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Happy Thanksgiving, & A Narrative AAR 2 v 1

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Happy thanksgiving all... so glad an approachable yet deep Star Wars CCG exists and truly appreciating the entire FFG Star Wars community!

My 8 and 6yo daughters love all things Star Wars, especially Iden, Rey, Jyn, Mara Jade, Sabine, Hera, and Leia. Their older boy cousins play Pokémon and Magic, so Star Wars Destiny has been awesome.  We already play XWing and Armada without upgrades, so they’ve learned gaming already and my basement is a collection of 40k figures with most factions at the company+ level, they own a competition ready Silent Sisters Force and I host games days on a monthly basis that can put a dozen gamers in our basement playing Pathfinder, Table Top, and sometimes LAN games... so while they’re into dance, rock climbing, and theater, they’ve grown up gamers too  


Here we go, my competitive play deck against my girls’ decks that are my best balance of competitive but straight forward use of cards.  We play a round or two here and there throughout the week, typically taking three days to finish a game.


 The Grand Inquisitor and the Seventh Sister (both mine) track Jyn Erso with limited fleet support (Oldest daughter “M”.. she’s using a powered down Ackbar as support) and Jedi Knight Rey, traveling with an Ithorian Acolyte and a Smuggler (Younger Daughter “J”... her two support characters are generics but she’s named the smuggler Gabe). 

Jyn always travels with a couple Rebel strike teams and is armed to the teeth with heavy repeating blasters and a host of modified droids... Rey, via Gabe and occasional Jedi supply runs and temporary support from Ashoka and Maz Kanata has almost unlimited funds and is known to buy Jedi Starfighters and Tramp freighters along with black market Jedi equipment almost on a whim. Whereas the Inquisitors just travel with a collection of customized lightsabers and some highly modified probe droids... using only the Dark Side for outside support

The Inquisitorius first clash with Rey and her team in a ruined Jedi enclave on Tatooine near Obi Wans old residence... as they are solely focused on offensive lightsaber attacks and probe droid assaults, the servants of Lord Vader are able to get the drop on Rey, who is admirably able to effective ulitize her customized lightsaber and the protective powers of ancient battle robes, but cannot with stand the melee and dark force prowess of her attackers and is brought down, even though she was twice able to dimish her future reserves of Force power to turn aside what would have otherwise been lethal blows... however, once the Grand Inquisitor and his protege revealed their position, Ackbar was able to call down torrets of fire as was Jyn and her droids from a nearby strong point, and the Seventh sister and her droids fell to clever combined arms tactics.

Not escaping unscaethed, the Inquisitor then focused on Jyn, adapting a duel wielding shoto saber defensive stance that minimized the damage he took and allowed him to eventually close and take out both Jyn and her naval uplink before either of her potentially unbeatable strike teams were in position to act... but removing Jyn from play drained almost all the Grand Inquisitors reserves of dark side energy and he is now met with a horrible surprise.  Gabe, the neardowell smuggler, has recieved both top of the line equipment (a Jedi interceptor with pilot, his own lightsaber, occassional healing that also harms Dark Side adepts, and his own battlerobes... plus he can take damage that gets past and shunt  some of it to the Ithorian Acolyte and possibly some of it back at the attacker) and training in the ways of the Force.  And while the smuggler has almost cashed in all of his financial powers to do so, he has taken little damage and the Inquisitor must be very careful in how he times attacks against the new threat lest he end up striking a blow that does more harm to his cause than good.

So this is the current balance, the relatively healthy Gabe has less offensive power than the Inquisitor, but has both ciricling air support and a mostly okay Ithorian.  The Inquisitor has much more offensive power, but may need to take a new stance or risk a lucky glancing blow finishing him off, as he is both exhausted and severly wounded.  The energies of this Jedi battleground have so far provided him with a little bit of extra power to draw from (why he orchestrated the fight happening here, after all) but the transition of a minor player into almost Jedi Knight levels of power has been an unpleasant turn of events...

...So my Inquisitorius deck is a very offensively minded, pure blue (Force) deck with almost everything focussed on Dark Side force powers and lightsabers (melee).  M has a primary Rogue and secondary Command deck that uses Command's access to devestating ranged weapons to arm up the more lethal Rogues and provide multiple droid support while building towards fielding the infamous Rebel Strike Team which is almost as nasty/nastier than most starting characters... and she can pull off two of them too.  J, on the other hand, is a mixed Force primary and Rogue secondary, that just taps into Rogue rescources and black market powers to get blue equipment into her character's hands as quickly as possible and use Rogue tricks to keep Rey and her tag alongs alive.  I quickly took out Rey, leaving me king of blue, but I had to stop M from fielding those Strike Teams once the Seventh Sister went down... which meant pressing hard enough every turn that M couldn't roll over resources from one turn into the next.  However, the trade off there was that the Inquisitor took a lot of damage to do that, between nasty Rogue/Command strikes from M and increasingly well equipped strikes from J’s minor characters.

M’s out of the game, but both J and I are one draw away from running out of cards. However we also both have a mechanic through which we can put a card back into our deck right before the victory check phase of the game (ancient lightsaber me, but I’ll need to get rid of a shoto or the GI’s saber to use it... and J has Luke’s Protection).  I’m fully aware that my Inquisitor's stance/equipment next turn will decide the game.  I do help the girls if they misplay a card, but it being two decks on one still does give me quite the challenge and makes for girls having a good chance of victory. epf8et.jpg

Current game state 

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