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So I realize that I am super late to the party on this one, but I just picked up a bunch of Battlelore items through the huge Asmodee Holiday Sale.   I am looking forward to diving into this great looking game, but am in need of some additional advise.  Looks like they are out of print, and I figure they will not be reprinted.  Anyone have any extras that they would be willing to trade/barter for?  Ff so, please PM me. 

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Welcome to the game!

I have no dice for trade, but you can use d6s for dice. Use 1 for pierce (target), 2 for cleave (single sword), 3 for lore (3 diamonds), 4 for morale (flag), 5 for strike (double swords), and 6 for heroic (helmet). This way, the pips on the regular dice depict the image from the custom dice, kind of like constellations. It may be worth trying until you can get extra dice. Or just reroll dice.

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