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Australian Nationals for Imperial Assault *to be updated as the weekend goes*

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17 minutes ago, Asvaldr said:

You mention in close because of multi-fire?

I think a big question is when to/not multifire.

Yes. Exactly. "Multifire" is an efficient way to come in close and finish off damaged units. If you're unsure, you hide around a corner and snipe using "charged shot" from downtown. 

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19 minutes ago, Knallhase said:

Great report! I'd like to know how palpatines emperor ability worked out for you, since he's too slow to keep up with the jets but the eSentries don't get their extra acc from charged shot.

I think that for all the current maps but Nal Hutta the Jets aren't getting that far away. With a double move Palp can Emperor a figure up to 10 spaces from where he started - also a regular shot from the Sentries will still hurt.

I can attest that when I got stuck on Anchorhead against him Palp dealt out a lot of hurt

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3 hours ago, cnemmick said:

The most intriguing unit from HotE box is the Clawdite, but I think these Sentries are my favorite.  I've had success letting them be 2nd billing with Iggy & low-cost Hunters and I'm working on lists where a dual deployment of eSentries lead other Troopers.

I've been wanting to try something like 2x eSentries, 2x eJets, 2x rOfficer. Haven't played a pure Trooper list in a while.

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I'm going to be writing three different articles about nationals: One for my list, one for my matches, and one for just my overall thoughts on the meta. I'll see how many I can get up today. I've almost finished my thoughts on the overall meta (note that that one is intended for a more general audience and is not SUPER detailed). I'll post my list and what brought me to play it here on the forums.

Stay tuned!

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading your writeup and am definitely interested to see how elite sentry droids fit into the meta!


I wonder how feasible it would be to play two full sets, maybe out of scum. Would the loss of Zillo be too much and make them too expensive for their level of hardiness? Regardless it would be interesting to play a scum list that doesn't revolve around hunters. Maybe something like:

E Jawa

E Sentry Droid

E Sentry Droid w/ Explosive Armaments


Temporary Alliance




Black Market

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