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Top Ten Dream Cards Vote

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Greetings one and all! As you may or may not know the Card Idea thread


is exploding with excellent ideas and designs. We now have almost 250 unique cards (the count stands at 245 but it's sure to increase) and I thought why not see what's everyones opinion. Please come take a gander, vote, or even submit your own creations!

Voting is simple, each member may select 3 of their favourite Dream Cards, how you vote is up to you, wether it's your favourite character, a cool effect, or whatever, the choice is yours! Post your choice in this thread


and I'll tally em up post the card information and keep a running list of the Top Ten, if you wish to change your choices simply edit your reply, it's that easy.

I hope you have as much fun as I have expanding the KHTCG universe!

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WayToTheDawn said:

If we can't vote for our own stuff, then Devilmonkey's Pride Lands cards are pretty cool.

I made Pride Lands cards? I remember an old Mufasa...

Mine right now are:

Sora (Anti-Form)
Level 1, 8 ATK, 0 Magic
Whenever an opponent attempts to play a Form Change Card you may place this card with two counters on top of their player card instead. Discard all equipment attached to this card. This card cannot play Equipment Cards, Attack Cards, Magic Cards, or Magic/Friend Cards. At the end of your opponent's discard phase remove a counter from this card and when there are no more counters remove "Sora (Anti-Form)" from play.

Kerchak lvl4 [Deep Jungle]
[Limit 2] If this card was used in a challenge and you win, your opponent skips their Action phase


That's it atm. near 20 pages of cards gets...tiresome lol

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