon pressed on with his missions knowing full well the Rebellion required all hands on deck. Each field-op going forward performed better than the last, until the worst would finally come to pass; a botched mission would leave Gideon with a severely crippled leg, and many of his team dead. Suspecting his catastrophic mission failure was due to sabotage by Imperial espionage or internal betrayal, and with his frustrations at a fever pitch, Gideon used his long period of recovery time to investigate the remaining soldiers of Saber Team for evidence of treachery. After weeks of research, Gideon was unable to ascertain the truth of the matter. Unable to determine whether his suspicions were merely false, or unsure if he could even trust his own judgement, (much less the operatives he was investigating) Gideon resigned from his position. After giving in to despair and drink, Gideon left the Rebellion to nurse his wounds, ego, and mourn his lost friends.

For months Gideon declined all messages from his Rebel allies until a day came when the forerunner of the Rebellion herself, Mon_Mothma, pleaded with him personally to rejoin the ranks.  After a convincing and rousing conservation with the figurehead of the Rebellion, Gideon felt emboldened enough to retake his place within the organization; he had spent enough time wallowing in doubt, self-pity, and depression. Gideon's only request: that Saber Team be decommissioned, and that he would be re-stationed into another sector of the galaxy to create his own Rebel Cell. Gideon would maintain full control of his squad's membership, training, weapon procurement, and ultimate destiny; all in the effort to limit betrayal and corruption.  Agreeing to the stipulation, Mon Mothma appointed CO Argus to return to the field, forge a brand new team, and prepare for his next operation: the investigation of a mysterious Imperial broadcast…           

Gideon’s weapon of choice is a concealable Holdout Blaster, a memento from his wife to keep him safe until he can return to her. Due to having spent his entire life as a soldier, Gideon has gained an almost second sense for avoiding traps and ambushes. Despite his age, Gideon is a formidable soldier in his own right, and the strain on his body does not prevent him from fighting beside his men on the front lines from time to time. Gideon's greatest strength is his ability to command and inspire others, using his tactical knowledge to focus their efforts and embolden them to victory. Yet war does take it's toll; the many losses of friends and allies over the years have served to strengthen Gideon's resolve, but has also left him world-weary and fatalistic in mentality. Despite this jaded outlook, Gideon always presents himself to his men as dignified, resolute, brave, and unwavering. Soldiers are easily drawn to his charisma and know that with Gideon leading the way, they would always win the day.

Gideon Hero Healthy

Friends of Old

Jyn_Odan (Core Box)

-Sly Smuggler-

Jyn Odan

"I don't mean to brag; I just happen to be amazing."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price. 

In some circles, Jyn Odan is an honest and hardworking tradeswoman, in others, she is the best kind of Smuggler; with a record so squeaky clean authorities can't help but fall for her many ruses. She captains the Valkyrie Corona, a heavily personalized- HWK-1000_Light_Freighter; an agile craft with an added benefit of ubiquitously blending in when docked at Starport. She is quick on her feet, quicker with a blaster, and faster yet with her wit; these skills, along with a healthy dose of cockiness, make her a natural fit for her line of work. In order to keep her “business” in working order, she frequents Major Hyperspace_Routes with her holds full and prepared for trade. 90% of her Cargo is perfectly legal mass market consumables: foodstuffs, medical supplies, field equipment, and etc. These items are almost always used to obscure something much Juicier from Imperial_Customs; a large portion of which always seems to find its way into hands of Rebel Agents. Jyn is quick to use her charm and clever deception to win over her enemies; if customs should get too close to “her private stock”, she will quickly distract them with gossip, a bribe, or a little harmless flirting. In rare cases in which she can’t prevent violence, she will without hesitation, Shoot First; Jyn is fully committed, and very capable, of getting her hands dirty to complete a job. She has had to learn the hard way in life and has plenty of scars to prove it.

Jyn acquired the Valkyrie through surviving the betrayal of a past “associate”. The spacecraft once belonged (with an uglier name) to her ex-partner-in-crime, a Trandoshan Hunter named Szark. Teamwork in the beginning came naturally, she was the brains, he was the brawn, and there was Credits enough for the both of them. But after a few years of near constant bickering over the game plan of shared criminal activity, Szark was sick of Jyn’s “weakness”. He wanted more money, quicker, but Jyn didn’t like the idea of intentionally harming the innocent. Trandoshans consider all weaker beings than them as “prey” and have no qualms about bullying, extorting, and some say, even eating, "lesser creatures". Jyn was never quite able to trust her “sidekick's” intentions, keeping her quarters locked at all times; with a weapon prepped and ready under her pillow at night for a potential unwanted intrusion. Eventually their bickering came to a head while attempting to obtain new stock to smuggle on Tatooine. Szark, again fed up with Jyn's "weakness", knocked her unconscious with a vicious blow to the head, stole the smuggled goods they had gathered, and ended their partnership for good. Within the day, Szark would kill a rival smuggler who owned a better ship and claim it for his own. When Jyn awoke a familiar voice hissed over the Valkyries Comms_System. Szark informed Jyn that their alliance was done, told her if he ever saw her again she’d end up as dead as his most recent victim. If that wasn't enough- the real betrayal was yet to come: opportunity would soon arise for the Trandoshan to make some easy credits and earn favor with the Galactic_Empire

Weeks later, Szark, by use of a Hidden Tracking Device, would soon sell Jyn out to the Empire; informing them of the time and place of one of her smuggling runs. Unaware of the coming danger, Jyn was docked at a cargo bay on Ryloth, picking up general goods to sell, and illegal contraband to deliver to her rebel contractors on Bespin. While Jyn was negotiating a business deal at the market, an Imperial Strike Team surrounded her ship and took seizure of the Valkyrie. The Imperials quickly began to dismantle the Valkyrie Corona’s cargo bay in an attempt to find the contraband from Szark’s Intel. On the way back to her ship, Jyn realized the commotion, and knew she had to act fast to save her goods, ship, and reputation. Thinking quickly she hired some of the locals to cause a commotion and distract the Imperials; using the event to smuggle herself onto her own ship. To her dismay, Jyn realized her craft was scuttled by the strike team; no longer able to fly, her once noble HWK-1000 was now just a sitting duck, and she was the Imperial's prime target. Forlorn by recent events, Jyn promptly grabbed her Valuables from her quarters and snuck her way off the ship- using the ventilation tunnels to avoid capture. With nothing left but her blaster, a few sentimental items, and her life, Jyn was now on the run from the Empire.

Escaping the planet by using her talents to smuggle herself onto another shuttle, Jyn would eventually and "temporarily" find refuge with the Rebel Alliance. In trade for the Rebellion's assistance in regaining her impounded spacecraft, and credits enough to get her back on her feet, Jyn in turn bartered her knowledge of Imperial customs operations and security protocols; her skills with a blaster and as a Pilot were on the table in mercenary capacity as well. All of her efforts outside of her alliance with the rebels were focused on one day recovering the Valkyrie Corona and returning to business as usual. Though she was unhappy about the lack of "freedom" her ship once brought, Jyn didn't mind her temporary service to a greater purpose. Upon hearing word of Jyn's skill, the esteemed Rebel CO, Gideon_Argus, determined she would be a good fit for a team he was putting together; offering her a place on his next field operation: (for a hefty sum of credits) help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast... 

Plucky, lucky, genuine, and crass, this quipster has made a name for herself as a reliable friend, and an inventive opponent. Jyn prefers Blaster_Pistols to rifles, and is most comfortable with an older Vintage model given to her by her father when Jyn first left her homeworld to travel the stars. She is both lithe and agile, making her way across the battlefield with ease and elegance, and finds that most problems can be solved by getting to an objective first and firing a few blaster shots along the way.  Jyn is just itching to return to her trade as a smuggler; she spends much of her free time trying to track down that deceitful snake Szark, or, further details on which Imperial detaining facility contains her abducted spacecraft. Jyn has recently taken to joining Rebel operations personally in the hopes that she can quicken her search. The Valkyrie Corona is Jyn's pride and joy and she will never rest until she regains custody of her "baby." Helping the galaxy is all well and good, but Jyn doesn't like being tied down for long.

Jyn Hero Healthy

High Moon

     Mak Eshka’rey (Core Box) 

-Bold Renegade-

Image result for mak eshkarey

"The Imperial military police couldn't take me alive, and neither will you!"


One of the few Bothans who initially sided with the Imperials in the Galactic_Civil_War. Mak Eshka’rey began his training within the secretive Imperial_Security_Bureau counter intelligence organization. A natural at sleuthing, stealth, and espionage, Mak would eventually become a premier agent for Imperial interests across the entire galaxy; his ingenuity and guile while conducting these missions inevitably earned him a dark and shadowy reputation. After conducting many successful operations against the burgeoning Rebel Alliance, Mak would receive the ultimate honor: a special assignment from the Galactic_Emperor himself. Mak was promptly escorted to the Imperial_Palace and tasked with a highly sensitive black operation: Mak was tasked with sabotaging a power plant adjacent to a major residential district on the planet Chandrila. (the home planet of Mon_Mothma and widely suspected to have rebel sympathies- according to many leading ISB field informants). Though he has always had his doubts in the methods and aims of the Empire, it was at this moment that Mak had a change of heart with his past allegiances. Disgusted by the fact that the Emperor’s mission would result in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, and having witnessed the decrepit and malevolent creature at the heart of the Galactic Empire in person, Mak determined he would abandon his government for their transgressions. He accepted the mission, but, secretly turned over the Datapad plans to Rebel High Command. In return for his protection by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Mak offered his services and valuable inside information for the inner workings of the ISB. He promptly divulged Intel to his new allies of the location of many important and well-hidden imperial research facilities across the galaxy; joining them in the destruction of these key Imperial strongholds. Due to his nature as a turncoat against the Empire, Mak has become a high priority for Death Squads and Imperial Military_Police forces across the Galaxy. Though unafraid, Mak knew he would have to be prepared for trouble wherever and whenever he planned to travel.

While on a covert mission on Corellia, Mak was detected by a roving Probe_Droid, and targeted for an assassination by the ISB. Equipped with a Personal_Cloaking_Device built right into his Tactical Armora proficient Imperial Agent launched an attack upon Mak before he could reactThis cloaking device was created to refract and distort light, allowing the combatant to easily camouflage with his direct surroundings. The assassin was functionally able to "phase out" into the backdrop, competently evading Mak's counter-blows and landing many strikes upon the bewildered Bothan. This new enemy's attacks were viscous and swift, yet, Mak was ultimately able to prevent the attempt on his life. Using the wits and skills Mak has honed throughout his life, he was eventually able to dispatch the cloaked foe; suffering severe head trauma from the battle in the process. Despite Mak's victory, the assassin came prepared for this outcome; the Shadow_Trooper, as a precaution, Rigged his armor to explode, preventing the recovery of this advanced tech. Mak was able to evade the concussive blast, though sadly the advanced armor was unrecoverable. Luckily, Mak's Sensory Visor recorded the skirmish in action, offering proof to the fantastical tale Mak voiced upon his return to Rebel space. Concerned with this new threat to the Rebellion, Mak began to focus all his efforts in searching for further evidence of the facility responsible for developing these new “Shadow Suits”. Weeks of grueling and inconclusive sleuthing finally gave way to success, as Informants were able to locate the research compound on the planet Ord_Mantell. Equally impressed and disturbed with this new Imperial technology, Rebel High Command determined these "Shadow Suits" were a grave threat to the Rebellion; Mak was promptly tasked by High Command to lead a strike force to destroy the facility.

The Rebellion had no idea what was in store. Issues in the mission came to a head when Mak’s incomplete operational intel, due to ISB deception, led his team to greatly underestimate the size of the Garrison currently defending the facility. Wounded, outnumbered, and with each member of his team captured or dead, Mak was forced to slink away in defeat. Rebel High Command soon-after pronounced that future attempts to destroy this Imperial citadel would cost too many resources, soldiers, and eventually time, to justify a full-scale assault of the facility. Support of the Rebellion in its infancy did not come swiftly enough to condone the amount of sacrifices they would have suffer to see the operation through to the end. Mak was never able to forgive himself for his failure and now feels obligated to prove to the Rebellion, and to himself, that he is worthy. Craving redemption, Mak consulted his friend and ally, CO Gideon_Argus, with a plan to bring himself back into the good graces of the Rebel Leadership. After Mak’s intel was passed along to Gideon, a new mission was born: determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast... 

Crafty, clear-headed, cunning, and duty-bound, Mak is as talented as he is noble; despite what some may think. He has recently taken to wielding a modified Longblaster; a civilian, hunting weapon, Mak has re-purposed in the attempt to disguise his assassinations by averting the use of military grade weapons. He prefers to take out high-priority targets from long range, but isn't opposed to a more intimate fight if he must. while in the field Mak commonly utilizes an array of tech from his connections in the Bothan Spynet or his past allegiance with the ISB. He has a talent of “melting” in and out of combat when enemies are not paying attention; waylaying his foes and causing distractions to catch them unprepared. Thanks to his agility and stealth, enemies have a hard time pining this elusive Bothan down. In his spare time, Mak attempts to gather volunteers to aid him in removing the threat of the Imperial "Shadow Suits" and end any advantage the Empire could have gained from their creation. Word is, he may get the chance soon, as the Empire requires its forces in other sectors of the galaxy.

Mak Hero Healthy

Loose Cannon

    Diala Passil (Core Box) 

-Haunted Exile-

Diala Passil

"A master of the Resilience Form is invincible. One who aspires to it, such as myself, is simply very hard to kill."


Due to her youth and inexperience at the onset of the Clone_Wars, Diala Passil had only recently ascended to the rank of a Padawan learner halfway through of the galaxy spanning conflict. In her first battle, under the direct supervision of her Jedi preceptor, Shu Yen, both Jedi were tasked with beating back the CIS presence on Yavin_IV. Over the course of the many weeks, and the multitude of battles on the planet, the Jedi pair would come to be quick allies. Just when final victory seemed to be assured against the Seperatist, those among the Jedi Order would sense a dark, galaxy-spanning, disturbance in the force. In a horrible turn of events, the Clone_Trooper battalion that had served Diala's master for years would betray the Jedi under the direct command of the newly christened Sith_Apprentice, Darth Vader, to enact the dreaded Order_66. Shu Yen, in a last act of bravery, knowing his wounds were too great, stood alone against the troopers and their new overlord; his sacrifice would allow Diala time to escape with her life. Out of respect for her master but with great regret in her heart, she promptly retreated from the engagement. Unable to communicate what has befallen, due to a broken Holoprojector, Diala knew she had to work fast to warn her fellows around the galaxy. After days of both hiding from, and outrunning, her now treasonous clone battalion, Diala would eventually find, and commandeer, a space craft; jettisoning into hyperspace to find sanctum elsewhere in the galaxy. Tuning into Jedi Comms, Diala began preparing a dispatch regarding her recent predicaments, destined for the Jedi_High_Council at the Temple on Coruscant, but was horrified to instead receive a dire message: "This is Master Obi-Wan_Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi_Order and the Galactic_Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Galactic_Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: trust in The_Force. Do not return to the Temple. That time has passed, and our future is uncertain. Avoid Coruscant. Avoid detection. Be secret... but be strong. We will each be challenged: our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere and, in time, I believe a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you… always."  Devastated by recent events, Diala drifted in space for a time to gather her thoughts. After contemplating her next move, Diala had an epiphany: she recalled that the distant and desolate planet, Jedha, was a great bastion of Jedi knowledge and teachings. In the hopes to completing her training, and keeping herself hidden from the eyes of the Empire, she would pour over the Jedi Holocron enshrined in temples across NiJedha, the planet's capital city, to gain a greater understanding of the force

Though Diala’s studies were fulfilling, the solitude she now faced slowly began to take its toll; she often dreamed of reintegrating herself into the society around her. In all her time spent on the planet, no sign of another Jedi survivor ever appeared; causing her to feel bereft and sequestered. Thus, she could occasionally be seen walking amongst the varied and unique peoples of this lonely planet; taking in the sights and sounds of the civilization she wished to someday join. Life continued on in this way for a few quiet months, with Diala only becoming more talented in her ability to harness the force. One day while wandering the streets of the planet's capital city, Diala began to hear rumors of an Imperial Inquisiton of the Galactic_Empire, trained in the arts of Lightsaber combat, and the Darker abilities of_the_Force; these Inquisitors were said to be devastatingly powerful, and actively stalking all remaining force users across the galaxy. Diala began preparing herself for this inevitability after having Foreseen future Events during her meditations; a day would soon come for these vicious Jedi hunters to make their presence known. 

