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Getting a Galactic Qualifier Near You

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I know for Store Championships and even Regionals there were signups for stores who wanted to host these events buried in the OP pages. Clearly the Galactic Qualifiers are directly sponsored by FFG and are more "premier" events but I was wondering if there is a way to try and get one near me.

The reason I ask is that I live in Michigan and every May the Motor City Comic Con gets bigger and bigger and would be a perfect place to put a Galactic Qualifier event (one day or multiple days) but I'm not sure if there's something that I can do about that... Anyone know the process or thoughts as to how I or someone else in my local area could try and facilitate that? If it's not going to happen and these events will be more scattered and rare then that's okay, just thought I'd see what the community knows or how everyone feels about this.

Thanks! :) 

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