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Ardus' Surge Buffet

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Brought this list to a game night last night and loved how it played. Not the toughest list on the block, but the Death Knights sure take some focusing to bring them down. 

Being able to surge to lower defense is remarkably potent. Even with one blight on them and at Threat 2, they were able to lay far more wounds into 3/3 carrion lancers than I expected, combined with their ability to give 2-3 panic tokens per charge, what lancers they didn't kill were sent squirming away (though not too far to charge again!) by Flee in Terror.

The Reanimate Archer 2x2 with Wind Rune and Raven-Standard is one of my new favorite things. It shoots faster than (nearly) anyone else on the board, and it can (usually) scoot and reform right after.

Keep Ardus somewhere in the middle of this melee, and he is like a kid in a candy store with all the surge options. Each surge can turn into a hit, a mortal strike (if enemy is blighted), a blight (to facilitate mortal strikes), OR lower the defense of the enemy, or any combination therein. Suddenly I'm taking blue dice on the flank.

Ardus IxErebus x1 [37]

--Artifact: Shield of Margath [6]
--Unique: Ardus Fury [1]
----------Total Unit Cost: 44

Reanimate Archers x4 [32]
--Equipment: Wind Rune [6]
--Heraldry: Raven-Standard Bearer [3]
--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6]
----------Total Unit Cost: 47

Carrion Lancers x2 [27]
--Equipment: Master-Crafted Weapons [4]
--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6]
----------Total Unit Cost: 37

Death Knights x6 [55]
--Artifact: The Duskblade [8]
--Heraldry: Bull Pennon [3]
--Training: Combat Ingenuity [6]
----------Total Unit Cost: 72

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