At the behest of a Grand_Moff of the Empire, The Grand_Inquisitoralongside his brothers and sisters, and a Legion of Stormtroopersswiftly moved in to conquer and occupy Jedha. Purges began to occur all across Nijedha, quickly transforming Holy City into a bloody battleground. The Empire began to focus all efforts on confiscating the many Kyber_Crystals, Literature, Jedi Holocron, and various treasures from the Holy Temple_of_the_Kyber; killing or ejecting its remaining Guardians_of_the_Whills into the streets. Citizens ran in fear as the Imperials Blockaded the planet from the greater galaxy, instituted martial law, lead witch hunts for Jedi sympathizers, and blatantly murdered civilian dissidents. Soon enough a trader who had spoken with Diala a few times in the past would leak information to the Inquisition of Diala's potential identity as a Jedi. With this Intel, The Grand Inquisitor would have enough cause to lead a manhunt; he was determined to see to Diala’s capture, or death, personally. Overwhelmed and chased throughout the city by the members of the Inquisitorious, Diala was barely able escape with her life. Upon finally reaching a spacecraft she had once procured in the event she would have to flee the planet, Diala was confronted by the Grand Inquisitor himself; a desperate duel promptly ensued. Outmatched, heavily wounded, and on her heels, it took all Diala had to survive the fierce attack; yet she was determined to not let her life end here. Calling upon the force, Diala channeled all of her inner strength into her palm and released a Force_Push so strong it launched the Grand Inquisitor through a nearby wall. She then promptly took the opportunity to make her exit; using the spacecraft she found to escape into the outer-atmosphere.

After safely evacuating the now Imperial controlled planet of Jedha, Diala hesitated on her next destination. Unsure of where to go, but using the force as a guide, Diala was subconsciously drawn back to Yavin IV; the tomb of her Master Shu Yen. Upon reaching the planet's outer atmosphere and ever haunted by the memory of Shu Yen since his passing, Diala attempted to locate her master's body for proper burial. Feeling out with the force, Diala eventually noticed a strong presence emanating from a ruined structure at the edge of a great jungle of Massassi_trees. Upon arrival to the ruin, Diala was filled with an overwhelming sense of dread; a Wound_in_the_Force existed within the ruins where Shu Yen had fallen. Diala could feel an oppressive and dark Presence watching her from the shadows, preventing Diala from reaching her master, and waiting for an opportunity to strike. Understanding the great danger she faced, Diala knew she wasn't ready to face this test; departing back to the safety of her spacecraft. Feeling defeated and unsure of herself, Diala began to meditate to clear her mind of these dire thoughts. Moments later, a squad of alerted Rebel troopers would come to apprehend the young Jedi; realizing the soldiers weren't a true threat, she peacefully allowed herself to go into their custody. Diala was promptly taken to the Great_Temple for questioning. After clearing her name and explaining her reasoning for venturing so close to the Alliance's secret headquarters, she was called to a meeting with the leaders of Rebel High Command. To the benefit of everyone involved, Diala would be graciously offered an opportunity to enlist within the Rebellion. Realizing the Alliance to Restore the Republic offered a relatively safe group of allies and planets for her to return to, Diala happily agreed. Once acclimated to her new role as an arbiter of the Alliance, Diala received her first mission under the guidance of her new Alliance CO, Gideon_Argus: to determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast... 

Representing the "Golden Age" of the Republic's Jedi Order to the many soldiers of the Rebellion, Diala is well regarded for her sophistication. She is both dignified and perceptive; garnering much respect by her cohorts for sharing her wisdom of the Force with those who will listen. She bemoans the lost opportunity to finish her "accredited" Jedi training to become a Knight; lamenting that she was unable to create a lightsaber before her master fell, nor find all of the the pieces necessary to craft one herself. Thus, she wields a durable, yet unremarkable, Plasteel Staff, with a skill and ease only a force sensitive could conjure. Even before her training on Jedha, Diala was a capable fighter. She now only grows stronger as she learns new ways to weave the force into her actions on the battlefield. Diala is able to remain calm and focused under fire in combat, using the defensive saber forms taught to her by Shu Yen, Form I (Shii-Cho) and Form_III (Soresu), to protect herself; turning her enemy’s attacks against them. In battle Diala weathers the storm; then rains down counter blows upon her foolish attackers.

Diala Hero Healthy

TemptationThe Grand Inquisitor

  Gaarkhan (Core Box) 

-Fierce Warrior-


Underneath that fur is a few hundred pounds of solid muscle and anger.


[Polis Massa Archives]-[Medical Internment Log] CO Bracken: After days of silence, the Wookiee has finally decided to speak about his escape from Imperial imprisonment:

According to Gaarkhan, he was originally captured during the Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk. During the early days, Gaarkhan, his brother Jirritt, and Grozlanna, a Wookiee elder to whom Jirrit was Indebted, gathered members of their clan to fight off the new invaders. After weeks of successful hit and run strikes by the Wookiee, the Imperials finally had enough of the pesky insurgents. Stormtrooper forces promptly captured the women and children of many Wookiee tribes they could locate deep within the dense jungle; informing all Wookiee in the region: one person from among those captured per hour would be killed, until the guerilla warriors, turned themselves in. Jirritt, in protest to further conflict, decided that saving the lives of his people was more important than taking the lives of his foes; convincing his clan to turn themselves in. Imperial_Officers promptly commanded the Wookiee insurgents to be placed in chains, and, entered into Plasteel cages to await processing to Imperial Prison Colonies around the galaxy. Angered at the Wookiee people for all of the recent insubordination and rebellion, the victorious stormtrooper forces decided to take a darker form of Revenge. Due to racism and hatred, these troopers joyously gunned down many of the compliant Wookiee who had surrendered. Gaarkhan could only watch in horror from his cage as his noble brother, Jirritt, was murdered before his eyes. The last thing Gaarkhan would remember of this harrowing event was his insatiable anger, the shouts, cries, and Wookiee roars all around him, the enraged howl of Grozlanna, who was currently being tortured within his cage, and the sound of the chains that bound Gaarkhan's hands snapping. In a fit of pure berserk rage, Gaarkhan reacted without thinking; using his "Natural Weapons", Gaarkhan proceeded to slay an Officer standing too close to his cage. In the Act, Gaarkhan would come to shame himself and his ancestors. In shock and terror after realizing what he had just done, Gaarkhan relented; surrendering to his foes in mortification. The pain of a Stun-staff would be the last memory of the event before blacking-out. These harrowing events would come to ever haunt his dreams thereafter. 

On the day of his arrival to the rebel outpost on Polis_Massa, the medics were said to have had a **** of a time cleaning grisly wounds, healing blistered blaster burns, and combating Gaarkhan's severe emaciation. Due to the Wookiee peoples' general belligerence towards the Empire, those enslaved were surgically installed with Control_Chips, which could be activated to cause extreme pain, should they attempt to rebel against their captors. An Imperial Officer may choose to activate this inhibitor chip in an aggressive Wookiee, causing severe pain until they either fell back in line or died from the strain. Gaarkhan's chip seems to have been damaged and deactivated soon after it was implanted in the Wookiee's spine; apparently sabotaged by the hulking warrior, who seems to have clawed it out himself. Due in part to his "resistance" to his inhibitor chip and his continued ferocity towards his captors, Gaarkhan had been detained at the Imperial_Detention_Center_&_Labor_Camp_LEG-817 on Wobani. He seems to have been instrumental in destroying the prison master terminal on the planet, leading to a massive jail break, revolt, and takeover by the detainees. He seems to have escaped in the confusion by commandeering an Imperial Lambda-class_T-4a_shuttle. Gaarkhan would actively seek out the Alliance to Restore the Republic upon his escape; planning to offer his services in future operations, and reap vengeance on the Galactic_Empire. In trade Gaarkhan's new allies were allowed to keep the recently stolen Imperial ship for use in future missions; the craft would be put to good use in many future espionage operations.

Gaarkhan proved his worth in his first battle as a rebel soldier by storming Imperial trenches in the occupied lands of Onderon. In that same battle, due to the attack of an Imperial AT-ST, he would eventually meet Fenn_Signis- while both soldiers were entrapped in a trench bunker. Surrounded and assumed dead, these two warriors fought their way out of danger from deep within enemy territory. After crawling out from Imperial battle lines, both soldiers returned to the rebel staging grounds to roaring applause and appraise. Commended for their bravery, both were selected to join a special task force as soon as their injuries were mended. The two warriors formed a strong bond and henceforth conducted missions together, knowing that they were strong enough to handle any situation. Gaarkhan appreciated the fact that Fenn was quiet, talented, and steadfast. Fenn was thankful to have a friend who could tear another man’s arms off with little effort. Due to the efficiency of their teamwork, Rebel High Command determined these two warriors should be reassigned under Fenn's old squad leader, the esteemed CO- Gideon_Argus. His next mission for the duo: determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast… 

In combat, Gaarkhan is the epitome of Wookiee ferocity: he charges forward to engage the enemy with his favorite weapon, a deadly Vibro-Ax. Any foes who are lucky enough to survive his savage attack will quickly find that he is most dangerous when injured. Gruff, moody, ferocious, and intimidating, Gaarkhan surveys his surroundings with a critical eye; those foolish enough to threaten his allies will know the true definition of fear. Taking great pleasure in battle, this hulking Wookiee warrior happily puts himself in harms way to protect his fellow soldiers; appreciative of any excuse to fight another pawn of the Empire. Gaarkhan has shamed himself once for revenge; he now hopes to make things right by freeing his people from servitude. Chains can't hold him, slavery can't break him; the Empire will know the wrath of a true Wookiee warrior.

Gaarkhan Hero Healthy


   Fenn_Signis (Core Box) 

-Hardened Veteran-

Fenn Signis

"Stick together and don't get in my way."


A native of Alderaan, (before its destruction at the hands of the DS-1_Orbital_Battle_Station) Fenn Signis joined the Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic at seventeen years old and served two full tours of duty. Fenn was originally garrisoned at a Hidden Rebel_Base on Arda-1, working with a mobile strike force to lock down the region. Fenn quickly set himself apart from his fellows by always seeing a mission through to the end, even if that meant alone. Rebel High Command soon took notice of this exemplary commando and determined a promotion was in order. Due to his continued successes in the field, Fenn and his team were regularly tasked with many dangerous and high risk operations; with Fenn witnessing the death of what few friends and allies he had to the Stormtrooper ranks over the coming months. Fenn was no stranger to loss, and took his punches better than most, but these deaths seemed to affect him more and more as the war pressed ever onward; a burden and guilt that the directors at HQ did not have to consistently bear.

Just a few weeks after his promotion, Rebel High Command- in a bid to obtain more support in the galaxy, deployed Fenn’s battalion to the planet Onderon to help overthrow Imperial Control of the planet. Under the joint control of Rebel High Command and the esteemed Onderonian Generals- Saw_Gerrera and Gideon_Argus, a Declaration_of_War and Independence from the Galactic Empire was put into writing. The newly merged Alliance and Onderonian forces drew battle lines, and a fierce skirmish with the Imperials quickly developed into full blown entrenched warfare. Months went by as the battles between the Rebels and Empire raged across the war-torn planet. Fenn's squad was stationed in the thick of the fight for the many months he served here on Onderon, and his direct combat talents were instrumental in many rebel victories. Upon realizing Fenn’s natural aptitude for combat, General Argus promptly took command of him to better utilize and incorporate his talents in the field;  Fenn and a few members of his battalion, were transferred to Gideon’s Elite Alliance_Special_Forces squad, Saber Team.

During the planet’s final decisive battle, an Imperial General realized the true threat that Saber Team posed. The Empire was suffering losses so severe they were being forced back to their last remaining base on the planet. Realizing the stiffest resistance came from an entrenched rebel fortification held by Saber Team, the Imperial General ordered a nearby Imperial AT-ST to attack and collapse the rebel holdout.  The damage was done and the last thing Fenn remembered was the walls falling inwards at him. Hours later, Fenn awoke to find himself alone, entrapped, and buried alive within the damaged fortification. After struggling to crawl out of the rubble and nursing his wounds, Fenn was alerted to a roar and sounds of battle on the opposite side of the complex. Assuming the worst, Fenn prepared his weapon for one final battle, but discovered a strange sight: a Wookiee rebel smashing a stormtrooper into a wall. Though unable to communicate, both warriors banded together, and fought their way through the Stormtroopers who were searching for Saber Team survivors. After mopping up the current threat, the Wookiee kept watch as Fenn "Insisted" that one of these injured troopers must divulge the name of the Imperial Commander in charge of the invasion. After "discussing" the consequences of making Fenn wait, a trooper would eventually utter the name: General Sorin; Fenn promptly passed along this information to his superiors, yet held a personal grudge for all the death and destruction General Sorin brought to the planet. After escaping from Imperial battle lines, both soldiers returned to HQ to roaring applause and appraise. That day Fenn Signis and the Wookiee named Gaarkhan formed a strong bond and henceforth conducted missions together; Signis promptly began language courses in how to understand Shyriiwook. Eventually due to the efficiency of their teamwork, Rebel High Command determined these two warriors should be permanently reassigned under Gideon Argus' command. Their next mission: to determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast on a distant planet… 

Like every professional soldier, Fenn Signis relies on his comrades, yet, he also has a powerful independent streak. Fenn is a military lifer and plans to fight until he can no longer carry on for his ideals. Due to the losses of so many close friends, Fenn suffers from attachment issues and a mild case of un-diagnosed PTSD (usually in the form of gore-filled nightmares) from the many battles he has been through. He intentionally remains distant and professional with his squad-mates; despite this, others still respect him for his efficiency and reliability. A lone wolf in every meaning of the word; Fenn is tactically aware, cunning, and practically feral towards his enemies. Fenn’s favored weapon, his Infantry Rifle was the standard equipment for his squad while fighting on Arda I; Reliable, consistent, and comfortable in his hands, Fenn has carried the weapon through some of the toughest of fire-fights in the galaxy.

Fenn Hero Healthy

BrushfireGeneral Sorin

   Loku_Kanoloa (RtH) 

-Deadly Marksman-

Loku Kanoloa

"His armor is weak at the neck. Aim higher."


A native of Mon_Cala, Loku was born into a world of hardship. His people had faced war many times, due to the planet’s high amount of natural resources submerged under the aquatic planet's surface. Years ago, the Separatist Alliance and Mon Cala’s turncoat species, the Quarren, claimed the planet through Conquest; viciously killing many of the Mon_Calamari people's best and brightest. Loku being a teenager at the time, could only watch as his father, uncle, two elder brothers, and his mother all passed during the conflict. With aid from the Galactic_Republic, the Gungan_Grand_Army, and their Jedi Commanders, the Mon Calamari were eventually able to reclaim their planet from CIS Occupation. Old enough to make his own way in the world, but all alone in it, Loku would inevitably find shelter in the arms of Mon_Cala's_Military. With a heavy heart, he vowed to never allow a hostile army, foreign or domestic, to stake a claim on his planet again.

