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FFG We Need to Nerf Darth Vader (Squadron)

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On 11/19/2017 at 10:35 PM, Marinealver said:


For those that don't get the joke it is a request for a secret buff. Vader is good but with the weakest (second only to single brace from decimators) defense tokens and no scatter there is no way to protect him so he just dies.

*So removing Escort would be more of a Buff, but don't tell FFG that.:ph34r:

Yeah not a very good topic, but this is what we do without any news.

I feel that vader is actually pretty darn busted lol. The only thing I wish I could do when I use him is remove the escort ability or "toggle" it haha. As someone who is a carrier player I find that he adds a much needed "punch" to my list. The ability to one shot X-wings is pretty rad lol. Though I do agree that sometimes he gets focused down, but that just means he adds control to the board :) . I luv vader. 

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