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Australian Players roll call

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Howzit all,

In an endeavour to kick start a player base in this fair brown land I thought I'd see if anyone from Oz is lurking in the FFG forums. 

We have started to gather a small group of players in Brisbane but I hear that Sydney and Melbourne are struggling.  I have seen a few Hobart and Canberra players off loading their initial buys.  As forums are so fractured these days you may also be on here: 

So give us a shout out and let's see if we can get a National championship by the end of 2018. 


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Hobart here. A small cadre of 3 players (soon to be 4). Have had demos at three main game stores so it's absolutely gutting to hear that someone in Hobart was selling up.

Pretty sure myself and @Hos (also Hobart) would travel to a Nats.

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