Loku rose quickly through the ranks, due to his determination and natural talent, deciding his abilities best served as a Scout-Sniper. Loku's accuracy was top notch, easily able to perform shots that other marksmen just couldn’t make. He also learned how to best utilize camouflage tactics, numerous field survival techniques, and general CQC. After continued successes in the field, the military decided it was time to promote him to a special task force, focused on defending the planet from pirates, invaders, and internal strife. Loku became a marksman of the legendary SpecForces branch of the Mon_Calamari_Guard, this moment would come to be the proudest of his life.

As the years passed on, Loku was horrified to watch as the same Galactic Republic that aided in his planet’s past freedom, had become an enslaving and malicious Galactic_Empire. Soon enough the Empire made its presence known to the Mon Calamari, bringing with them an insatiable need for the planet's resources; willing to kill any who stand in their way. Mon Calamari soldiers across the world immediately mobilized to deal with these new hostile invaders. Loku’s field ops took him across his Occupied Planet, in an attempt to combat the Empire’s cruelty and corruption. Eventually the war took a turn for the worse, when the Mon Cala King, Lee-Char was captured by the Imperials. Knowing that they were fighting an uphill battle with low chance of victory alone, Mon Cala became amongst the first planets to seek the aid of and eventually openly support, the Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic. In a mass exodus, the citizens and soldiers of Mon Cala converted their Cityscapes into Starships and escaped via hyperspace travel deep into the Telaris_System of the galaxy. Defeated but not dead, the Mon Cala people vowed revenge against the unjust Empire; Loku and his squad were out for blood.

Eventually upon negotiating an alliance with the Mon Calamari, Rebel High Command determined it would be of benefit to merge all independent standing armies and navies across the galaxy into one unified force. The merger resulted in the dissolution of Loku’s team, where he had forged many strong bonds of friendship within his Mon Calamari squad. Loku knew he had to finish this fight against the Empire so he could return home and rebuild the life he never got to live amongst his people. The Rebellion would soon put Loku to work across the Galaxy to help bring an end to Imperial injustice. His newest mission: aid the well-respected rebel CO, Gideon_Argus, and his strike team in determining the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast... 

Through the rigorous training undergone by all Mon Cal Special Forces, and an innate talent for observation, Loku is able to gather every piece of relevant information about the battlefield. This Information about the terrain and his enemies provides a decisive advantage to his team, and he quickly becomes a focal point of clarity in the chaos of battle. This information, combined with his remarkable aim, enables him to spot and eliminate enemies before they even become a threat to him or his allies. Loku prefers to wield a durable and reliable All-Weather Rifle (resistant to the harsh climates found across the galaxy and able to fire while submerged), and prefers to find locations on the field where he can attack from range, to provide direction, or distraction, for his allies. Though the empire has never witnessed him in direct combat, Loku has made a name for himself throughout Imperial channels as an elite marksman and a highly dangerous threat. Loku takes pride in the fact his enemies fear him, and that they will never see him coming.

Loku Hero Healthy

Constant Vigilance

Verena_Talos (RtH)

-Cunning Operative-

Verena Talos

"The friend of my enemy is my shield."


Verena was born to a high-ranking military family on Corellia. Her father, a retired officer, raised her and her twin brother Ivan to revel in competition and combat from an early age. Despite her desire to outdo her brother, Verena felt no enmity toward him. She knew that at the end of the day this competition was friendly. They pushed each other to great ends, and it was no surprise when they were both accepted into the Corellian_Security_Force, known as CorSec. Each driven by their rivalry, they both rose quickly through the ranks of the force. Verena soon became a leading member of CorSec's Tactical_Response_Team, performing precision strike missions against terrorist encampments and organized crime rings. Verena focused on honing her combat skills, learning multiple martial art forms, and becoming proficient with hundreds of firearms. Ivan on the other hand entered CorSec's_Intelligence Division under the tutelage of his Imperial_Security_Bureau Liaison- Agent Blaise. Though a strong fighter in his own right, Ivan chose to excel in information gathering- learning how to observe and analyze his enemies to pinpoint their weaknesses; he often provided information to Verena’s team about the methods and equipment of their targets. As the years went by, Verena became well aware of Imperial interference in the planet’s Justice System. Repeatedly the criminals and corrupt leaders she captured would be freed after only spending a minimal amount of time in prison thanks to Imperial Pardons. She became disenchanted with CorSec and the uselessness she felt in her position to make a real change in the world; she was sickened by the cancer this corrupted Empire represented in the galaxy. The thought of combating this threat by enlisting in the Rebellion ever haunting her mind.

Behind the scenes: Agent  Blaise knew he had a talented operative under his command and worked to convert Ivan to transfer fully into in the ISB organization. Thus Ivan began to withdraw further and further away from Verena- much to her dismay. When she discovered that Ivan planned to join the Imperials as opposed to the neutrality they currently maintained, Verena, in a rare moment of sisterly affection, plead with him to change his mind. He arrogantly refused, calling her weak-minded and short-sighted. Verena couldn’t understand why her once good-natured brother had sunk so low. She informed Ivan of her critical views on the Empire, and her opinion that the Rebellion was a better cause to stand behind. With that, her brother was truly angered, he viewed all rebels as Terrorists; no better than the criminals they had fought so hard to contain here on Corellia. Upon reporting this conversation to Agent Blaise, Ivan was instructed to capture his sister for her heresy and rebel sympathies; he accepted the mission without hesitation. With a blindside strike while Verena was unaware, Ivan promptly attempted to Arrest her; claiming she was both a Rebel insurgent and spy. Unwilling to go quietly, Verena prepared herself for combat and a fierce battle quickly ensued between the siblings. The battle raged for a time before Ivan began to gain the upper hand; all due in part to his focused study of his sister's tactics over the years. Ivan was successfully able to land a few debilitating body blows with a Stun_Baton; causing Verena to stop underestimating her brother's combat prowess. Back and forth they disarmed each other of Ivan's stun baton and landed blow after blow in a fierce CQC duel. Eventually blastershots from across the room distracted Verena, causing her to hesitate and lose focus on her fight at hand. Agent Blaise promptly entered the room with a squad of ISB Infiltrator Troops, ordering Ivan to kill the rebel sympathizer- or die alongside her as a traitor. Quickly- before she returned to her senses, Ivan grabbed Verena’s knife from its holster and found purchase with the blade- collapsing his sister's body to the floor; the knife plunged deep into her abdomen.

Injured but far from dead, Verena launched herself out of the nearest window to escape death or capture. Suffering from the strain and damage of combat, Verena slowly yet purposefully, escaped the area- with the intention of commandeering a spacecraft; nursing her wounds as best she could as her stolen craft jettisoned from the planet. Termed as a defector- Verena Talos was disbarred from CorSec, and placed on the Empire's_Most_Wanted list by the ISB as an enemy of the state. Determined not to let the Empire enjoy final victory, she would eventually Join the Rebellion and put her ferocity and skill in battle to use. She vowed she would never give up until her brother and the ISB handler who corrupted him face justice for their actions. The Rebellion accepted her help with open arms; thus offering her first mission: to join the esteemed CO, Gideon_Argus, in determining the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast... 

Stubborn, determined, noble, and stern, Verena has earned her place by skill and effort- a fact she is very proud of. Preferring to face her foes in CQC, Verena delights in re-purposing her enemies weaponry against them; regularly disarming her opponent with quick strikes and dispatching the foe with their own weapon. Ever the pragmatist, her minimalistic kit includes her CorSec issued- Military Blaster, two spare ammo clips, a Datapad, and the Fighting Knife her brother used in the attempt on her life; a constant reminder of his treachery.

Verena Hero Healthy

Agent Blaise CampaignKnow Your Enemy

MHD-19 (RtH)

-Loyal Medic-


"I will do what I must to protect my fellow soldiers."


Maker: REDACTED     Model: 2-1B_Surgical_Droid    Programming: Masculine    Prime Directive: Do No Harm 

Secretly built by a group of "Friendly Technology People" towards the end of the Clone_Wars. MHD-19 is a state of the art and heavily modified "Medical_droid"; enhanced with many unique upgrades- from a reinforced Durasteel chasis and hull, to a highly advanced CPU. During this Droid's manufacture, aside from its Default Medical Loadout, MHD-19 had been illegally programmed with the ability to Utilize Advanced Combat Protocols and Tactics, as well as, a hidden subroutine Database on Torture Techniques and their Implementation. This units’s earliest records are of Forced Service to the notorious Crime lord, Ziton_Moj, of the Black_Sun; who used the droid’s multifaceted capabilities for healing loyal allies, and torturing his many captives. This unit’s service under the Black Sun lasted for many years before MHD-19 was recovered and reactivated during a raid. A hired Mercenary Company led by a man named Draylen, along with members of the Pyke_Syndicate, were in open war with the Black Sun- due to many various and dangerous leadership disputes. The Black Sun wanted to absorb the Pyke Syndicate into its organization by hostile takeover- and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The Syndicate, fearing for its independence and autonomy, responded to these recent raids by openly attacking the Suns across the Galaxy. Battles raged across the Outer_Rim_Territories as the Intergalactic turf war would soon reach a fever pitch.

During a fierce skirmish at a Black Sun compound on Ord_Mantell, Draylen found a powered down MHD-19, locked away in a storage container. With the Black Sun on the run, the spoils of war belonged to the Pyke and their allies. Draylen was drawn to the surgical droid due to its potential for keeping him and his team in good health. Without a second thought the Pyke gave their Merc ally the droid in payment, thinking it was just another bot to add to the many they already possess. The Pyke would have no idea what was just given away freely; MHD-19 is worth more than the rival gangs economies combined. Draylen reactivated MHD-19 when he returned to his ship, but was shocked to discover that this droid was something special- a highly advanced AI. Amazed, and slightly afraid, he wasn’t sure how to process this new information. Upon learning more about the droid after many long hours of conversation, Draylen decided to offer MHD-19 a place to stay on his ship, as an equal partner of his team. Out of gratitude, and relieved to find an organic who Respected Droids, MHD-19 agreed; as they traveled the galaxy together, the two became close friends- with MDH-19 even earning the nickname "Doc". Years later, upon the closing of the Clone Wars, Draylen and his squad went into early retirement to enjoy the riches they won during their successful careers. Both man and droid knew a day would come when he would have to fight again but for now they would celebrate.

When the Galactic_Empire came to power years later, Draylen decided to get in on the action, working with the Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic to combat this new menace- as well as earn a hefty sum of credits. MHD-19 followed suit, knowing that contributing to this cause was just. Draylen’s connections and combat experience suited him to lead strike teams on far off planets, while MHD-19’s abilities were better utilized in the medical bays of the Rebel fleet. In an attempt to prevent discovery of MHD's AI, Draylen insisted that “Doc” be exempt from the Memory_Wipe process normally used on droids in the line of service (though in the attempt, MHD-19 would surely "protect itself"), and thus MHD-19 was able to retain it's strong personality and human-like qualities- particularly a fierce loyalty to those it calls friends. Due to the necessity of a medic upon the request of the renowned CO Gideon_Argus; MHD-19 has recently been re-tasked to serve in his newly created elite strike force cell. The droid’s newest mission: determining the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast... 

"Doc's" past is checkered at best, having been responsible for cracking the psyche and skulls of many fools who attempted to resist the Black Suns aims; these Files are rarely utilized, but MHD-19 has been known to "Turn The Safety Switch- Off" when necessary. MHD-19 prefers to use a hidden Sidearm Blaster when encountered in combat; the weapon easily merges with MHD's chassis to help remain incognito and prevent the weapons discovery. "Doc" also benefits from the increased Strength, Durability, and unfettered Agility that only a droid may posses- compared to a normal organic being, with a "Mind" so brilliant, "Doc" is directly responsible for discovering cures for many of the most dangerous diseases found across the galaxy. Though primarily a medical unit, "Doc" commonly Upgrades itself to remain adaptable in any situation, regularly uploading vast amounts of information to its Reference_Database to expand its abilities; only being restrained by the "Shell" it wears and the parts that make up its "innards." Loyal, intelligent, cocky, and robust, "Doc" is the stitching that holds its team together.

MHD-19 Hero Healthy

Preventative Measures

Saska_Teft (TS)

-Brilliant Engineer-

Saska Teft

"As much as I like putting things together, I also like blowing them apart."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price. 

Saska Teft is a Black_Market-Tech Dealer and Engineer living in Mos_Espa, the principle city on the planet of Tatooine. Born to a family of traders and Scavengers, Saska has always been adept at piecing old scrap together to create unique useful tools for trade. In part to lucky genes and extensive study, Saska is highly intelligent and has an intuitive understanding of all things electronic and mechanical. Saska can commonly be found tinkering in her workshop- cackling like a maniac, due to the random and frequent epiphanies she has throughout any given day. Ever the bookworm, she has developed a unique and quirky personality; Saska is scholarly, eccentric, awkwardly-personable and quite chatty. Because she is so often occupied with her work, her social opportunities (and therefore- skills) are limited. Many people just don’t seem to “get her”, and yet, she still makes and effort to make friends with anyone she meets. Saska seems to Overhear a lot of things she shouldn’t know about as she walks the street of her city; as most people disregard her presence and forget she is even around (many think she is a loon). Her memory is Eidetic, and she rarely forgets a fact, making her quite dangerous to the people involved; luckily for these shady individuals, Saska is much too self-absorbed with her work to care about these incriminating facts or circumstances most of the time

Being brought up in a Frontier Society as she was, on a planet known for general Lawlessness, Theft, and Much Worse, Saska is not fazed by death or the darker aspects of the galaxy; In fact she seems to be oblivious to them most of the time. She is too concerned with the thought of her next big creation, or one of the many other fancies, going on inside her head. That does not mean she will not protect herself. In fact, Saska has learned she should be prepared for trouble, and is almost ruthless in her handling of potential foes. She keeps a Blaster on her person at all times and has many dangerous devices available to get her out of most any trouble she may encounter. Saska is so talented at escaping incarceration (having been kidnapped a few times before), the criminals of Tatooine don’t even bother anymore, as they lose too much money and time replacing all the equipment she sabotages. Despite the occasional foul treatment of her, Saska still remains chipper and pleasant with those she encounters (when she isn’t lost in thought).

Saska’s first contact with the Rebellion was formed when she unintentionally took refuge in a Rebel hideout after an Imperial raid was conducted on her workshop. One of her rivals in the city had anonymously reported her as a rebel spy to the Stormtroopers (even though she had personally never even considered the thought.) In the search for incriminating evidence, the Imperials wrecked her workshop, and confiscated the lions share of her valuable gadgets; incensing Saska to no end. Soon after- Saska was able to trade a few favors to her “Connections” (and large sum of Credits) to help clear her name on the planet, and life returned to business as usual; though she now holds a grudge against the Imperial thieves who pilfered her grand achievements. Word is: the false-informant who attempted to fabricate her "rebel allegiance" was never heard from again.

Once the event had blown over, the Rebels offered her a position to formally join their organization. She swiftly declined, claiming that she would have to focus on her work- considering all her prior gear and blueprints were confiscated from her; offering instead to occasionally assist in mercenary capacity for payment in rare engineering parts, equipment, and credits to help rebuild her body of work. Since that day, Saska has been periodically called upon by Rebel High Command to help train Rebel_Technicians, or to sleuth for information from her many connections in the criminal underground (providing a steady stream of information about Imperial movements in the Outer Rim). Due to her unique talents, Saska was recently offered a position by the renowned CO, Gideon_Argus, to join a strike team as its lead engineer and field technician. With compensation too good to be true, Saska eagerly agreed to the position; having also been offered a full engineering bay on the rebel cell's new spacecraft to work her craft in peace, and the ability to leave the organization if she should so choose at her leisure with no repercussions. Her newest job: help to determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Saska prefers to use a heavily Modified Blaster of her own creation while in combat, as well as, a Comprehensive Tool_Kit, and the many varied and useful gadgets she has built over the years. These items range from Personal_Energy_Shield Devices, to Adrenal injectors, and even Explosives. Saska’s inventions, while many times unconventional, can mean the difference between success and failure in the hands of the resourceful; though none is more resourceful in a fight than Saska herself, who uses her own devices and illegal weapon modifications to wreak havoc on the Imperial forces. The Imperials brought her wrath upon themselves; they will soon realize how poorly equipped they are by comparison. Few minds can stand up to hers in the galaxy and the Tech Fields are Saska's domain.

