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It would be nice if silhouette was consistently entered.

The "Cat" profile (page 203) is sil 1, but the silhouettes table (p 166) lists cats as 0. It's possible the profile is intended to be a wildcat on p 203, but the description is that of a Felis familiaris...

The two sizes of dog would be better represented with two profiles; it feels like the damage should differ, but doesn't.

The Dark Moto template includes an ability of his steed; it would be nice to have the steed instead have it, and simply make the technique's activation be "While making an attack while mounted on a shadowlands mount: <op><op>  to have the mount use its technique as well." 

I'll reiterate my request that Human NPC non-minion templates should have the same figured stats as PC's, and minions should have a consistent fraction. (the lack of that in Star Wars is really a bit of an annoyance.)

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