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Uthuk 100-point Skirmish

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After having my first "real" skirmish match a few weeks ago (i.e., not a learning game), I'm excited to try it some more. Eventually I'll work up to 200-points, but it'll take me some time. Now that we have seen the bulk of what the Uthuk Y'llan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion has to offer, I'm trying my hand at building a list I could be able to run by the end of the week. Since I'm still new to skirmish lists, I'd love any feedback you have to offer so that I can improve my skirmish list-building skills.

Ravos the Everhungry (40) [43]
-Insatiable Hunger (3)

Berserkers - 2x2 (27) [38]
-Bannerscamp (4)
-Mutilated Grotesque (7)

Spined Thresher (18) [18]



I'm kinda just throwing things together at this point, but let me explain a little about my thought process. I decided to try to build a panic-focused list. I started with Bannerscamp. The ability to put a panic token on an enemy that just rallied is awesome. I thought this could pair well with Ravos to shut down inspiration-hording. The first rally will not generate an inspiration token because it will remove Ravos' panic. After that, I can hopefully close in to where future rallies will leave them with a panic token.

The other thing that Bannerscamp does is allow you to turn a severity X morale test into X panic tokens instead. I'm not clear on how this benefits you, except that it may help you overcome Steadfast keywords. Under normal circumstances, this just means that someone who rolls a morale result on the dice can choose to place a panic token instead of initiating a morale test, but Spined Threshers and Ravos both have morale icons as attack modifiers. It means we could pile on panic tokens (if we wanted to). Berserkers don't have a morale icon, but enter the Mutilated Grotesque! Now the Berserkers can exhaust that card to add a morale result to their attacks. Now all three can guarantee a morale test/panic tokens on their attacks.

The Mutilated Grotesque also causes enemies engaged with you to draw one extra morale card when suffering a morale test. Ideally, I'd get Ravos and/or the Spined Thresher engaged with the same enemy unit as the Berskers are engaged with. Now, whenever they trigger a morale test with their morale modifiers, the target draws an extra card!

And that's all I have.

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I’m just picturing someone trying to dodge Ravos on a 3x3 with how stupidly fast he is with that unique. 


I think the basic combination of Bannerscamp and Mutilated grotesque works. You should be able to generate severity 3 panic tests consistently and generate a reroll for the Spined thresher without issue. 


I think it meshes less, but Psychosis siren might also work in place of the Grotesque. With bannerscamp, she would be able to just add a panic token to whomever the thresher is fighting and cause tests on others. 

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I would say in Skirmishes of 100 points, have a 40 point hero isn't always the best Idea I'm more of an imbed a hero to get more bang for your buck. Also try 125 point skirmishes that extra 25 points makes a huge difference.

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