Saska Teft Hero Healthy

Shady Dealings

Biv_Bodhrik (TS)

-Vengeful Guerilla-

Biv Bodhrik

"You don't kill as many stormtroopers as I have by playing it safe."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price.

Biv Bodhrik was born on the Outer_Rim planet Raxus. Abandoned at an early age by uncaring parents, all he can remember of his youth was bouncing from home to home and never feeling a sense of belonging. Biv hated the world, hated himself, and hated the fact that nothing he did seemed to matter to anyone. Disillusionment with life and a general lack of direction led Biv to a path of crime. He spent much of his formative years serving as a Bodyguard for a local Gang Boss on the streets of Raxulon. During these days, Biv was just existing, a shell of a man, waiting for a larger purpose. Thanks to the efforts of the newly proclaimed leader of the CIS, Count Dooku, this would all soon change. Count Dooku was once a powerful and wise Jedi_Master, yet, grew disillusioned by the internal corruption that the Galactic_Republic garnered within its core. After abandoning his Order and the Republic itself, Dooku used his popularity, charm, and wit to empower the people of his New Organization to lead a better life; all qualities Biv respected and wished to emulate. Upon determining Raxus as the Capital Planet of the Separatists, Count Dooku began to focus his efforts in stabilizing the region. He instated changes and created order in Raxulon by removing crime, creating new jobs for the citizens, and instilling the people with hope for a better future; the same hope the Republic was unable, or unwilling, to provide. 

Well aware of the crackdown on organized crime on the planet, Biv decided to leave his old life behind. After cutting all contacts with his past, Biv traveled to the new Separatist_Parliament Building to offer his services. Considering his strong build, die-hard mentality, and no nonsense ethos, he would eventually be selected to join the ranks of the parliamentary defense force on Raxulon. Appreciating his continued loyalty over the course of the Clone_Wars, Count Dooku slowly took a liking to Biv Bodhrik and they would increasingly be seen together discussing any number of subjects around the capital (Even Some Secrets Dooku Kept Close To His Chest.) With new direction in life, and new allies, Biv obtained a sense of self-worth he had never experienced before. Dooku in response to the young soldier's skill and determination, would eventually promote Biv to among the ranks of the most elite the CIS had to offer. Biv served in this capacity for many years, efficiently and effectively killing or capturing many Republic agents who attempt to harm his charges. Near the conclusion of the Clone Wars, the Republic would lead a mass invasion of Raxus. Biv doing his duty as a Senate Guardian, prevented the capture of His Wards, which bought them enough time to escape to a hidden base on Mustafar; yet in the act, he himself was arrested, and placed in a POW camp to await further sentencing. Knowing the Separatists’ chances were running out, Biv prepared himself for death or Life Incarcerated.

Weeks later, Biv was sent by shuttle to the Republic_Judiciary_Central_Detention_Center on Coruscant. Upon his arrival, he learned of the CIS's fall and the Fate of his friend and leader, Count Dooku, who was decapitated for his crimes. No longer deemed a threat, Biv received a full life sentence for his allegiance to the CIS; he could only watch as major events echoed across the galaxy without him. Within months of his imprisonment, the Galactic_Empire came to power; born from the husk of the Galactic Republic. This new Empire would institute many harsh changes to daily life in the galaxy; even within the prison itself. Soon enough, Biv encountered many who took issue with the newly developed Empire; whispers of an Organized Rebellion to confront this new regime began to circulate. With all the recent changes to the prison, new guardsman were instated to deal with the hostile prison population. These new Stormtrooper- Riot Guards were vicious and hateful to the inmates, leading to many being routinely beaten, and some prisoners even being killed- for trivial reasons. Equally hated in turn by all inmates, futile attacks against the guardsman were common. The Head Warden of the prison, Kayn_Somos, treated Biv particularly harshly for his past relations to the CIS, tormenting him for years due to his prior allegiances. Biv swore to kill him someday, but was disappointed to find out that Somos was eventually promoted, and transferred, to the planet Morvogodine, to assist in renewed war efforts against the rebels in the Outer Rim. One lucky day, Biv found an opportune moment to escape: While not being fully supervised, Biv stealthily snapped the neck of a nearby Riotguard patrolling the hall too closely to his open cell; he then quickly donned the trooper's armor to blend in. Biv nonchalantly threw the guardsman’s body from the catwalks that criss-crossed the cell block, and slowly walked his way to the exit, as if nothing happened at all.

A month later, Biv turned up on Yavin_IV, sponsored by a group of Rebellion operatives who saw his talents in action. The Rebellion hesitantly accepted Biv despite his sordid past and would eventually put him to good use in the field. Whispers abound among his new battalion that Biv fought on the wrong side of the Clone Wars, yet all were thankful he was at least on their side. With a renewed purpose in life and a goal to achieve, Biv Bodhrik threw himself into his work, taking any mission regardless of the difficulty; knowing that he was one of the few skilled enough to get the job done. After just a few Skirmishes Biv’s Imperial Stormtrooper kill count was off the charts, leading Rebel High Command to recommend him to serve as a Heavy_Weapon_Specialist under the esteemed CO, Gideon_Argus. Biv relished any opportunity to go into the field, kill Stormtroopers, and aid his new organization; without hesitation he agreed. Thus he began to prepare for his next mission: determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

With no true fear of death or injury, nor patience for cowardice or hesitation, Biv holds the line. Having no qualms about Looting the corpses of his fallen foes, Biv eagerly uses their scavenged weapons and armor against the Empire to great effect; particularly preferring to use a Repeating Blaster he recently pilfered from a fallen Heavy_Stormtrooper. Biv is highly proficient in Melee Combat, due to his once daily sparing sessions with CIS MagnaGuards during the Clone Wars; he often enjoys fighting his foes at Point Blank range, where his great strength can easily be brought to bear. His years as a prisoner were not spent lying down either; Biv eagerly committed to a stringent physical training program to increase his general strength, endurance, and stamina. Biv holds a bloodthirsty vendetta against Kayn Somos for his many abuses during his incarceration; luckily his years of imprisonment have taught him patience. Vengeance is only a matter of time...

Biv Bodhrik Hero Healthy

Past Life EnemiesKayn Somos

Onar Koma (JR)

-Furious Bodyguard-

Onar Koma

"I do my best work when I stay in harm's way."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price.

Cloned for combat on the aquatic planet of Kamino, Onar Koma was born and bred in a laboratory using the DNA of an Ancient Aqualish Ualaq Gladiator. By employing extensive Gene-Modification and steroid therapies, the Kaminoans forged Onar into a living weapon of immense mass and muscle. Due to his modified and hardened skin, Onar is incredibly resistant to the elements of nature, disease, abrasions, and blunt force trauma; any damage he does sustain, he is able to quickly regenerate at an exponentially higher rate- than the average being. The only downside to Onar's incredible abilities is the Accelerated Aging Process clones possess; Onar would reach an infirmed age at twice the speed compared to that of his fellow Aqualish. Onar was created to function as an elite, personal Bodyguard, for one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy- Xomit_Grunseit; a once notorious leader of the Black_Sun.

Xomit Grunseit, Onar’s “Master”, required a strong escort to protect himself against the constant raids of a rival criminal organization: the Pyke_Syndicate; the Black Sun had been embroiled in a war with the Pyke for years. Onar was purchased and bred for the purpose of protecting the craven leader of the Black Sun; but would grow to increasingly despise the false bravado and cowardly behavior his “master” exuded over the years. Towards the end of the Clone_Wars, Xomit would eventually be killed by the Dark-Jedi, Maul; leader of a newly created crime organization called- the Shadow_Collective. Apathetic to the whiny begging by the desperate man who had once enslaved him, Onar made little effort to aid his former "Master" when Maul put forth his challenge. Instead of "doing his duty" Onar determined he would rather stick around to see what kind of profits could be gained at the side of such a powerful force-user instead. For the first time in his life, Onar was truly happy; life under Maul’s authority brought him infamy, a steady fortune, bones to break, and lots of blood. Yet nothing lasts forever…

After the fall of the Shadow Collective, Onar Koma migrated to the planet Ando, the home of his native Aqualish species. By all accounts, Onar had developed into a ferocious gangster over the years; many fearing his brutality. When unlucky citizens or convicts were confronted by the hulking Aqualish, they would often admit to crimes never even committed, or rat out their fellows in the hopes that they will not be “detained” for more information. Here on Ando, Onar worked as a goon-for-hire to the highest bidder, switching allegiances when profit was underwhelming; though still maintaining a strong work ethic (as long as the pay kept coming). Eventually Onar began to see the shadow of the newly formed Galactic_Empire creep onto his planet. These new Imperial “Peacekeeping” forces- severely cut into Onar’s profits and impeded his criminal activities. The Empire's Stormtroopers were no match for Koma’s strength, but their sheer numbers began to aggravate and impede him. Though cruel, Onar wasn't completely heartless and disliked the way his people were persecuted by these new occupiers; he easily made a few friends by “removing” the troopers who instigated the most trouble around his city.

Noticing Onar's combat prowess in the field one day, a Rebel Fulcrum Agent decided to offer the hulking giant a mission for a vast sum of Credits. The agent needed a battalion distracted so she could sneak into an Imperial bunker and reclaim compromised documents belonging to the Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic. Onar boisterously agreed, happy to realize that the rebels would pay him to kill the tedious Stormtrooper forces in his way. Upon successfully wiping out the squad he distracted, Onar decided this line of work better suited his talents. The agent, upon the completion of her mission, notified Rebel High Command about the deadly and near-unstopable Aqualish warrior. After heated debate with Rebel High Command about the Aqualish’s unique abilities, temperament, and trustworthiness, the renowned CO, Gideon_Argus, decided it may be worthwhile to reach out and offer Onar a contract for his latest mission: determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Onar Koma is not good man, in fact he is a very bad one; like most of the Aqualish race- he is gruff, brash, cruel, and impatient. Onar has a bad reputation for being quick to act and quicker to anger; one must choose their words carefully around this aggressive titan or face his wrath. Onar revels in combat, being amongst the strongest Brawlers in the galaxy, easily weathering the many blows his enemies land on his Durasteel-hard hide. His favorite weapons are his fists, though he is also partial to the Bodyguard Rifle issued to him in the early days of "Service" to the Black Sun. The Rebels don’t trust him, yet, need any help they can get; regrettably beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to galactic freedom. High Command has determined it is better to keep tabs on Onar and attempt to minimize the chaos. The enemy of my enemy is my friend; at least for now…

Onar Hero healthy


Shyla_Varad (JR)

-Daughter of Mandalore-

Shyla Varad

"I come from and ancient warrior tradition. That tradition will dismantle you."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price.

During the Clone_Wars, the planet Mandalore was able to functionally maintain its neutrality thanks to the pacifistic- New_Mandalorian Party; helmed by the nurturing Duchess, Satine_Kryze. Mandalorians, for eons, were known as conquerors around the galaxy; being counted amongst the most warlike, yet honorable peoples to grace the stars. The Duchess determined that Mandalore’s old ways were archaic, brutal, and ultimately evil; Satine would spend her career instigating changes across the planet to make her dreams of a true peace and a pacifistic Mandalore a lasting reality. In response, a faction of conservative (and some say radical) Mandalorian warriors called, Deathwatch, would soon surface in direct opposition to her rule. Operating as "Freedom Fighters", Deathwatch openly stood against the Duchess and her party, attempting to galvanize the planet’s people to return to their roots- as warriors. Locked in a stalemate with the future of the planet at stake, the New Mandalorians and Deathwatch were ever at odds; constantly attempting to outmaneuver each other politically over the course of many years. 

Only a Cadet around the age of twelve at the time, Shyla Varad became increasingly enticed with the shadow war raging between the dueling ideologies of Deathwatch and the New Mandalorians. Unfortunately orphaned as baby, the standing government at the time (well before the New Mandalorians came to power) determined Shyla would be given to the Royal Academy_of_Government to be raised. During these formative years in training, she would be ingrained with the methodology, history, and skills of the old ways. Due to these teachings, Shyla would come to idealize Deathwatch, feeling little sympathy for the New Mandalorians or their delicate leader. Chaos would soon reign across Mandalore due to the actions of a Shady Zabrak Outsider. In a revolutionary event, The Duchess was Assassinated by the outsider, and Deathwatch entered into power. Beaming with admiration after the squatter Satine was cast down, Shyla knew that under the regime of Deathwatch, Mandalore would be strong again; a return to greatness. She spent her days dreaming of enlisting within the "noble" organization, who brought such a resurgence of glory to her people. Yet not all dreams come true. Pre_Vizsla, Governor of the Mandalorian moon Concordia, and leader of Deathwatch, was soon after Killed in Martial Combat  by the same outsider who murdered Satine; the organization was soon after conquered and Reconstructed to fit the outsider's image and ideology. These Turbulent Times would not last, but stability would remain in question for Mandalore For Years To Come.

When Shyla had come of age and the dreams of her youth were long past, she would travel to Tatooine in an attempt to train under a new mentor, the famous Mandalorian MercenaryBoba_Fett. Due to her blatant aptitude and technique in combat, Shyla would easily become a natural fit for his squad. Together they honed her inherent talents, discipline, and battle prescience when under fire. Over time their intimacy inevitably grew, culminating in a passionate but complicated relationship. During this chapter in her life Shyla was in love, given a purpose to fight, adding glory to her name, and making good money on the side- a Mandalorian’s true calling in life. Yet, as she had well learned, good times rarely last. Arguments between the two lovers over contracts were common, and Boba would rarely tolerate her point of view when contrary to his. Her once spotty relationship would soon become a distant memory, and animosity was all that remained between the two Bounty_Hunters. Determining that it was best to part ways entirely before it led to bloodshed, Shyla left Tatooine to find employ as a mercenary on other worlds. Boba informed her that if they ever met again in the field, it would be as enemies.

Throughout the Galactic_Civil_War, Shyla began to take occasional contract work with the Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic. During these missions, she was commonly tasked with protecting Alliance_Intelligence Agents and sympathizers on the run from Stormtrooper task forces. The Credits she earned on these tasks suited her purposes, and Shyla had no love for the Galactic_Empire; though the Imperials did not take kindly to her aid of the "rebel scum". These occasional services to the rebellion became more common as she became cordial with the famous CO, Gideon_Argus. He respected Shyla’s abilities and often made an effort to officially recruit her into the Rebellion; to which she always declined- preferring her freedom. With a new and potential dangerous mission on the horizon, Gideon has personally requested Shyla to be in his next major operation: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

The Mandalorians pride themselves in the art-of-combat, training their youths to be skilled with all manner of Martial Arts, Melee_Weaponry, and Marksmanship. The soldiers of Mandalore utilize many advanced gadgets to combat the more unique enemies in the galaxy: Remote Detonators, Smoke Bombs, and Whipcord_launchers- just to name a few. Shyla above it all, prefers her specially crafted Duelists Blade, meant for precise and deadly strikes. The Ancient Mandalorians once fought Jedi with these unique blades- called Vibroswords, Crafted specifically to contend with the Lightsabers of their enemies. Introverted, conservative, professional, and skilled, Shyla is a real force to be reckoned with. In her free time, Shyla researches into Deathwatch in an attempt to feel closer to her heroes; and to gleam as much knowledge as she can from the long dead organization. Something at the back of her mind seems to entice her about the organization and she plans to get to the bottom of it.

