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The Runecasters Episode 11: Raging Worlds

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Hello everyone!  

Just wanted to let you know the preview period for episode 11 has started on Patreon.  This month we talk to world champion Ben Fox on worlds, his list building philosophy and his thoughts on the game.  I had a great time talking to him and found it very educational.  I will definitely be looking at theory crafting and list building differently from now on!  If you would like to get in on the one week preview for all of our content , please join us and help support the show!


ITunes release will be on 11/29, and I'll come back and update this post after the preview period.




@runecasters on twitter


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13 hours ago, flightmaster101 said:

Wow.  Canadian loyalty must be a fickle thing.  SMH.

No no, always was an will be TFC fan.  I believe I mentioned that when I was cheering Whitecaps.  There's 2 reason I cheered whitecaps, they are Canadian, and they would be easier for TFC to beat haha!

I am confident about today, but a little nervous because of last year.

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