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Essential Resources for your Beta Games

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Hello all, I posted these resources on reddit long ago and it only just dawned on me that there are many folks here who probably don’t peruse the reddit forums!

Here is a link to my Dropbox, filled with many resources and updated regularly. 


Its got cheat sheets, a gm screen, Invocation cards and moreeee!

let me know if you have any feedback, I’m always open to changing the content around as long as it makes the gm’s Job easier in the end.

hopefully this will help us all churn out games quickly without much attention to the rulebook. I’ll post when a change or update has been implemented.

In other news, there is much discussion in the L5R Discord about the beta and even a couple of live games that play on the weekends if anyone wants to listen in. Have fun!

/r/L5R Discord


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Updated 11/22/2017


3.0 update is hereeeee!!!


Updated GM screen with updated verbiage and stats, updated cheat sheet, updated character sheet, updated condition cards, and updated opportunities sheet.


The only thing I wasn’t too sure about was wether or not the “rings and assessments” information is null as per the email sent. Let me know what you think!

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Updated 12/13/2017


Update 4.0 is here! 


Added one roll duel variant to the Objectives sheet

Updated Center action and predict action on conflict cards

Updated critical strike chart in GM screen

Updated parrying on cheat sheet

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Update 12/30/2017


Added a fillable Character Sheet!


It automatically fills out the narrative and combat sheets, as well as the advancement table based on the choices picked out in the 20 questions sheet (also included). Also has buttons to print directly to pdf and will display page numbers with hyperlinks if it’s in the same folder as the supplement cards.


I plan to eventually add an automated experience tracker but for now it relies on players’ manual input and knowledge of character advancement.


It’s not perfect but I hope it will help us all crank out some last minute games before the beta ends.


Let me know if you have any feedback or questions for the document and have fun!

Happy new year!

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