Shyla Hero healthy

Born from DeathBoba Fett

Vinto_Hreeda (JR)

-Reckless Vigilante-

Vinto Hreeda

"I show the same mercy that has been shown to me."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price.

Born to a poverty stricken family on his home planet of Rodia, Vinto Hreeda spent his childhood reading stories of great heroes who stood against evil. Since his youth, Vinto had consistently been forced to bear witness to the criminal elements of the planet, due to their constant prevalence in his community; he would inevitably grow to despise the corruption forming all around him. Commonly the Rodian population would receive relief effort from the Republic, due to the destitution of the people there. When the supplies would arrive, due to fear of reprisal, the poor citizens would sit idly by as Pirates, and Street Thugs pilfered the valuables away, leaving only the most basic of necessities for the needy. Vinto hated the gangsters for making good people suffer from their greed. When he became of age, he made a name for himself on Rodia for standing up the rights of the poor folk, and could commonly be seen fighting for the rights of those in need. Eventually his gaze turned towards the stars, Vinto knew there was more he could accomplish against these common thug's Masters scattered throughout the galaxy.

Over the years Vinto has built up a reputation throughout the galaxy as a man who cheats death. Early on in his career as a Mercenary, Vinto was pinned down on all sides during a heated Firefight by a gang of space pirates. He resolutely stood his ground, keeping many of the marauders at bay, yet, was knocked unconscious- due to a well flung Fragmentation_Grenade. Vinto sustained extensive concussive damage to his face- losing an antennae and forever bearing the scars of his first defeat. The pirates assuming the job was done, left Vinto for dead and escaped with their pilfered loot. Barely surviving the attack, Vinto staggered to his ship's Med_Bay and did what he could to stabilize his condition.  On the way to the nearest planet for Medical Treatment, Vinto vowed to perfect his abilities and never allow the scum of the galaxy to escape justice again; he would become an avenger for the weak, a vigilante against crime, and boogeyman for the corrupt denizens of the galaxy to truly fear. After spending months in extensive quickdraw and pistoleer training, Vinto would soon become notorious across the criminal underworld for taking no prisoners and ruthlessly dispatching any foe in his way. Known for accepting any contract, no matter how difficult, led many of the most malevolent gangsters in the galaxy to fear Vinto's name. Crime bosses everywhere were prone to hiring extra muscle when they recognized his presence on a planet. Vinto's Abilities with a blaster are almost mythical, and his many foes are wary to enter open combat with such a talented sharpshooter. Vinto’s trick shots are often incredible, with him commonly leading blaster bolts exactly where they need to go. Nearby enemies, allies, and even civilians, have witnessed his blaster fire ricochet around corners, over cover, and even bouncing off the ceiling to hit an unknowing enemy underneath.

Vinto considers the Galactic_Empire to be the largest crime syndicate of them all. He hates the empire for the transgressions they regularly commit across the galaxy; to that end, Vinto commonly entertains communications with Alliance_Intelligence Agents who wish to hire him for contract work. The Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic has repeatedly offered to enlist the talented mercenary into its ranks, yet Vinto has never been fully committed to becoming a true member of the organization; he instead offers to conduct operations or contract work on a per mission basis. Gideon_Argus, a Commanding Officer of the rebellion has taken a liking to the talented mercenary and has recently offered Vinto a new mission: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Determined, grim, and solemn, Vinto has led a long and tired life of near constant combat. He is a natural with a blaster, his favorite weapon being a modified Hair-Trigger Pistol, which has been greatly upgraded to increase its firing rate; he often dual wields a Secondary Blaster as well to lay covering fire, and assist in keeping his enemies at bay. Many claim to have killed this elusive Rodian over the years; yet Vinto always seems to get back up ready for more. His many "deaths" have earned him the nickname: "Revenant"- leading many to believe the Rodian warrior is a cursed spirit who travels the galaxy seeking revenge. Vinto has completed hundred of contracts across the galaxy on many varied planets; his resolve and tenacity push him ever further towards his next mission. He plans to fight until there is nothing left of himself to offer the galaxy; luckily Vinto is just getting started.

Vinto Hero healthy

A Heros Welcome

Murne Rin (TBG)

-Master of Intelligence-

Murne Rin

"They don't need to be loyal all of the time. Only at the right time."


Murne Rin is an eloquent and well loved Ithorian Senator representing the Life_Zone of planet Bespin. She is well regarded amongst her peers for her fairness during negotiations, skill at standing her ground against her political rivals, and willingness to offer relief aid to other planets when times are tough. The Galactic_Empire regards her as an ally, commonly treating her with more dignity and respect than most; a luxury many in the galaxy never receive. Little do they know that Senator Rin has been an Architect of the Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic since its formation; she was amongst the founding members of the Alliance_Intelligence espionage organization. Murne and her Agents commonly waylay or misdirect Imperial activities in their region; leading to mass confusion, wasted resources, and bad information regarding "potential" rebel strongholds. Murne is never directly linked to her hoaxes, using scapegoats and aliases to cover her tracks. To this day she still successfully misleads her enemies from the shadows; delighted in their confusion, frustration, and helplessness.

Murne was trained from an early age how to “spin” a story. She was born into a long line of "Politicians"; each of which becoming more effective in their "Duties" with every generation. Murne in her off time, lives in the beautiful Cloud_City, high above the miasma covered planet of Bespin. Together alongside her friend, Lando_Calrissian, the Baron_Administrator of the floating metropolis, they both work to bring order and stability to the isolated city. Due to Imperial interference this job would become more and more daunting as the months roll by.

Recently the Imperial_Security_Bureau had taken great interest in Cloud City; planning to soon use the far flung planet as a Base of Operations for this sector of the galaxy. Knowing the real risk of exposure or capture by the Empire, Murne and her rebel agents planned to stage a false mining dispute to lure the first wave of Imperial interlopers into the foundries and workshops of the under-city. When the recently garrisoned ISB Agents and their Enforcers regained control from the “angry workers” they were swiftly attacked on all sides by rebel Saboteurs and Troopers. Fighting erupted all across the underbelly of Cloud City and the Imperials suffered heavy losses. The blame fell on Lando for these transgressions, though he had no idea the events would transpire in the first place. With feet held to the fire for his supposed support of the rebel scum, Lando deemed it necessary to work with the Empire to prevent further damage to his citadel in the sky; or more sanctions on his people. Bespin_Wing_Guard enforcers were soon dispatched to round-up any known rebel agent responsible for the recent attack in the under city. Disappointed that Lando wasn’t willing to do more to prevent Imperial assaults or crackdowns in his city, Murne took a leave of absence and anonymously traveled to Yavin IV to counsel with her compatriots regarding the Rebellions next move. Murne would soon take great interest in the next big mission offered by her longtime ally the renowned CO, Gideon_Argus: to help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast... 

Murne began to focus on the task, making great efforts to gather intel on this new threat. She deemed that this may be an operation worth investigating personally. 

Murne is not apt in combat, she prefers anonymity in the field and rarely enters a fight unless she must. Though she actively avoids martial combat, Murne does carry a Diplomat Blaster Pistol, she purchased the day she became a senator. She carries it within her robes at all times due to the clandestine nature of her operations. Her true talents are in supporting her allies and bodyguards in the field. Whether offering data regarding troop movement, intel from her spies and allies, or by releasing false orders to Imperial officers; which are fed directly into Imperial comms. Murne is working hard to see the Galactic Republic Emerge Anew and is willing to die for her efforts; they just have to catch her first.

Murne Hero Healthy

Panic in the Streets

Davith Elso (TBG)

Codename: -Hawkbat-

Davith Elso

"Once discovered, the best defense is an unrelenting assault."


Davith Elso once proudly counted himself amongst the Jedi_Order. That all changed when the infamous contingency Order_66 brought the noble Jedi to the brink of extinction. Under the tutelage of the roguish Jedi_Master, Quinlan_Vos, Davith's efforts as a Padawan, were solely focused on aiding his master in seeking out and defeating the Sith, and their Sympathizers, during the Clone_Wars. Master Vos was often dispatched to distant planets alongside his Padawan to investigate for the corrupting presence of these Dark_Lords. Few Darkside warriors were ever found by the pair, but many Sith_Holocron were located and locked away deep within the Restricted Vaults of the Jedi Temple for safety. These formative years helped to hone Davith's skills both in body and mind. The clandestine nature of their missions imparted much in the way of street smarts, as the pair were often deep in Enemy Territory, or surrounded by the more Criminal elements of the galaxy.

In the waning years after the Great_Purge, Davith's faith in the Jedi's Path was shaken; while still remaining true to many of the Teachings Of Old, he struggled in Maintaining the harmony and tranquility required to utilize them. Davith was resentful of his new Imperial enemies; frustrated that the Jedi could be brought so low, so easily. He determined that he would follow His Own Path; maintaining the Jedi's ethos in these dark times would only get you killed in the end. After a few months of hiding under-ground, Davith suddenly appeared on Yavin_IV one day to enlist in the newly forming Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic; inevitably putting his skills to use as an elite and covert- Shadow Operative. Under the new call sign “Hawkbat” to protect Davith's identity, and honor his past, (His call sign being named after his Lightsaber stance: Form_IV- (Ataru)- which he learned in his days as a Padawan) “Hawkbat” was given High Priority black-op missions to capture or assassinate key Imperial_Leadership across the galaxy; becoming one of the most effective cogs in the Rebel machine. As time passed, “Hawkbat” crept closer and closer to his prime target, the corrupt and evil, Emperor PalpatineWith a single sentence, Palpatine unjustly brought doom to the Jedi Order; an act that Davith could never come to forgive. His first step to obtaining justice for his Order laid in the hands of a secretive Information_Broker, under the alias, “The Duke”. Upon hearing rumors of this omniscient informant, “Hawkbat” decided to investigate the lead. Using the "Deep Web" of the HoloNet as a mask, “The Duke” offered insight and tactics Remotely, in trade for Credits, to protect his personal identity. “The Duke” was keenly aware of the Emperor’s movements across the Coruscant metropolis, and maintained a thorough database on many of the planet's most Influential Citizens and Leaders. After wiring a vast sum to “The Duke’s” account, together they plotted to bring down the Empire. “The Duke” eventually conceived of a meticulous plan to attack the Emperor unaware. His strategy involved “Hawkbat” ultimately traveling to, and enlisting at, the recently discovered Imperial_Royal_Guard_Academy on the planet Yinchorr. “Hawkbat” would impersonate a Recruit and use his advanced abilities to become one of the Emperors personal Protectors. The only problem being, "Hawkbat" would have to earn his place the hard way- via Imperial Enlistment. With the help of a well regarded Galactic_Senator, Murne Rin, (A secret, high ranking member of Alliance_Intelligence, and an occasional business partner of "The Duke") and her fellow Imperial Officer "allies," Davith was enrolled at the prestigious Carida_Academy, to begin his training. Within months, Davith was selected by the Academy Officers to be transferred to the Royal Guard program due to his outstanding performance compared to that of the general Stormtrooper ranks.

Davith was a natural fit for the Royal Guard program as well, easily outperforming his peers due to his Force Ability and natural agility (Though rarely using the force to avoid drawing attention to himself.) After weeks of impersonation and grueling training, the day would finally come for Davith to perform his final test: “The_Squall”, a vicious coliseum style- duel to the death with a rival guardian; the event always attended by Emperor Palpatine himself. After an intense and prolonged fight, "Hawkbat" was eventually able to subdue and slay his Fellow Guardian in mortal combat, without utilizing the powers of the force. The Emperor, impressed with such skill, speed, and ruthlessness, beckoned Davith closer. At that very moment, “Hawkbat” Struck Out with the force to knock back Palpatine’s nearest guardians. With a look of sheer terror, the Emperor meekly attempted to fight back, brandishing a Stun_Baton and Blaster Pistol hidden within his Robes; to no avail. With the Flick Of A Wrist, Emperor Palpatine’s weapons were disarmed and pinned to the floor, and with a quick thrusting motion from "Hawkbat's" hand, the Emperor himself was Pinned against the nearest wall. "Hawkbat" could feel the rage welling up inside of him, he hated Palpatine, hated the men who would willingly serve him, and relished in the thought of ending this corrupt Emperor for good. Responding to the Emperor's cries of fear, the remaining Royal Guardsmen rushed to the scene; ultimately surrounding an entrapping "Hawkbat" with their weapons bared to strike. Attempting to silence the Emperor before he could escape, "Hawkbat" Guided his weapon using force to strike the dark creature's heart. Something strange then occurred. With only a finger, Palpatine deflected the blade away. Effortlessly, the wicked Emperor unpinned himself from the wall as if Davith's attunement within the force meant nothing; cackling with a hoarse and raspy laugh that unnerved the Grey-Jedi tremendously. Thus the Emperor spoke: “Ahhh... it seems we have found a survivor of the Jedi Order in our midst… Did you think I was unaware of your presence here, Boy... That you were going to succeed in your feeble mission..? Your ally, the "Duke", has betrayed you; I was made aware of your schemes long ago... You are surrounded, and very much alone..." "Hawkbat" remained silent; with anger building, he contemplating his next move. "Do you hate me, for my part to play in your Order's destruction..? Gooood... I can sense a growing darkness within you, Boy, but it will not save you... No... You, like all of your fellow- Jedi-Rats, are... Insignificant..." Exasperated by the Emperor's incessant Taunting, "Hawkbat" Recalled his weapon and continued his assault, charging forward with his blade bared to strike. "ENOUGH"the Emperor Screamed, using the force to Launch himself into "Hawkbats" path; toppling the Grey-Jedi to the floor. Gloating upon his successful strike, the Emperor then placed his boot on Davith's throat. In a mocking tone, the Emperor exclaimed: "The time for games is over... For all of your preparations, it seems you couldn't anticipate the Unlimited Power... of a SITH LORD!”  Within moments Davith was surged with a fierce torrent of Force_Lightning; feeling the immense and immolating storm of all the Sith’s hidden rage and sadistic joy made form. Tormented by the searing pain and heat, Davith called upon the force to protect him and temporarily Blocked the barrage of incoming lightning. Davith knew this was a fight he could not win and determined he must flee or perish in the attempt. With all the power he could muster within himself, Davith struck out with the force, Repulsing the many foes that surrounded him. In the chaos thereafter "Hawkbat" was tasked with his toughest mission yet: Making it out of hostile Imperial territory, whilst surrounded by the Empires' most elite forces, alive. Davith rarely tells the story of this escape, though many know it must have been a harrowing experience; evident by the hideously severe, 3rd and 4th degree electrical burns pockmarking his flesh...

Alliance Commanding Officer, Gideon_Argus had seen the files: “Hawkbat” was responsible for the sabotage of a multitude of Imperial facilities, the death of an elite Royal Guardsman, and was placed amongst the top 10 criminals of the Imperial_Most_Wanted_List (due to his attempt on Palpatine's life)- not to mention once belonging to the order of the Jedi. Upon seeing this impressive list of victories, and the strength “Hawkbat” could provide the team, Gideon decided to offer him a mission: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Due to the roving Jedi-Hunters still searching for him and his ilk; Davith decided to set aside his Lightsaber for now, keeping it hidden somewhere secret and safe until necessary. He instead brandishes a deadly Heirloom Dagger when facing his foes in combat; the blade being the only memento he has left of his parents before he joined the Jedi order.  He is quite skilled in the ways of the force; able to alter the movement of his enemies, and increase his own inherent talents to an advanced level. When enhanced by the force, Elso’s Speed allows him to dart amongst his foes without them even comprehending his movements. Davith has also been trained to use the force to Mask His Presence from his enemies Eyesight and Cloud The Minds of the unwitting. Having successfully taken down a huge number of the Imperial leadership, Davith is a true threat to the Empire at large. "Hawkbat" will find vengeance for his friends, and one day the Emperor will fall- for all of his crimes. In his spare time Davith hunts down leads on the "Duke's" identity and location to repay him for his betrayal.

