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In reply to @Warlordus post in a different thread:


"Hello everyone. Im also new to the armada. Today I've played my first game ever and already a 400 point one :) Of course i got decimated. I flew a list that i could make out of the things a i have (core set plus liberty) so i flew this:


Against this:


Basicly my nebulon exploded in turn 2 or 3, my cr90 also got taken down around turn 4 and my Mon Carren survived on 2 hull left. I dont know but propably i made a mistake that i turned away from my opponent ISD and VSD so for the rest of the game my front acr wasnt turned towards them but if i had turned to fight head on i probably would be demolished anyway. How should i fly agains that list and what should i change to take an mc30c with torpedo loadout into my list(this is my next planned ship to buy)? Maby something like this list:




First up, good work on the improvements!  That second list is looking way better!


A couple of things worth looking at (I've included the common abbreviations for the upgrades in brackets):

- It's very much worth getting Ordnance Experts (OE) and Assault Proton Torpedos (APT) onto the MC30 (they both come in that pack).

- It'd also be worth putting the Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (TRC) that come with the MC30 onto either the Neb (I know I'll get hedgehogs thrown at me for suggesting putting it onto the Neb but I've had a lot of success doing so) or a CR90 A.  The latter would mean dropping Dodonna's Pride because (as you've probably already discovered) it's next to useless on a CR90 A variant and it'll at least partly be at odds with the TRC’s. (as a side note, if you see the abbreviation TRC90 around here, it stands for a CR90 A with TRC’s ?)


Where to get the points to do this?  Three places ?

1)      Madine, Leia and Skilled First Officer (SFO) are a little at odds with one another in that with Madine, and particularly with a Liberty, the main command, if not the only command, you want to be putting onto your Star Cruiser is Navigate.  This game is all about positioning. Without Nav commands your MC80 is lumbersome and cumbersome.  With them, and particularly with Madine, it dances!  Now I said a little at odds.  That is because occasionally you’ll want to do something else (notably, Repair) and that’s where Leia can be really handy (set nothing but navigates on your MC80, then use Leia to change one to a repair at a critical moment.)  But either Skilled First Officer or Leia  (or both) are some small but easy points.

2)      Luke.  Sorry on this one.  I know that, at the moment, he’s the only thing you have access to in the way of variety for your squads.  His problem is that you’re paying 7 points for 2 braces and a black bomber dice.  Which are nice.  But not quite 7 points nice.  Hang on, what about his ability?  Well….the problem with Luke’s ability is that unless he’s got the proper backup (by this I mean: Yavaris, Flight Controller, Fighter Coordination Team, Bomber Command Centre and probably Adar Tallon as well) his ability looks good on paper but only ends up being genuinely useful under 3 (niche) scenarios.  These are:

-          He destroys a ship when being forced to attack through shields. Very niche.  Most ships on their last hull point or two either won’t have any shields left or Luke will be able to attack a hull zone that isn’t shielded anyway.

-          He rolls a critical when attacking through a shielded hull zone.  Happens far less than you would like

-          He sets a shielded ship up to die from a ram.

The problems with these are that they are all conditional of your target having relevant shields (otherwise a regular X-Wing is almost as good) and you’ll find that Luke will usually be given very limited opportunity to shoot ships during a game.  Even without enemy fighters to chew through he’ll probably only get 1-3 shots.  With enemy fighters he’ll just be target numero uno.


3)      Redemption and Dodonna’s Pride.  A little bit hesitant on these ones, they can be useful.  But can them if you need the points.

Anyway, just some thoughts.  Happy hunting!





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1 hour ago, The Jabbawookie said:

Also, keep in mind that a ship with Gunnery Teams doesn’t  benefit from Advanced Gunnery (the Mon Cal cruiser in this case.)  If that was the plan, Most wanted is an excellent substitute; you can just make your cheapest ship the target and go for the biggest thing you can kill.

An excellent point, I forgot to add that.

The MC80 would be a classic for such an upgrade but for the gunnery team.  

The MC30 is another good candidate, but with it's far shorter range and having second player it's a much more difficult trick to pull off.

The Neb is an unusual candidate for advanced gunnery, though I've often used one as my objective ship when I'm first player.  This allows my escort frigate to shoot at squadrons without giving up the chance to shoot at a ship.  Plus it doesn't give up as many points if it goes down.


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For now i have core set and liberty, and i ordered assault frigate, nebulon b and both packs of rebel fighters. Any idea for lists with those expansions. I was thinking about assault double nebulon cr90 with a large.foghter coverage with hera syndula 

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