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Celestial Lizards

TIE/Fo: Aces and the best builds

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47 minutes ago, Reiver said:

... it's 2 points? :o 

Cheaper than the Evade equivalent, yet usable by every single ship with a Tech slot?

Holy crap. What were they thinking?

That it's a lot easier to get free focus tokens (hux, operations specialist, fleet officer) than free evades?


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42 minutes ago, Captain Lackwit said:

Good lord. At this point I'm surprised the TIE fighters aren't bigger and the troops aren't on serious steroids. Everything ELSE about the First Order is sheer, "Make it bigger". Yikes.

I'm kinda afraid to mention to you now that the First Order's "Palpatine" is 9 feet tall. :lol:

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