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Bryan likes to sing Disney songs and change the words to have something to do with X-Wing.  He does this for all the world to hear.  It's kinda awkward, kinda funny, but definitely quite brave. 

I, for one, appreciate his efforts.

Is there anything anyone else would like to say about Bryan?

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It's not up to 1 person to figure out how roads would work in a laissez-faire economy: that's a really hard thing to figure out! There are plenty of things that are hard to figure out: like wireless telephone service, food production, entertainment, etc., etc., etc. Just because something is hard to figure out does not mean it should be government controlled. Actually, quite the opposite! We are ok trusting the market to figure out things like food, phones, and entertainment. Some think that the market could figure out roads, too. 

At least until the distant future of 2015, when we'll be like ...

Image result for roads we don't need roads

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21 hours ago, Incard said:

We are ok trusting the market to figure out things like food, phones, and entertainment. Some think that the market could figure out roads, too.


Uh, the "we" there needs some elaboration and qualifiers.  I know lots of people who aren't okay with all the aspects of the system which has turned  food products into privatized capitalistic commodities, for instance (e.g. look at the health crisis in the US, which certainly corresponds at least partially to dietary habits:  by all international reports and comparisons the US spends almost twice as much per capita on healthcare yet has worse overall health and healthcare results than most other developed nations).   The goal of food production and marketing in the US is not to feed people with a nutritional spread that meets their needs and promotes their health and well-being, but it's to make as much profit as possible.  So you've got sugar and cheap artificial ingredients crammed into everything and advertising tapping into our basic underlying biology to exploit those cravings, highjacking them in a way that sells as many cans of Coke as possible, despite it's detrimental health effects and negligible nutritional value. Factory farming processes aimed at the most efficient productive methods legally tolerated threaten the environment and public health (most notably perhaps through contributing to antibiotic-resistance, which many public health officials, risk analysts, and epidemiologists fear will create several antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" within our lifetime) while not accounting much for animal welfare, and agricultural corporate giants like Monsanto have contributed to many ecological harms while also strong-arming out "family farms" and traditional agrarian methods, either driving them out of operation or coercing them into buying and using only Monsanto GMO-ed seeds.  And, of course, all of this overlooks the fact that US agriculture is far from a true free market practice in the US, because even though it is largely privatized, it is also heavily subsidized with governmental aid.  Many easily-accessible documentaries explore some of these aspects of the commodification of food in the US, but perhaps the best one and a great starting point is Food, Inc.

But the basic point would be that, while we have privatized some things in the US, it's not in and of itself an argument for privatizing more things, like roads.  In fact, probably as many people think we ought to de-privatize some stuff (e.g. healthcare, into a single-payer system to treat it as a right and not a privilege) as think we ought to privatize more stuff.  What we really need to get at are the reasons for and against (partially) privatizing or un-privatizing particular goods or services.

Besides, roads aren't even the hardest thing to imagine privatizing.  Several places in the US, in fact, have privatized portions of their roadways as a means to balance suffering budgets.  It's much harder to imagine what a privatized police force or firefighting systems might look like.  "Oh, gee, we'd love to come out and put out the fire at your house and save your kid trapped on the second floor...but it looks like you're two months behind on your FireFighting Insurance payment with us...'

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