Davith Hero Healthy

ReclassifiedEmperor Palpatine

Jarrod_Kelvin (HotE)

-With "Jax"-

Jarrod Kelvin

"Jax, plug in. See what you can find for us."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price. 

Born into destitution, within a diminishing clan of allied families on the planet Lotho_Minor, Jarrod Kelvin’s upbringing was the embodiment of the phrase “survival of the fittest”. The planet to which he was born is a literal garbage dump- where scrap, junk, refuse, and worse is openly and repeatedly discarded from other nearby worlds. This desolate planet has become well known for it's roving bands of xenophobic Junker Tribes, scheming and shady Anacondans, feral and savage Harvap (displaced on the planet to to smuggler activity), gigantic fire-belching Smelter Droidsand a caustic atmosphere of infrequent Acid_rain. The few remaining sentient-aliens or human inhabitants of this desolate planet were the descendants of criminals from all over the galaxy; originally deported here as punishment for their past misdeeds. Jarrod’s parents “made a living” as Scavengers within an allied commune, barely holding itself together due to the hardships of the land and its hostile inhabitants. Together these allied families attempted to eke out a life on a world where “life” was sparse; salvaging what they could to Trade with shady off-worlders and recycling the rest. Jarrod’s clan were able to hold back their many foes by preparing archaic traps, refurbishing damaged Security_droids, and by constructing elaborate maze-like Encampments from the shells of irreparable Starships to protect themselves. Jarrod in particular was a quick study and had a natural talent with Technology, beyond what the rest of the clan could muster; commonly upgrading the equipment his clan put together, or engineering his own unique mechanical contraptions in an attempt to ease the struggles of his people.

When he was seventeen years old, Jarrod and his father went out to scavenge for rare mechanical parts. Suddenly the pair were attacked by a rival clan of bandits who had stalked them across the junkyards. Tragically- Jarrod’s father was killed in a fierce Firefight by the looters, with Jarrod barely escaping with his life; thanks in-part to a surprise attack by the now native wildlife of the land. The Harvap- large carnivorous creatures that hunt in packs- which actively stalk the trash-heaps for their prey, were a present and very dangerous threat to the clans when they made their salvaging runs. It seems a large pack of these alpha predators were prowling for their next meal, and were alerted to the battle due to the heavy smell of blood on the air. The beast’s claws effortlessly tore many of the bandits to shreds; causing the remaining looters to attempt to make a run for it; few made it out alive. Jarrod was able to survive the beasts’ assault by chance; he found a damaged Droideka during the commotion and hot-wired its Shield_Generator to activate around him. Within the safety of the shield sphere, Jarrod could only watch in disgust as the bodies of the bandits were devoured by the beasts, and eventually, even his own father was consumed by the famished carnivores. Jarrod solemnly returned home to break the news to his clan and mother. His father’s death affected Jarrod greatly, causing him to realize the true futility of life on Lotho Minor. Weeks later- in an attempt to gather enough Credits to rescue himself and his clan from the desolate planet to which they were born, Jarrod stowed himself onto the first offworlder ship he could find. With a heavy heart Jarrod swore to forge a better life for his people, and nothing would stop him in the attempt.

After overhearing a conversation between the workers on the spacecraft he stowed away on, Jarrod discovered the craft belonged to a prestigious and highly advanced Robotics Manufacturing Company called Holowan_Mechanicals; responsible for constructing some of the most technologically advanced droids found across the galaxy. When the craft finally touched down at the Lab’s loading bay, Jarrod made his presence known to the ship’s crew. He was promptly captured by Holowon Security Droids, and  imprisoned in a holding cell to await interrogation. After pleading his case to his captors, he was able to prove his worth to the organization by showcasing his technical skills and somewhat antiquated Engineering abilities to the staff.  Dr. Orus Graves, impressed by the raw potential Jarrod had developed by his own merits and effort, shocked the whole gathering of engineers by offering the young man a once in a lifetime opportunity to become his new apprentice. Years would fly by as Jarrod became more acclimated to civilized society, obtain valuable knowledge from his new mentor, and utilized any funds he accrued to pull his clan up from their deprivation. During his apprenticeship, Jarrod was personally responsible for the general maintenance of the various DroidsGround_Assault_Vehicles, and Advanced Prototypes the company’s engineers dreamed up in the lab. After many months of shared effort, Dr. Graves and apprentice Kelvin worked to finalize the blueprints on a new JX droid model, the J4X-7. This "security" droid would be utilized as a mobile Turret platform- due to its large reserves of ammunition and would be able to lay down sustained blasterfire on a target for prolonged periods of time. After the preparations were made, together master and apprentice forged the droid into being.  Jarrod, inspired by the possibilities this new droid could bring his people, spent all his available time and effort in programming the prototype model to be as advanced as possible; Jarrod and the droid became quite the team over the next few weeks, with J4X-7 even gaining a nickname: "Jax". Thanks to their shared efforts, Holowan Labs had created another masterpiece in the field of "security", and planned to offer the droids for service all across the galaxy within a matter of months.

Alarms blaring in the night alerted “Jax” and Jarrod to the scene of a crime. They discovered the still warm, yet lifeless, corpse of Dr. Graves in the same lab where “Jax” was forged; the droids blueprints missing from the security crate that held them. “Jax” hacked into the room's Security_Feed to view the doctors last few moments of life: it seems another assistant of the good Dr. betrayed his teacher and stole the J4X-7 plans. Deeper research into the shady assistant's HoloNet records brought to light evidence of Imperial interference in the Laboratory's research and development. It seems the Empire has been closely monitoring Dr. Graves' recent efforts and an ISB- Agent was responsible for escorting the shady assistant to one of their shuttles after his betrayal. To prevent the theft of the company’s newest achievement, Jarrod decided to leave Holowan Labs and seek out the stolen blueprints. Permitting “Jax” to be taken by Jarrod for "field tests", the remaining leadership of Holowan Laboratories offered them a ship and supplies to aid in the search; the only stipulation being, the blueprints would be returned to Holowan custody upon reclamation. After only a few short weeks, Jarrod located a Weequay Pirate of dubious loyalty on Lothal who offered to help them sleuth for the location where the blueprints may be held. In exchange for a decent amount of credits, the pirate provided a Datapad containing hacked Imperial Comms chatter. Apparently a new facility at an undisclosed location was currently in the process of manufacturing and eventually mass producing a new droid variant called the X-8. The Empire planning to unleash them on their Rebel foes in the near future. Jarrod knew he couldn’t face this threat alone nor hope to get the blueprint back without the help of the Alliance to restore the Republic. Offering to temporarily assist the Rebels with future operations if they aid him in return; Jarrod met with Rebel leadership and was promptly assigned to a newly created tasked force helmed by the renowned CO, Gideon_Argus. His first mission: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Growing up on a planet where the first ones at the scene obtain the best salvage- has conditioned Jarrod to move fast and strike when his enemies are not prepared. Ever admiring and fearing the deadly Harvap of his homeworld, Jarrod has become accustomed to using a pair of deadly Vibro-Claws he developed- to instill fear in his foes and bring out his own savage nature. Jarrod is an expert in the field of Robotics and knows how to repair just about anything mechanical to working condition. Alongside “Jax” he plans to seek justice for his murdered mentor Dr. Graves, and works reclaim the stolen blueprints of his loyal droid. In thanks for his service, the Rebellion has offered to provide shelter to Jarrod’s clan if he works alongside them to defeat the Empire; he gladly accepted the offer.

Jarrod Kelvin healthy

J4X-7 Test of Metal

Drokkatta (HotE)

-Demolitions Expert-


"Bathe in Fire"


Geonosis- a barren wasteland planet known for its near endless desert terrain, the many valuable minerals encased within its soil, and its sapient insectoid Inhabitants. During the Clone_Wars, Geonosis served as the capital planet of the CIS, and functioned as a super-refinery to forge Battle_droids for war. After many years of combat, the entire planet would eventually be garrisoned by the armies of the newly formed Galactic_Empire for an even more nefarious purpose. The Imperials converted much of the surface of the planet into Prison Colonies, dealing in forced labor of the Slaves they subjugated. The Wookiee- although primitive compared to many other races across the galaxy, are known for their natural strength, willpower, and endurance; all skills the Imperial Director of Advanced_Weapons_Research, Orson Krennic, and The Grand_Moff, Wilhuff_Tarkin, planned to put to use in the construction of their Black Ops Space Station Program. The Wookiee were taken from their Home Planet and forced to work until death, with little food or water to keep them standing for long. The atrocious incidents that transpired on this distant planet would soon become a rallying cry for rebels across the galaxy. 

The native race of the planet, the Geonosians, alongside the many varied slaves of the Empire, were tasked with Unearthing the valuable minerals from the soil for use in the forging of this new Imperial project orbiting the planet's surface. Under the harsh desert sun, the high temperatures would quickly sap the workers strength, and with no reliable water sources in any direction for miles, they suffered further still. These slaves were equally dispersed in the labor camps scattered along the planet’s surface and housed on small space stations in the planet’s outer atmosphere, called: Imperial Construction Modules. In conjunction- the slaves on the ground would deliver the metal necessary for the thralls in the ICM’s to prepare the outer hull of a gigantic Spacecraft in orbit above the planet. Thus this Space Station was built over the course of many years; resulting in the deaths of many thousands of slaves, and eventually, millions more. The native Geonosians under the instruction of their captured queens, eventually attempted a revolt against their occupiers; hoping to throw off their shackles and regain their autonomy from the oppressive Empire. This burgeoning Geonosian rebellion would be Brought Promptly To A Halt by the Imperials, who had already prepared for this outcome; unleashing a horrific Poison- genetically modified to wholly eliminate the insectoid species across the entire planet in vicious genocide. After this event the Wookiees were forced to work twice as hard to make up for the millions of bugs the Empire squashed. Life would only grow harder for those who remained under the Imperial’s jackboots.

Drokkatta had been imprisoned here at a Labor Camp on Geonosis since shortly after her homeworld Kashyyyk was taken over by the Empire. Having been forced to work from dusk till dawn for many months under such harsh conditions had left the Wookiee warrior with a fierce resentment of the oppressive Empire. Drokkatta placed all her efforts on formulating escape plans and would attempt to secretly rally the other Wookiee to rise up and revolt. She deemed it it was better to die a warrior's death than live, albeit shortly, as a slave. Due to the Wookiee peoples' continued belligerence towards the Empire, those enslaved were surgically installed with Inhibitor_Chip which could be activated to cause extreme pain should they attempt to rebel against their captors. An Imperial_Officer may choose to activate the inhibitor chip in an aggressive Wookiee, causing severe pain until they either fell back in line or died from the strain. As the Empire became more savvy, a common tactic was to instead subject family or clan members to pain, as the Wookiees would often be willing to sacrifice their own lives but couldn't bear to see the suffering of clan or family members. Due to her confrontational behavior, Drokkatta was commonly forced by the Empire to traverse into the depths of the Under-Hives alongside a digging crew to unearth the many jewels and orr they came across; with many tunnels filled to the brim with the same virulent toxins that wiped out the Geonosians- this was no easy task. The need for Orr and other materials bid the Empire ever onward, as did the need for fresh slaves to keep their plans in motion. Deaths in the under-tunnels were common due to the inhalation and asphyxiation of the harmful chemicals; all who entered requiring a Respirator to functionally travel through the miasma.

On one such occasion Drokkatta finally found her chance to escape. Drokkatta and her team of diggers choked on the dusty air as they entered the next set of caves, bidden ever onward by an Imperial Taskmaster who hounded their steps; the Officer was a sniveling and abusive man, whom she knew wouldn’t last a minute in real combat. The diggers were forced to scour for valuable minerals and resources in the vast Hive of cave systems or be punished for their lack of effort. These abundant orrs once used to forge battle droids for the CIS during the Clone Wars were now used by the Empire for the very same purpose; a Geonosian facility had been recently reactivated to craft Imperial_Sentry_Droids: the main disciplinary force on the planet. Drokkatta scanned the caves in hopes of finding a weapon effective enough to attack the Officer’s guardians, a squad of these new and formidable Sentry Droids. The droids were programmed to be aggressive, unyielding, and prepared to use deadly force at the first sign of aggression; sensing the adrenaline pheromones of their enemies and responding in kind. Luckily enough Drokkatta was able to find a Geonosian_Sonic_Blaster next to the corpse of a long dead soldier. Drokkatta knew she had only one chance to make her escape: kill the Officer before he activated her inhibitor chip, and then swiftly destroy the droids in her way before they got her first. Gritting her teeth and preparing for the worst, she made her move to reclaim her freedom. Slowly and stealthily, Drokkatta was eventually able to make her escape by commandeering an Imperial Cargo_Shuttle. In an act some would deem insane- Drokkatta jumped to Lightspeed without proper coordinates from the Docking-Bay to avoid capture by the Imperial_Navy forces currently Blockading the planet. Fearing recapture by the Imperials who would surely search for her, Drokkatta abandoned her stolen cargo shuttle at the next spaceport and promptly pilfered a different ship. Drokkatta proceeded to spend the next few weeks traveling the galaxy looking for leads on the location of the Alliance- a task that was harder than it seemed. A month later- upon finally meeting a rebel Foster_Agent on Lothal, Drokkatta was quickly accepted into the Rebellion with open arms. After discovering the heinous Inhibitor Chip connected to Drokkatta's spine, the Rebel Medical_Droids worked to remove it before further harm could come to the Wookiee fugitive. Motivated by the thought of having gained her own freedom, and the resolve to free her fellows on Geonosis, she threw herself into her training and recovery; preparing to soon face off against the hated Empire for their atrocious ways. Drokkatta would come to make a name for herself as a skilled Saboteur who routinely destroyed Imperial facilities in the Outer Rim worlds of the Galaxy. Eventually word reached the esteemed CO, Gideon_Argus, about the Wookiee’s talents with explosives and he offered her a role in his next operation: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Drokkatta was trained on Kashyyyk as a Demolitions and Munitions expert During the Clone Wars. Talented with all things that go “boom”, the sound of an explosion quickly became her favorite noise in the world. The Imperials took her home, her freedom, and her family, but they would never take away the spark of rebellion she garnered in her heart. One day she would see the Empire go “boom” for what they had done. Drokkatta prefers to wield a MGL-9 Thermo-Grenade_Launcher, titled “Boomer”, a devastating, concussive weapon provided to her by the rebels for use in taking down lightly armored vehicles, gun emplacements, and structures. She works hard for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and with their backing, she will one day return to rescue her fellows trapped in the labor camps on Geonosis. Above all she knew that the Rebellion must be cautious in the liberation attempt or risk losing her people to Imperial Genocide; she had seen it once before...

Drokkatta healthy

Unfninished Business

Ko-Tun_Feralo (HotE)

-Rebel Quartermaster-

Ko-Tun Feralo

"Any chance to gain advantage must be seized."


Ever lacking lasting structure, the Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic needs a firm hand to guide its many moving parts. It takes the focus of many resolute individuals to make the day to day operations of this burgeoning Rebellion a success. From the lowest maintenance worker to the most talented Admiral, the Rebellion consistently hungers for more manpower. Within the arms of the Alliance, Ko-Tun Feralo knew she had joined a cause worth fighting for; a noble organization that refused to bow down to the all-encompassing and malicious Galactic_Empire. Ko-Tun hoped to help bring justice back to the galaxy one bullet at a time; eventually exchanging the word bullet for deal.

