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Twin ARCs

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So a little back story. I’ve been playing at my local game store on Thursday nights for the last 4 weeks on Thursday. My first night there I was paired up with the local store “champ” who everyone is afraid to play because he always wins. I beat him that night with a Poe Jake list with only 1 shield on one ship remaining. I’ve beaten him every time I’ve played him. So today I picked a list that I thought would be fun but would probably lose. I thought losing would be good for the relationship. Here’s the list...


Twin ARCs (100)


Braylen Stramm — ARC-170 25
Recon Specialist 3
R5-P9 3
Alliance Overhaul 0
Ship Total: 31
Norra Wexley — ARC-170 29
Adaptability 0
Jan Ors 2
R2-D2 4
Alliance Overhaul 0
Ship Total: 35
Wullffwarro — Auzituck Gunship 30
Veteran Instincts 1
Wookiee Commandos 1
Targeting Computer 2
Ship Total: 34


I did not think this list would perform well at all. He played 2 of the new Starvipers and The Misthunter. I didn’t lose a single ship. Braylen never took damage, Wullffwarro was down to 2 Hull, and Norra was able to regen and stay pretty healthy. Is this like a great list or did I just get lucky?

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Seems pretty solid to me! Its cool that all three just do what they want and don't follow the standard use at all (IE Braylenn Stresshog). Ive found that sometimes it can be luck, but oftentimes random lists thrown together tend to do way better than we expect. Sometimes yes, you build something that just doesent work (everybody has those lists), but usually ships do better than expecting. Thats one of the really great things about X-Wing- meta says HWK is bad; I slapped an ICT on Torkhil and had a blast! 

Did you put TC on Wulf as extra insurance for blanks instead of VT? 



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I think it's the bones of a solid list, even if it doesn't look too optimized.

I'd do one of two things.  First would be to drop Targeting Computer and Veteran Instincts from Wullffwarro, and put Push the Limit on Norra.  That'd be a big gain to her action economy.

Another would be to change ARC pilots around (keeping the builds the same).  Swap Braylen Stramm for Thane Kyrell.  Adding a Target Lock to those double-focus seems strong.  Then I think I'd swap Norra Wexley for Shara Bey.  With only single-actions on Norra, I don't think she'd get the most out of her pilot ability, so perhaps tossing TLs to Wullffwarro would be strong.  In which case, I'd drop the Targeting Computer from Wullff for a Vectored Thrusters on Thane.  I'd also consider swaping VI/Adaptability between Wullff and Shara, so that they could both be 8.  It'd give more flexibility when determining how to spend the TL.  Alternately, You could drop the upgrades from Wullff for PTL and Breach Specialist.  With a Focus/Reinforce, he'll be tough, and can spend Shara's TL.  Meanwhile, Thane is throwing Focus/TL shots himself, and if Shara is your last ship, she's got Jan and R2 and is wicked hard to kill.

There's probably another version or two which runs Lowhhrick instead of Wullffwarro.

Version 1:

  • Wullffwarro [Trick Shot, Wookiee Comandos] (31)
  • Norra Wexley [R2-D2, Push the Limit, Jan Ors, Alliance Overhaul] (35)
  • Braylen Stramm [R5-P9, Recon Specialist, Alliance Overhaul] (31)

Version 2:

  • Wullffwarro [Adaptability, Wookiee Commandos] (31)
  • Shara Bey [R2-D2, Veteran Instincts, Jan Ors, Alliance Overhaul] (35)
  • Thane Kyrell [R5-P9, Recon Specialist, Alliance Overhaul, Vectored Thrusters] (34)

Version 3:

  • Wullffwarro [Push the Limit, Breach Specialist] (34)
  • Shara Bey [R2-D2, Adaptability, Jan Ors, Alliance Overhaul] (34)
  • Thane Kyrell [R5-P9, Recon Specialist, Alliance Overhaul] (32)
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5 hours ago, Cow-of-Doom said:

Sounds good to me! Making sure that every ship can hit extra hard is never a bad idea! (sorry if I sounded like I was booing your idea, I was just curious as to your thought process). 



What sucked was that I was hoping to lose. I’m undeafted at the store and don’t want people to avoid playing me. I also don’t want it to LOOK like I’m trying lose. Last time I gave my opponent a choice on which squad I would fly and I still won, my 3 T-70s against a meta heavy Nym scum list. 

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Honestly, I like the idea, but I'd agree with the Fig that the builds themselves could be better used.

Why Braylen and not Thane? For your purposes, Thane would be much more effective. RecSpec, R5-P9, VT could be nice there, gives you regen, focus/TL attack, possible barrel roll if need be.

I agree that Norra needs action economy. Either PTL or Expertise is a must. If you don't want to roll with her, that's fine though; as mentioned above, Shara would be nice, and would allow Wulfy rerolls! Also, why Jan Ors? There isn't really an extra Focus lying around to convert.

You don't really need VI on Wulfy. He needs an EPT that will either help him move, or improve his reds. The Commandos aren't bad, but they aren't my favs.


Here's my suggestion, based on the feel your list gives off:


Thane Kyrell





Shara Bey

Adaptability (Same PS as Wulfy; you could also use A Score to Settle for soft mods)

Weapons Engineer





Lightning Reflexes (gives you an emergency K-Turn, which you'll probably need)

Rey (Bank focuses, freeing your action during shooting to reinforce, while still getting a TL from Shara for fully modified attacks)



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