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Dynamic PDF Character Sheet by Gitzman - v1.21 - 2/24/2010

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Hey dudes,


I just finished the a big update for the dynamic character sheet.


  • Dynamic PDF character sheet which can be filled out, printed and saved from Adobe Reader. (you do not need Acrobat, or Acrobat Pro to save this PDF, i've extended the functionality to reader)
  • Drop down menus for all the weapons and armour in the rulebook which prepopulate their statistics on your character sheet.
  • Drop down menus for all Advanced Skills in the rule book which prepopulate the dependent characterisitc on your character sheet.
  • Screen only tracking items for managing stress, fatigue and fortune for those who want to play on screen. (they will not show up when printed per users request)
  • Two sided 8.5x5.5 for easy double sided printing.

Change Log: v1.21 - 02/24/2010

  • NEW FEATURE: Weapon and Armour drop down menus will now automatically populate data for their damage, range, speical qualities, soak, etc when selected.  All items in the warhammer rulebook are available.  Users can also add/modify the values once entered for special magic items if needed.
  • NEW FEATURE: Advanced Skills drop down menus also have the depended characteristics automatically populated in the fields next to them.  All advanced skills in the rulebook have been entered. 
  • The tabbing order has been re-adjusted as a few of the fields were out of wack. 
  • Reduced the file size from 5.5 meg to 3.5 meg.

Change Log: v1.01 - 02/23/2010

  • Stress and Fatigue check boxes are now 'Screen Only' and will not show up in print for those who would like to continue to use the token system.
  • Fortune Point check boxes are now 'Screen Only' and will not show up in print for those who would like to continue to use the token system.

Original Document: v1.0 - 02/22/2010

  • All the fields are nicely organized and sized well.
  • The tabbing order is set.
  • The form has been set so you can save it in Adobe Reader.
  • The document size is 8.5 in wide by 5.5 in tall and can be printed double sided with little difficulty.
  • Some field inteligence is there so numerical fields can only have numbers entered and you can only fill content within the visible areas of each line so there will be no hidden overflow text.
  • Where posisble i added drop down selection fields for weapons, armour, etc.

DOWNLOAD v1.01 (3.24mb PDF)



Hope you enjoy!

Comments appriciated!

Game on,

Gitzman GoFasta
aka - Jesse Burke

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Hey dudes,

Thanks for the great feedback!

I'm interested in adding some more functionality to the form and have run out of ideas at the moment.  I am open to some requests if anybody would like to see some things added. (calculations, automation, etc)


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