Feralo had earned her stripes as a Scout-Sniper in the early years of the Rebellion; commonly tasked to remove key targets in guerrilla style strikes across the galaxy. Ko-Tun served in this capacity during the emerging months of the Rebellion's formation until a tragedy left her unfit to fight. During a fierce skirmish with a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers on the planet Lucazec, Ko-Tun was tragically betrayed by an Imperial Agent who posed as a Rebel_Trooper in her squad.  The Saboteur wielding a DP-23_Shotgun, shot Ko-Tun in the back to cripple the Cerean sniper before she was aware of the danger she faced. Though rescued in time enough to prevent her death, Ko-Tun was never the same again. After suffering such a devastating blow, Feralo was entered into a Bacta_tank for a full month upon her return to HQ, and would soon-after undergo an extensive procedure to reconstruct her damaged spinal cord; with large portions of her spinal column eventually being replaced or reinforced with Cybernetics. Thereafter while still wanting to help the Alliance in any way she could, but shaken by recent events, Ko-Tun decided to hang up her combat boots and take on a new role in the Rebellion as a leading member of the Quartermaster_Corps

Now responsible for outfitting her fellows with weapons, gear, and supplies either salvaged or purchased from across the galaxy, Feralo focused her efforts in upgrading the equipment available to her Alliance_Military allies. Ko-Tun quickly became renowned as a shrewd Merchant, regarded for her charm and diplomacy with those she barters with; a skill she gained from her father who worked as a Senator for Her People. Her father Sahm-Ken Feralo, became the Cerean representative on Coruscant well before the Clone_Wars ravaged the galaxy and worked hard to increase relations with his fellows in the Senate. Upon the deconstruction of his beloved Galactic_Republic and the formation of the now dreaded Galactic_Empire, Sahm-Ken Feralo, alongside his Fellow Senators were now burdened with the responsibility of reigning in the Atrocities of their new Government. Eventually Sahm-Ken with the help of many other Senators, worked to undermine the Empire's machinations as Alliance_Informants and Spies. Many of these noble and well meaning senators were systematically smoked out over the course of the Galactic_Civil_War, eventually being jailed for their crimes against the Empire in the Arrth-Eno_Prison_Complex. Sahm-Ken covertly functioned in this capacity with great successes for many years until the Imperial_Security_Bureau final caught him red handed; With no time to prepare, and nowhere to run, he was now entrapped on the hostile planet he once called home.  Luckily Sahm-Ken had an idea to elude his pursuers, by descending into the dingy and dangerous Under- Levels of Coruscant, Sahm-Ken would become a ghost in the system. Soon after communications from Sahm-Ken to Alliance Intelligence ended all together; with no word as to his current location or status ever being released on Rebel channels. Since that day, Ko-Tun has repeatedly requested Alliance_High_Command to mount an undercover search and rescue operation for him.

Months would pass as no word of her father’s whereabouts were ever found; causing no small amount of distress in Ko-Tun's life. She became increasingly distracted with her duties as a merchant and found that she could rarely focus on the task at hand. Soon rumors began to spread around Ko-Tun's HQ regarding the formation of a new strike team helmed by the renowned CO, Gideon_Argus, who prepared to forge his own Rebel_cell group to fight back against the Empire. After speaking with CO, Argus, Ko-Tun decided to offer her services as both a soldier if she must, and as the squad’s main provisioner for all future field ops; all in the attempt to gain more Intel on her missing father. After ruminating for a time on Ko-Tun's dossier and past military history, CO Argus accepted her offer of affiliation; quickly taking a liking to the young merchant-soldier for her force of will. Gideon could see a lot of himself in her past- due in part to both having had to deal with betrayal and injuries on the job in their own way. Ko-Tun explained her wariness at working with another squad, to which Gideon promptly agreed, admitting that: “At least in each other’s company we have a common understanding.” Ko-Tun vowed she would find her father and no Imperial soldier would stand in her way. The first mission on the dossier: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Tactical, savvy, and prepared to face the unexpected (having learned the hard way) Ko-Tun Feralo is a steadfast ally in the thick of combat. Now dubbed-“the Merchant of Death” by her comrades, Ko-Tun has worked her way to the top of her field by sheer effort and hard work. In the early days as a scout sniper Ko-Tun racked up 31 confirmed Imperial_Officer kills across the galaxy without the use of a spotter, with her trusty Service Rifle- a standard issue marksman rifle that she has effectively mastered. Dutiful, honor-bound, brave, and keen-eyed she helps bring some added perspective and firepower to her new unit. Having worked as a merchant for so long, Ko-Tun has learned the value of being adaptable; commonly bringing large reserves of ammo, and weapon modifications for her squad on each outing. In her spare time Ko-Tun focuses on new business deals for Gideon's Cell and the Rebellion at large, or more intel on her MIA father. Sahm-Ken will not remain a ghost for long as Ko-Tun plans to remain ever-vigilant.

Ko-Tun Feralo healthy


CT-1701 (ToL)



"Lock and load."


Cloned for combat on the aquatic planet of Kamino, at the behest of the Jedi_MasterSifo-DyasClone_Trooper-1701 and his multitude of fellow "brothers" have only ever known service to a cause beyond themselves; operating for the Galactic_Republic initially during the Clone_Wars, and thereafter the dreaded Galactic_Empire. Governmental fidelity has ever been, CT-1701's one and only purpose; being forced to live his life in such a way has lead CT-1701 to do many unsavory things in the name of duty. CT-1701's first memories were of combat; having been Trained for years, before he would see deployment on a true battlefield. Due to his existence as a Clone of the talented Mandalorian- Mercenary, Jango_Fett, many of the Republic leadership viewed the "lives" and "worth" of these troopers in a similar manner to that of Droids. CT-1701 and his brethren were to be seen, not heard, and to function in their role as necessary- until death; Property of a system that offered no true freedom or Rights to them as living sapient beings. On top of that, the clones, due to genetic tampering, were brought into the galaxy with an altered and advanced aging process compared to that of natural born "beings". Many of his brothers accepted their fate as an elite, yet disposable, army; though CT-1701 was ever after embittered towards the Kaminoans, the Jedi_Order, and the Republic for their part to play in his subjugation. By the design of dark forces, galactic shaking "Trade Disputes" would soon transpire across Republic space, culminating the Invasion_of_Naboo; sedition by the citizens of the galaxy became rampant thereafter, and many who once proudly served the Republic began to search for another way. After only a few short years, the Confederacy_of_Independent_Systems, was Formed, divorcing itself from Republic space, ideology, and law. Negotiations between the dueling ideologies of the CIS and Republic inevitably failed and both sides prepared for the worst. Soon enough, a great mustering would occur on Kamino; the Grand_Army_of_the_Republic began mobilizing for war.

After the Battle_of_Geonosis, CT-1701 would serve the Republic alongside his 104th_Battalion brothers, his Jedi_Master- General- Plo_Koon, the general's aid, Jedi_Knight Huulik, and his Clone Commander, 3636-"Wolffe". During the early days of the conflict, CT-1701 spent his service in relative Anonymity; though through acts of bravery and courage down the line, this obscurity would change, and CT-1701 would earn his "Name". During a heated skirmish on the planet Felucia, CT-1701 joined his Jedi General, Plo Koon, in the assault of a Separatist held outpost. Though victory in the battle was certain, overwhelming CIS forces were soon-after sent to reinforce the planet. The Republic was thereafter determined to continue the fight for the hostile jungle planet, sending the entire 327th_Star_Corps under the command of the Jedi General, Aayla_Secura, to assist in the ongoing war effort. Due to the lack of progress on the planet after many weeks of fighting, Jedi Master General, Plo Koon, and Commander Wolffe were redeployed to another sector of the galaxy to combat the Seperatist elsewhere; taking 3/4ths of the 104th regiment with them. Now under the direct command of the Jedi Knight, Huulik, who was commissioned by his Master, Plo Koon, to aid General Secura in the war-efforts on the planet, CT-1701 and his fellow remaining members of the "Wolfpack" were tasked with reclaiming the hellish jungle planet for the Republic. Weeks turned to months as the war for Felucia raged. The Jungle Planet itself seemed to thirst for blood and oil as the husks of damaged armor and droid shells could be seen in the undergrowth of much of the planet's surface. Both sides were dug in deep and little progress was made on either side for months at a time. During one of the fiercest battles yet seen on the war-torn planet, Commander Huulik and CT-1701 became entrapped by the encroaching battle-droid forces; his direct squad, regrettably, were all killed in prior skirmishes by day, or lost to the voracious Jungle predators by night. Realizing the danger his Commander faced, CT-1701 lead a daring defense, and the pair were able to eventually defeat the large squadron of Battle_Droids sent to claim their lives. For hours CT-1701 had stood his ground. In this instance, one single Clone seemed an army, launching torrents of blaster-shots towards his many foes. After the battle Knight Huulik made a comment in jest, claiming that the Clone Trooper defending him fought like a a man possessed; raining destruction on his foes and the jungle around them like a "Wildfire". In reward for his quick thinking, selflessness, and will to survive, Knight Huulik sent in a request for CT-1701 to ascend to the Advanced_Recon_Commando Corp; a position of distinction and reverence for other Clones to aspire to. For the remaining years of the Clone Wars thereafter, "Wildfire" dutifully served his Jedi Commander, Huulik, performing many difficult operations that only an ARC Trooper's skills could handle.

Order_66. That damned order would come to blight the honor, respect, and dignity of the clones forced to enact it. In an instant, the troopers who received the order felt an overwhelming need to kill their Jedi commanders in cold blood. Bonds that had been forged for years, meant nothing, and death was the only inevitability for the Jedi who had once dutifully served the Republic. Due to the machinations of a shady overseer, it seems the Kaminoan's were paid to include an inhibitor chip within the brain of each trooper; compelling these clones to act without cognizance when specific orders are given by their superiors. Interrupted and unnerved by a Horrific Vision from the force, Huulik had little time to react as his own men made an assassination attempt on his life. With Lightsaber in hand, Huulik staggered away from the slain corpses of the closest "Wolfpack" troopers who engaged him. Methodically the Jedi battled his way towards his ship, planning to head back to the relative safety of Republic space and report on recent events; yet upon arrival to his craft, was attacked yet again. In exchange for a devastating blaster shot to his chest, Huulik used the force to Launch the attacking clonetrooper off of a nearby cliff. Severely wounded, Huulik managed to board his starship, and promptly ordered his Astromech_droid to jettison the cruiser into outer orbit; destined for his home planet of Rodia. "Wildfire" awoke hours later, injured and alone at the bottom of a gorge, surrounded by a strange, quiet, stillness in the air; in that silence, recent events came flooding back to him. CT-1701 in horror, realized what he had done, what he was ordered to do; feeling helpless as his body took actions that his mind did not permit. Word would eventually reach him that Huulik had passed on from his wound; murdered by the clone he held in highest esteem. 

Years passed as "Wildfire's" dissatisfaction again took precedence; much had changed in the galaxy due to the actions of the newly formed Galactic Empire, born from the husk of the Republic. In the early days of service to his new government, the remaining clones were reconstituted into Imperial Stormtroopers. Though beginning to show their age, the troopers were effectively put to use in hammering out the remaining rebellious enemies of the state. "Wildfire" performed his duties apathetically for a time, yet, had held no love for the Empire that held him in more contempt and disregard than the Republic before it.  Forced by his peers and commanders to do much that many would consider unsavory, "Wildfire's" shame and self contempt grew with each passing day. Aware that he had become a villain to the larger galaxy, as opposed to, the heroic figure he once was during the Clone Wars, "Wildfire" could see just how far he had fallen. He eventually abandoned the Empire; hoping to find anonymity and peace in the Outer Rim territories. A few months passed as "Wildfire" hid in obscurity until word reached him that the Empire was hot on his trail. Believing he could finally find rest was sadly a pipe dream; "Wildfire" realized he couldn't stay still for long. A Detective of the Imperial_Security_Bureau alongside a squad of 501st Commandos were dispatched to his last know whereabouts with capture or kill orders in tow. Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of forces sent after the "Rebel Sympathizer", "Wildfire" knew he had to make a choice: go out in a blaze of glory, or strike back against his foes from a place of strength. As if by destiny during his escape, "Wildfire" happened upon a Rebel Squadron in the midst of an operation in his sector of the galaxy; these soldiers were in a heated firefight with Stormtrooper forces and CT-1701 decided to join them in their struggle. Thankful to the old clone for aiding them in their time of need, the Rebel soldiers offered "Wildfire" a chance to join the OrganizationSpending his first few months with the Alliance as Combat Training_Officer, "Wildfire" provided insider knowledge on the tactics, stratagems, and military bureaucracy of the Empire to his new allies. Though, an old itch slowly crept back to him over time: to get back into the field and help his "In over their heads" allies more directly. "Wildfire" was eventually selected by Alliance_High_Command, due in large part to his extensive military career, to take part in a Special Operations Cell, helmed by the esteemed CO, Gideon_Argus. "Wildfire" agreed to the offer, as he preferred the freedom to work in a less controlled environment. His first mission: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

Having seen service since the earliest days of the Clone Wars, "Wildfire" has never truly adapted to the current methods of warfare; he still prefers to use a gun as old as he is: the DC-15S Blaster- "Why fix what isn't broken." "Wildfire's" many failures and regrets over the course of his life have ever haunted his thoughts, catalyzing the valiant soldier into a very embittered and troubled man; his role to play in Hullik's death ever haunting his dreams. Forever after, "Wildfire" would come to feel closed-off, ashamed, and dejected upon meeting a Survivor of the Jedi Order amongst the Rebellion. His first stop post desertion, took him to the planet Rodia to pay respects at his departed Commander's mausoleum; tears fell from his eyes during the event for the first time in many long years. After inevitably hitting his breaking point with the Empire, "Wildfire" would come to develop an intolerance for subordination to a cause he couldn't believe in. He would forge his own destiny, without the malicious direction of enslaving "masters", who viewed the remaining Clone troopers as expendable, outdated, relics- to be discarded at a whim. Dour, Steadfast, and pugnacious as always, "Wildfire" has really only ever felt at home on a battlefield; a wolf ever searching for the next hunt. "Wildfire" has decided his waning years wouldn't be spent in leisure; this old soldier is determined to die in combat, for glory, for his friends, and for a noble purpose of his own choosing. 

CT-1701 Hero Healthy

Sands of Seelos

Tress Hacnua (ToL)

-Cybernetic Brawler-

Tress Hacnua

"Safety in numbers is a bedtime story your commander told you so you can sleep at night."


The Rebellion has ties to many smugglers, bandits, thieves, mercenaries, and people of less than stellar reputation. Mysterious figures who are not official Alliance operatives, but who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and will occasionally do errands or favors for the right price. 

On the prowl for its next meal, a great and terrible beast skulked the jungle canopies above the Hacnua homestead. Driven by hunger, the deadly creature stealthily crept into the compound- through a door that had carelessly been left open. Smelling its prey growing ever closer as it stalked the halls, the beast began to salivate, savoring the thought of the meal to come. Alerted to the laughter of a young girl in a nearby room, the beast licked its lips as it stalked ever closer. Ambushing the child before she became aware of the monster's presence, all the girl could do to prevent her death was to slide under her bed and attempt to evade the beasts sharp claws; crying for her family to help her before it was too late. On high alert, the child's father came crashing into the room with a blaster at the ready; realizing he had come too late to prevent her harm. The child's shorn and mangled right arm dangled lifelessly from the beast's jaws as she screamed in agony and terror. In anger, the father blasted the beast in its muzzle, catching one of its many eyes. Roaring in pain, the savage animal charged the man; pushing past him to make a run for the door it had once used to enter the homestead. Her father, rushing to transport his injured daughter to a hospital, quickly prepared his space shuttle for travel. The beast watched from the shadows as the craft jettisoned into outer atmosphere, satisfied with its recent snack, and savoring the future meals to come...

