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Rotating Hero Campaign

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I have a group of friends that love the campaign but it can be difficult to settle on a night for everyone to play. Luckily, I usually have friends that are willing to sub in but that creates some issues with playing someone else's character.

So, I came up with some ground rules to run a rotating hero campaign. I think it could be expanded to include 8 or more rotating players throughout a single campaign.

I would love feedback on the rules and whether there will be any complications I'm not thinking of.

Rotating Hero Campaign Rules

  1. Each player picks a single hero to play throughout the campaign. All heroes gain the same XP although the credit rewards are based on the number of heroes that fight in that mission.
  2. Participants a limited to 4 per mission and are chosen based on first come, first serve basis, with priority given to those that didn't play in the previous mission. Any non-players are welcome to observe the mission in progress but cannot contribute to the strategy of the players.
  3. During campaign setup, character side missions for all chosen heroes are put in a pool and four are randomly selected to be put in the side mission deck. 
    1. If the Rebels choose to play a personal side mission, then the player playing that's character's side mission is given top priority to participate.
    2. If that player cannot attend, the the heroes will bring that player's character's in as an Ally for that mission using the skirmish version of that character. The Imperial will gain threat per usual for bringing in that Ally.
    3. If the players win a personal side mission, they earn that character as an Ally for future missions (assuming that the character is NOT part of starting party) using the skirmish version of that character and subject to all Ally rules. No purchased XP cards OR reward cards will be available for that Ally.
  4. All players get a chance to weigh in and vote on final purchases. Items can, per usual, be redistributed before each mission.
    1. Items can now be sold for their full value. Additionally, any item sold can be rebought for their full value at any time between missions. This will allow more flexibility in the items available in each mission.

That's about all I have. Thoughts and feedback?

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