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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 21-30)

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21. Just trying to make certain, the Hrud Fusil uses Plasma Flasks of (basic) size then?
————— > Sure.
22. So just to understand, the Amaranthine Syndicate is largely, for now, centered in the Hazeroth Abyss. The Cold Guild is basically sector wide though?
————— > Unless the GM wants it otherwise, yes. 
23. Price and availability on the devices under Nightmare Science from the Slaught?
———— > See the answer previously on NPC items. These really aren’t for Acolytes to visit a shop and buy. 
24. For the Amaranthine Captain, is there an average number of people that would be in their ship crew? Or is it entirely dependent on the ship they have?
———— > The latter, which is a truism for any vehicle crew.
25. For the Consume Memories ability the Slaugth Overseer has, what is the range of difficulty for the memory retrival vs. what kind of memories you canr retrieve?
————— > Hard to Hellish. 
26. Under the Cryptos traits should "Psuedo Gaseous Form" have a "†" next to it? Or does a possessed person gain a gaseous form as well?
———— > Nope, that is purely for the native form. 
27. What would happen if a naturally born mutant had a halo device? Would their very DNA be changed so that they no longer were mutated?
———— > Possibly, or change it so much they aren’t human at all anymore; their DNA wouldn’t register as human. 
28. Is the Unnatural Toughness x2 in the secondary phase supposed to be Unnatural Toughness x3?
———— > Nope.
29. For the Natural Weapons of the third phase changes does the GM choose one or the other and it is permanently R or I? Or can the user choose which type of damage they want to inflict as they see fit?
————— > Former. Though the latter could fun; it could even be a random determination each time :)
30. Supposing you succeed the Daemonic Mastery Test and can command a daemon. Are they required to follow the intent of your instruction or thought? Or can the GM play with the wording? Just wanting to make sure that I'm not taking away from a PCs success should they master a daemon.
———— > Up to the GM, though the GM should make sure the players know that’s how it’s going to be done. I’ve also played that the more DoS on the test, the more the demon obeys the spirit as well as letter of commands.

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