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How Many Units Should an Army Contain?

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Hey All,

Wondering your thoughts on optimal number of units for an army. It seems like if you take too many, you'll have units that never activate for the whole game or simply get in each other's way. Take too few and you may not have enough coverage in each of the sections to optimize your command cards. With the expansions, it seems we have both a great selection of 4 point units open to each faction, and with extra legendary units and reinforcements, you could plausibly have a very small army as well.

I'm not sure where I land, but I do feel sad for the 2-3 units I seem to have at the end of each game that never were able to activate.

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It depends on the scenario. Some scenarios require holding a bunch of terrain tiles or having more units than your opponent in a given section. I like to muster more infantry in those games, whether to gain VP for me or deny my opponent.

Sometimes you can tell there is an area that will see a lot of action compared to the rest of the battlefield. In those cases, I'm more likely to muster fewer, stronger units, like the Chaos Lord.

Also, I love playing the Blood Sisters and I've found that having extra bodies around is good, even if I don't order them, because I have more allies to bleed.

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How Budger said, that really depends on the Scenario. You get an Advantage and a Disadvantage deploying a lot of Units. Also if you deploy only few units. So you should consider what you need in your Scenario.

Lots of Units:

+ You may have more Units in every section of the battlefield and more units to get better Profit out of your command cards

- You activations are very limited. If you only activate 2 Units, it doesnt relly matter if you have 5 or 10 other Units unactivated

Few Units:

+ You should have strong units that may be activated every turn: double legendary units and/or neutral untis. You get extrem value out of every activation

- You will probably get problems with your command cards...

- You risk to run out of units when your Opponent fastly kills some of your few units...

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