Awakened by the suffocating smell of smoke, Tress Hacnua came-to in a daze; attempting to scan her direct surrounding through dimmed eyes. Her last memories, just before her father's ship crash-landed, flashed through her mind. Her arm!  "What just happened!?" After acclimating fully to her surroundings, Tress perceived a potent numbness reaching across large swathes of her body; her right shoulder and both her knees throbbed with a deep, pulsating ache, causing the young Devaronian child to cry out in pain. To her horror, Tress witnessed the damage done to her by the broken cockpit Viewport of her father's wrecked spacecraft. In the crash, both of her legs were completely severed, with blood caking and pooling in dark red puddles on the ground around her; her arm has been dressed with bandages preflight, yet sanguine splotches were slowly beginning to leak through the bindings. Crying out for her father to save her, Tress was disheartened when no answer came; even at her young age, she was keenly aware of just how close to death she truly was. Scanning the room further, she focused on the pilot's chair to her left. To her horror, she could see the outline of a body resting quietly, yet contorted in a grotesquely unnatural position; the body of her father, who sadly did not survive the crash. Devastated by recent events, and pinned to her seat by the weight of the broken viewport, Tress was unsure of her next move. "Was this the end!?" The galaxy was cruel for trying to take her so soon. Accepting the inevitable, Tress began to weep until the cold embrace of sleep took her. Days later the young girl was awakened to a new environment entirely; a smiling elderly woman greeted the young girl from within a bright and lightly decorated room. "Where am I!?" Tress exclaimed. The elderly woman took a long pause before answering; gazing at the young girl with reassurance in her eyes. "You are safe... All answers will be given to you in time. Until then... Rest." The elderly woman said.  A Medical_droid could be seen, busy at work, darting back and forth across the room with purpose. Weak from her recent struggles, the young girl allowed herself to trust this stranger, as the medical droid began to redress the young girls wounds. For weeks the bedridden girl was treated by the droid and visited often by the elderly woman. Tress learned that she was taken in by a monastery of martial artists on a distant planet, and the kindly woman's name was Master Lynn. Through investigations conducted by the monastery staff, her father's ship may have been sabotaged by one of his many competitors; when pressed, Tress owned up to knowledge of her father's shady past as a Spice-Smuggler. His body was laid to rest just outside the monastery grounds and Tress was given permission thereafter to visit his grave; when she became strong enough to make the trip. Devastated at the loss of her father and the state of her limbs, Tress gave into despair; she was an orphan in the world, and a cripple at that. How could a little girl like her ever make it in the galaxy now; doomed to struggle through life, and with no family to look after her. What Tress did not yet know, is that these harrowing events would one day come to harden and shape her into a woman of vast character, skill, fortitude, and patience.

After the many surgeries necessary to rescue the young Devaronian's life, Master Lynn commissioned the monastery's medical droid to graft the limbs of a retired Automaton to young Tress's body. These robotic limbs were forged to fit an adult-sized mechanical frame; too big for Tress's body as a child, causing her to feel out of place and embarrassed about her appearance. Through coaxing and subtle suggestion, Master Lynn eventually convinced the young girl to give the robotic parts a chance. Though her movements were jerking and awkward at first, Tress soon realized her limbs were constructed to self-stabilize; allowing her to move with a precision and grace she had never felt with her old appendages. While initially unsure of her new gifts, Tress would eventually come around to the benefits of her metallic limbs; thankful she would eventually grow into them given time. Given new purpose, Tress decided to willing join Master Lynn at the monastery to train among them; unaware of just how much things would change for her. 20 long years would come and go, as Master Lynn forged her new apprentice into a talented Warrior-Monk Adept of the Teräs_Käsi Order; a secret organization of allied martial artist who spent their lives training to defeat Force- usersThe order's leadership deemed the ethics of all force-sensitives were to be always held as suspect. They held a core belief that near infinite power, regardless of the intention behind it, should not go unregulated; The Teräs Käsi Order- bluntly, did not trust the Jedi order of any stripe, neither Dark or Gray, nor the Sith in particular, to police themselves according to their incredible power. Thus they opted to learn ways to limit the Force around them to help restrain the powers of their foes; gaining a resistance to many of the abilities a force sensitive combatant would normally rely on. Though not force users themselves, this attuned nature of the Teräs Käsi not only allows them to be aware of nearby Force Users out in the field, but also makes them exceptionally dangerous to force-sensitives who are unprepared to face such a talented and prepared opponent. Tress was soon enough dispatched by her master to conduct operations around the galaxy during the height of the Clone_Wars. Tress slowly, yet steadily, developed a talent at dispatching or crippling both variegated factions of Jedi during the course of the war. Given time, Tress could equally contend with many of the more advanced Force users in the galaxy, who were caught unaware by the talented warrior's unique abilities. With the culmination of the Jedi Purge enacted by the machinations of a Dark_Lord_of_the_Sith, the leaders of the Teräs Käsi Order shifted gears to combat the new threat; a more substantial threat compared to that of the laissez faire attitudes many of the Jedi had recently taken to. 

Presently Tress has been instructed by Master Lynn to covertly serve within the burgeoning Alliance_to_Restore_the_Republic; tasked with gauging the threat the Sith may pose to the greater galaxy and gaining valuable reconnaissance for her Order as best she may. Her loyalty ever remained with her fellows in the Teräs Käsi, yet, Tress relished her ongoing service to the galaxy during her time combating the malicious Galactic_Empire. Eventually as Tress made a name for her great talents in combat, she was selected by the esteemed Alliance CO, Gideon_Argus, to serve within the vanguard of his elite Special_Operations cell. Their next operation: help determine the location and intent of a mysterious Imperial broadcast...

After years of practice, Tress has now well adapted to her mechanized appendages. She has mastered the art of dexterous movement, and is freely able to operate much of her body without severely impacting her own stamina reserves. Tress found that she could Strike Harder, and move much faster than the average opponent, receiving a distinct advantage in combat. Over time Tress has developed into a determined, witty, and cocky woman with a passion for her martial arts craft; empowered by the flow of combat and the achievement she gains from conquering a worthy challenge. Her studies have honed her mind, body, and spirit to endure. Never forgetting her many losses in life, either physically or of her loved ones, Tress vowed to never be helpless again. She is a warrior, reforged in hardship, and has a monster of her own to slay before she's done. She hasn't forgotten the beast that ruined her life; one day Tress plans to return to her homeworld and face the creature that cost her so dearly...

Tress Hero Healthy

Duel on Devaron


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I updated the list to make it easier to read using a spoiler tab, work has begun on Jarrod kelvins and the other two heroes are right behind him. just letting you folks know. I've also done some general proof reading and edits. Hope you guys enjoy!

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The spoilers are all nested into each other, so initially you can only see Gideon's entry in your post, and clicking on that reveal's Mak's spoiler tag, which the reveals Diala's and so on. Makes it hard to search out each hero and Davith's bio is extremely narrow. I would love to read these after you fix the formatting issue in your post. 

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5 hours ago, Tvboy said:

The spoilers are all nested into each other, so initially you can only see Gideon's entry in your post, and clicking on that reveal's Mak's spoiler tag, which the reveals Diala's and so on. Makes it hard to search out each hero and Davith's bio is extremely narrow. I would love to read these after you fix the formatting issue in your post. 

Oh geez. You can't even read the last part. It'll be fixed by tomorrow

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16 hours ago, Tvboy said:

The spoilers are all nested into each other, so initially you can only see Gideon's entry in your post, and clicking on that reveal's Mak's spoiler tag, which the reveals Diala's and so on. Makes it hard to search out each hero and Davith's bio is extremely narrow. I would love to read these after you fix the formatting issue in your post. 

is there a way to make multiple spoiler tags that dont cover each other?

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Start each with [ spoiler ] and end them with [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces).  I think that gets you what you're looking for.


So [ spoiler ] like this! [ /spoiler ] becomes...


like this!

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38 minutes ago, ManateeX said:

Start each with [ spoiler ] and end them with [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces).  I think that gets you what you're looking for.


So [ spoiler ] like this! [ /spoiler ] becomes...

  Reveal hidden contents

like this!

i still cant seem to make it work...

even if i post [/spoiler]

it always end up doing this

i tried both [/spoiler] before and after a post [/spoiler]

as well as {spoiler} post [/spoiler]



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Just now, King_Balrog said:

i still cant seem to make it work...

even if i post [/spoiler]

it always end up doing this

  Reveal hidden contents


  Reveal hidden contents


  Reveal hidden contents


Try copy/pasting the following and then removing the spaces in the spoiler tags.  If that doesn't work, maybe it's a browser thing?  Here's what I did in Chrome:


[ spoiler ] This text is secret [ /spoiler ]

[ spoiler ] this text is also secret [ /spoiler ]


Copy/pasting and getting rid of the spaces gives me:

This text is secret

this text is also secret


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whoo that took a lot of work haha. There you are folks read to your hearts content.




You can not have any spaces between paragraphs to utilize separate spoiler tabs in page.


That's the reason why I was having so much trouble...

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These are really cool, I like them!


One brief suggestion- and honestly, I don't know if you're even looking for criticism and I'm being pretty nitpicky, so please don't feel obligated to read this.  Overall, these are very cool.


 It seems like a lot of the bios specifically put some sort of sentimental value on the hero's starting weapon.  Considering how many heroes are going to want to dump their weapon as soon as possible, it comes across as a bit awkward (and may even guilt some players).  In some cases, I think that this was handled a little better than others- I really liked the touch of Davith "hiding" his lightsaber for a time, and the mention of Vinto often dual wielding his weapons. 


Perhaps this section could be used to clue players into a possible build, instead.  For instance, with with Jyn we have "Jyn prefers blaster pistols to rifles, and is most comfortable with an older model given to her by her father."  I like the part about Jyn preferring pistols to blasters- that's important info for her character, and it'd be cool to expand on.  Maybe it's "Jyn is competent with a blaster, but prefers the quick and easy access a pistol or two affords."  Once again, thematic to her lore and also descriptive of her playstyle.


As for this section: "... an older model given to her by her father..."- it kinda makes Jyn seem a little heartless, in that the rebel player will probably dump that pistol first chance they see a better one worth buying.  For stuff like this, I was thinking something like: "The pistol was a gift from her late father.  Jyn had found it to be extremely effective, up until the point it deflected a stray blaster bolt by one of Szark's goons, shorting its circuits."  This accomplishes a few things.


1. It sets up the pistol to have a unique backstore, but also makes it more disposable (while still having some sentiment attached to it).  

2. It raises the stakes even more with Szark, making their issues even more personal.

3. It adds to Jyn's smuggler feel- nothing pluckier than getting your life saved from a stray blaster bolt than deflecting it accidentally with a pistol.


Again, just some suggestions, take 'em or leave 'em- overall, these are fantastic and I totally plan on using them in my next campaign.  So thank you for these!



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On 12/8/2017 at 4:02 PM, subtrendy2 said:

These are really cool, I like them!


One brief suggestion- and honestly, I don't know if you're even looking for criticism and I'm being pretty nitpicky, so please don't feel obligated to read this.  Overall, these are very cool.


 It seems like a lot of the bios specifically put some sort of sentimental value on the hero's starting weapon.  Considering how many heroes are going to want to dump their weapon as soon as possible, it comes across as a bit awkward (and may even guilt some players).  In some cases, I think that this was handled a little better than others- I really liked the touch of Davith "hiding" his lightsaber for a time, and the mention of Vinto often dual wielding his weapons. 


Perhaps this section could be used to clue players into a possible build, instead.  For instance, with with Jyn we have "Jyn prefers blaster pistols to rifles, and is most comfortable with an older model given to her by her father."  I like the part about Jyn preferring pistols to blasters- that's important info for her character, and it'd be cool to expand on.  Maybe it's "Jyn is competent with a blaster, but prefers the quick and easy access a pistol or two affords."  Once again, thematic to her lore and also descriptive of her playstyle.


As for this section: "... an older model given to her by her father..."- it kinda makes Jyn seem a little heartless, in that the rebel player will probably dump that pistol first chance they see a better one worth buying.  For stuff like this, I was thinking something like: "The pistol was a gift from her late father.  Jyn had found it to be extremely effective, up until the point it deflected a stray blaster bolt by one of Szark's goons, shorting its circuits."  This accomplishes a few things.


1. It sets up the pistol to have a unique backstore, but also makes it more disposable (while still having some sentiment attached to it).  

2. It raises the stakes even more with Szark, making their issues even more personal.

3. It adds to Jyn's smuggler feel- nothing pluckier than getting your life saved from a stray blaster bolt than deflecting it accidentally with a pistol.


Again, just some suggestions, take 'em or leave 'em- overall, these are fantastic and I totally plan on using them in my next campaign.  So thank you for these!



Good points all around bud, I really just wanted to justify why they start with the weapons they do, and the fact the weapon sells for so little. (older models- with sentimental value) by all means feel free to add that caviat to your games. I'm happy you read my post!

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Went through a handful and they all look excellent and you did a really good job incorporating what we already know about the characters to avoid any contradictions which I usually see from people who try to come up with backstories without looking at the character's side mission and flavor text. I liked Biv's backstory, I've been trying to figure out his rivalry with Kayn Somos and hatred of stormtroopers ever since he came out and you explained both nicely. 

I have a bit of an issue with Davith's story because of the timing. If he was a Jedi Knight in the order when Order 66 happened, then he would be in his 40s at the time of Imperial Assault's campaign during the battle of Yavin. Anakin was 22 during Order 66 and is 41 during the battle of Yavin. Davith looks a lot younger than that in his artwork, with long hair and with no facial stubble. I guess he does have a pretty well developed brow and jaw line, but to me his artwork looks like someone in their mid 20s, certainly younger than Kanan Jarrus even at the beginning of the Rebels series who was a padawan (min 13 y.o.) during Order 66. I like that his Hidden abilities were developed from hiding from the Empire, but might be better to make him a Padawan or a Youngling when Order 66 happened so his age makes a little more sense. If he was an 8-year old youngling that managed to escape Order 66, then he'd be 27 during the battle of Yavin which would match up with his artwork a lot better. 

But overall these are great and I will be directing my new players to this when we start to pick heroes for the next campaign at the beginning of January.   

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8 hours ago, Tvboy said:

Went through a handful and they all look excellent and you did a really good job incorporating what we already know about the characters to avoid any contradictions which I usually see from people who try to come up with backstories without looking at the character's side mission and flavor text. I liked Biv's backstory, I've been trying to figure out his rivalry with Kayn Somos and hatred of stormtroopers ever since he came out and you explained both nicely. 

I have a bit of an issue with Davith's story because of the timing. If he was a Jedi Knight in the order when Order 66 happened, then he would be in his 40s at the time of Imperial Assault's campaign during the battle of Yavin. Anakin was 22 during Order 66 and is 41 during the battle of Yavin. Davith looks a lot younger than that in his artwork, with long hair and with no facial stubble. I guess he does have a pretty well developed brow and jaw line, but to me his artwork looks like someone in their mid 20s, certainly younger than Kanan Jarrus even at the beginning of the Rebels series who was a padawan (min 13 y.o.) during Order 66. I like that his Hidden abilities were developed from hiding from the Empire, but might be better to make him a Padawan or a Youngling when Order 66 happened so his age makes a little more sense. If he was an 8-year old youngling that managed to escape Order 66, then he'd be 27 during the battle of Yavin which would match up with his artwork a lot better. 

But overall these are great and I will be directing my new players to this when we start to pick heroes for the next campaign at the beginning of January.   

Valid critique. So I changed him to a padawan under Quinlan Vos, and aged him down to match his photo more effectively. Thanks for reading!

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22 hours ago, subtrendy2 said:

Bonus points for female Drokkatta!  :D

That's the prevailing theory anyway, though it is pretty hard to tell. I actually think Drokkatta is very masculine from the wookiee's face scar to the lack of prominent female body parts or appearance.  (yes, yes, woman can be masculine- i get it)

She must be the Brienne of Tarth of the series :P

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