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Sorry I am new to the forums and this may have been addressed.

1) Bo. The dragon school of the togashi tattooed order (monk) lists starting equipment as Common clothing, bo, travelling pack, 5 koku.  Bo is not listed as anything in the book.  I assume it meant bo-staff but it could also mean bow. 

2) Chi Protection. Also in the dragon school of the togashi tattooed order (monk) one of the starting techniques in Kiho is listed as Chi Protection. there is no Chi Protection. I am assuming it meant Ki Protection a water Kiho.

There seems to be no conversion tables for money. you start with 5 koku but some equipment is listed as ru and other price listings. please convert all to koku or give a break down of conversion. (or don't give any starting koku at all).

After working with printed 20 questions character building and then transposing them to the character sheet, it would be nice if the sections for ninjo and giri were listed on the 20 questions as such. for a new player it required going back over the 20 step process to find out which is which. 


perhaps a little more room for weapons and armour would be nice. If you had a wakazashi, katana and a bow plus unarmed would would not have room. 

Also also, perhaps the travel pack could be renamed to the 10 item travel pack. this allows you to have 5 item packs and 20 item packs for schools that expect you to travel more or less.

Relationship section of character sheet should have a mother, father, ancestor, and most influential  line for easy of transcribing 20 questions to character sheet.




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Ki and Chi are different english spellings of the same Han character (and its underlying concept), also spelled Qi in modern romanizations. Ki is also the correct japanese transliteration. 

From the current official kanji list, it's 



spirit; mind; air; atmosphere; mood 

KI KE iki




spirit; mind; air; atmosphere; mood

 KI KE iki

Note that it's also used as a name sylable, as it's classed as a name kanji.

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There's quite a few of these, where both the English and the Romanized Japanese word are used in the text.

Staff = Bo

Bow = Yumi

Spear = Yari

Halberd = Naginata

Maul = Otsuchi

Ideally, the text would be more consistent about their use. I've left off the diacritics, but the text should include them, of course.

My preference is that the weapon table, and list of starting equipment uses the Japanese based word (for the specific item), while the English term is used for the more generic categories (like spear fighting).

I'm guessing the koku/bu/zeni rates just aren't included in this quickstart, and will be included in the final game. If it comes up, I'd suggest 5 bu = 1 koku, and 10 zeni = 1 bu, based on previous material.


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Staff could mean either Bō or Jō

Bow could mean Yumi, Daikyū, Hankyū, or the Tsuruchi longbow.

Maul could be Daitsuchi or Ōtsuchi.

I would prefer clades be english, while members be japanese name with english parenthesized.

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